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  1. Converting Tote to Stripping Still

    We ran one and it worked like a champ. It was a metalcraft 550 as well. Ours was jacketed. I would suggest welding a jacket onto the floor and running steam through that and jacketing the sided for cooling water. We even had the 550 connected to a 180 gallon tote that we used as a thumper and but a worm in another 180 gallon tote. It did a great job and we usually ran 90-100 proof low wines with it.
  2. We have some excellent new make blueberry brandy we are looking to sell. The wine came from a local winery that has decided to get out of the market. 252 wine gallons available at 113.0 proof (284.76 Proof Gallons). Wine was 7% ABV, 100% blueberry. Distilled through a 4 plate column w/ conservative cuts. Looking to get $20 per proof gallon but willing to accept offers. Samples available upon request. For more information, please email adam.stumpf at stumpysspirits dot com
  3. This is a great company full of incredible people making amazing beer! I'd apply if we weren't running our own distillery! Haha. Seriously though, anyone considering a move should really look at this. Cheers! Adam
  4. Percentage of Alcohol after stripping run

    Yes, that's what we see off a pure pot stripping run.
  5. 550 Gal Jacketed Mash Tun

  6. Mash Tun, fermenters, and filtration unit

    I have a 500 gallon mash tun with cooling jackets and agitator that I am selling for $5,000 if you are interested. It is in great shape, all stainless, and a bargain! I just need it out of my shop. Adam
  7. Looking for suggestions on separating grain after mashing

    https://www.extension.umn.edu/agriculture/beef/components/docs/feeding_corn_distillers_grains_to_beef_cattle_sdsu.pdf Table 1 in the link shows the nutritional values of wet distiller grain and dry distiller grain for those that are interested. Also, I heard of a hog farmer around here feeding spent stillage to his hogs and he had a bunch die because it was so acidic...thankfully it wasn't ours! Might not be a bad idea to buffer the pH if you are giving away the slop....or maybe even a waiver.
  8. 550 Gal Jacketed Mash Tun

    550 gal still available as of 5/30/17.
  9. Distillery in Malt Plant

    Exactly right...sorry, forgot to add that piece. If the malt plant falls under the same business (corp, llc, etc) as the DSP, then no issue as it is considered "support equipment". IF you set the malting business and the DSP up as separate businesses, then things become more complicated, requiring the standard separation process...walls, fence, locks, etc.
  10. Distillery in Malt Plant

    Hey Thatch, Really curious to see what you find out here. We are doing something similar except headed from a different direction. We are adding a malt plant to our existing DSP. Based on some initial conversations with some different folks we are thinking that the malting facility can be included in the bonded area which, if true, would add a little flexibility. It's always nice to be able to store barrels wherever possible! Cheers! Adam
  11. Stillhouse vs. Whiskey Systems

    +1 on Hoochware. We've been using it for over a year and love it. We manage our entire business, front to back with it.
  12. Combination mash tun and stripping still

    Hi Lorenzo, We ran a combo mash tun/stripping still for quite some time. It worked really well. We were usually able to strip to right at 100 proof when going through the thumper attached to the stripping still, so we had more than enough abv for the spirit run. Cheers! Adam
  13. 550 Gal Jacketed Mash Tun

    We do still have the tank at the moment. From the floor to the top of the agitator motor is right at 7'. Thanks, Adam
  14. Earthiness in potato vodka

    You got it! We switched to RO + UV for all water after mashing and particulate + carbon filter for mash water since we cereal mash and hold at 180 for 90 min.
  15. Earthiness in potato vodka

    What is the water source for mash and proofing? Could possibly be geosmin. We run a well and have bumped into that before we installed our new filter.