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    66 to 122 gal. automated GENIO Still

    We have parts inventoried in Canada, Europe, Australia, and the USA. If for any reason we couldn't get a part to you from one of our Reps we can have a part expedited from Poland where the units are made. If by slim chance any repairs might need to be made it can be done by the distillery and if needed with the assistance of myself or other reps via Skype of phone. All of our reps are only a phone or Skype call away. Our service and support is second to none. I use this equipment every day in my distillery and have been for the last two years so I can attest to its reliability. When we were asked to become reps for this amazing equipment we jumped at the chance and haven't looked back. As we grow our own distillery along with the GENIO showroom and training center we welcome any and all visitors that are interested in seeing this equipment in action. My Canadian counterpart is also available at his distillery and GENIO center where he also uses his equipment every day. CHEERS from GENIO USA!
  2. En route to Maryland for the ADI Expo via upstate NY. We are super excited and cannot wait to show you what is in the crate.......actually two crates to be exact. See you in Baltimore at booth 731.
  3. GENIO will be at the ADI expo in Baltimore. Come see us at booth 731. Lots of great equipment will be on display. Stay tune for a list and photos of the equipment that will be on display.
  4. Mulderbri

    66 to 122 gal. automated GENIO Still

    Here are some photos of our forthcoming jacketed MashStill. It is a combination mash tun and still which we will use for mashing and stripping to start as we are already using the existing GENIO 250 still for vodka, Rum and Whiskey. The large manhole will be great for cleaning after mashing and the duplex columns allow for a center positioned agitator (missing from photo) which will give us some amazing mashing results. This MashStill is fully automated and electrically fired and will be set up and used at our distillery in upstate NY.
  5. Mulderbri

    reverse osmosis water system

    We use the carbon filter and go straight to the RO system. That same carbon filtered city water is used for our mashing but not run through the RO. We have heard about the chloramine and it not being filtered out in the charcoal filter. indyspirits.....do you think adding the potassium metabisulfate makes that much of a difference?
  6. Mulderbri

    reverse osmosis water system

    No gauges on it but it has a bladder. 80 gallon fiberglass.
  7. Mulderbri

    reverse osmosis water system

    Our 80 gallon tank cost more than the system. 150 to 200 gpd. Just make sure to filter your water before you send it to the RO. We run our town water through a charcoal filter and then on to the RO filters.
  8. Mulderbri

    66 to 122 gal. automated GENIO Still

    Our GENIO 250 still is running like a champ and putting out some great vodka. It has also made us some awesome Rum that is ageing as I type this. Looking forward to the arrival of the new 250 liter jacketed mashing/stripping still later this month. Can't wait to see what other great innovations are in store for the new year. I will post some photos when the new equipment arrives.
  9. Mulderbri

    Cleaning Mori filler?

    We also have that filler. However we pump through a filter to the tank with a spirits pump. It is manually done with no tank level switch. We have not bottled anything else other than vodka yet. I would think you would have to use a different set of filters for each spirit if you want no cross contamination. You could rinse each filter and let it dry or rinse and let almost dry and pump through some spirit at a higher proof then proof then circulate through one more time then bottle. Hoping others respond to see what others do. Good luck.
  10. Mulderbri

    Tips on making rough vodka smooth?

    we use www.buyactivatedcharcoal.com They have the coconut. They have small quantities and large. It comes rinsed so we don't even rinse. We gravity feed from a holding tank placed above our stainless steel housing and feed into the bottom. It runs really slow by design and gives us great results in one pass. We filter once after proofing down to 90. Happy Filtering.
  11. Mulderbri

    Transfer Pump (small) 4 GPM

    We have purchased from TCW as well. We have the explosion proof pump and hoses for high proof spirits. https://store.tcwequipment.com/products/flojet-g70-explosion-proof-air-diaphragm-pump?taxon_id=2
  12. Mulderbri

    How do you measure the spirits quantity ?

    DITTO. Weight and an accurate proof. We use a floor scale.
  13. Mulderbri

    Still Quality vs Price

    High cost does not equate to quality spirits. We started with a very low equipment budget....we had to because we bought a building. We are very happy with our vodka as is everyone who has tried it. We are very happy with our equipment. It is a 250 liter electrically heated still with an automated column made by GENIO and made in Poland. Formally sold under a different name but always made in Poland. Now the man who created this amazing equipment is handling all sales world wide through the GENIO team while building them at his factory in Poland. www.g-still.com Full disclosure here. I am a rep, along with my partner, for the company in the eastern US. We just went live world wide today August 10th. I am a full working distillery and now a GENIO showroom and training center. PM me or email me. usa@g-still.com. We use this equipment every day and I can vouch for the efficiency and quality of the spirits that it produces. Brian.
  14. Mulderbri

    Still Manufacture Issues

    Try www.g-still.com. World wide launch is August 10th. The original automated distillation equipment. Previously sold under a different name. The man who created and builds every piece of this amazing equipment now has a world wide team. It was always made in Poland. I am proud to be GENIO USA. I use this equipment every day in my distillery and it makes amazing vodka and will soon make some amazing rum and bourbon. PM me for more details or email me. usa@g-still.com. CHEERS! Brian
  15. Mulderbri


    Ultra Pure is working on NY spirit. I do not have pricing but have given them my rough projections for the year. They should be starting production in a month or two. I heard Dutch Spirits bought Lake Distilling. Not sure if anything is being produced up there right now. pm me. I could forward the email I received from them that lists what they were looking to produce. Thanks, Brian
  16. We seem to be running into problems finding TTB compliant locks. They say they want the deadbolts to have serial numbers on the deadbolt and on the keys. We have searched and called around and there seems to be no one that can help us. Where can we find 5 or 6 pin deadbolts that has a serial number on the deadbolt and the key. Is that a factory thing or does a locksmith have to put the serial number on it? Thanks for any info.
  17. Mulderbri

    Tuthilltown's solera system?

    Maybe you are thinking of Hillrock? They are about an hour and a half from Tuthilltown. I have visited both and Hillrock does Solera and Tuthilltown did not when I was there about a year + ago. Hillrock had a huge barrel of....formerly port? I am pretty sure that was a Solera barrel.
  18. Hi all, So the early bird registration ends in about 3 weeks. I can not find any descriptions for what the break out sessions might consist of or any descriptions of any of the one day workshops. Does anybody have any idea or am I missing something on the website? Looking to make a decision on attending but need to make a more educated decision based on what they have going on. Thank you.
  19. Mulderbri

    ADI Kentucky breakout sessions descriptions???

    Having breakout sessions fluid up to the opening comments is not very good for those of us deciding if we should attend and commit before the early bird deadline. ADI does great work and I was a first time attendee last year and I learned a lot. Now with a closing on our building completed last week money is really tight and as such I need to make a decision based on content. I can't even decided if I want to sign up for a one day workshop because I have no idea what they are offering. In reading what I have written it sounds like I am whining. Ugh! I am not but I am frustrated. Just hoping someone at ADI reads this and gets the info on the website soon. I hear there is going to be some insurance guy there though. Lol.....sorry couldn't resist.
  20. I have been approached by a local commercial bakery recently. They have an very large amount of brownie crumbs (fine) and brownie scraps (chunks). What are your thoughts on being able to ferment and then distill this. Our distillery is not up and running yet but will be within the next year. We wanted to do some fermentation trails to see what will happen but will not be able to distill it yet. Crazy idea? or might this work for vodka or some other type of spirit?? I do not have an ingredient list yet but am assuming a typical brownie recipe of flour, chocolate, eggs, oil, baking powder or soda and of course lots of sugar, etc. I'm a newbie to distilling so please take it easy on me and thank you all for any input good, bad, or indifferent.
  21. What's on tap for 2014? Very interested.
  22. Mulderbri

    Need Distillery School Recommendations

    I just returned from Paul's class. Being a newbie I feel it was well worth the expense and effort. It was a long day and covered a lot. There were students from Texas, Michigan.....I think.....and other far away places including my distillery partner and I from upstate NY. Thanks for the great class Paul. Brian.