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  1. Hey Josh. Just sent over a video walk around. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Need to move these things. Willing to accept reasonable offers.
  3. I have 2 Custom Metalcraft stainless totes for sale. 550 Gallon - Would be great for mash tun, fermenter, or still - $6,000 Jacketed on 4 sides (2 independent jackets) 208 3 Ph dual prop agitator with gear reducer 3" tri-clam on top for auger/grist hydrator Thermometer Aux thermowell port 2" tri-clamp drain 1" water fill line 1" PRV and manual blow off 2" copper fitting for connecting as still Clamp and lid 180 Gallon - Storage or Condenser or Mash Cooler - $1,500 Standard Transtore tank that was converted into a condenser Currently use it for an alcohol storage tank 40' of 2" copper coiled inside tank w/ outlets on top and bottom 2" tri-clamp drain Aux port on top (that's where we circulated our water back to our chiller from) Clamp and lid For more info or to make an offer, please contact Adam at (618) 281-7733 or adam.stumpf at stumpysspirits dot com
  4. Here's a little gem we found on ebay. Made an offer for $2k and they accepted....I think this one was on there for close to a year. Based on the tags, it may have been used to sift phosphorus at a Kodak plant??? Anyway, we had to get a new screen made for it that ran us about $30. We have since mounted it on top of a new tank and it works like a charm. In the whole setup for about $2,500. Some of the best money we've spent since we're on septic.
  5. We currently mash in our fermenter, but do it in a bit of a different way. We have a combo vessel where we mash, ferment, and do our stripping run. We actually have the system up for sale right now because we are increasing capacity. It works like a charm and we are doing about 500-525 gallons per batch through it. Here is a link to the sale ad if you are interested: Thanks, Adam
  6. Interested in the custom metal craft transfer tanks and the alcohol tester. Can you please email me your contact info to adam.stumpf at stumpysspirits dot com? Thanks, Adam
  7. Depends on how high of an alcohol content you want your wash to have. This is always a nice reference if you are trying to build a recipe from scratch: If you are going to shoot for a 10-12% wash, I'd guess that you are going to be in the neighborhood of 1,750-2,000 pounds, depending on what kind of efficiency you are expecting. Please keep in mind that there are may variables in the above assumptions....other things you are going to want to think about are yeast attenuation, grist profile/size, enzymes or malt only, will you cereal mash, etc.. Cheers and good luck! Adam
  8. We see that when we do an all corn mash. Depending on the variety of corn, we see some with more and some with less. If the kernels are a little darker down toward the tip, it seems to be more. Not sure exactly what it is, but I'd say "corn oil" is a good bet. Everything seems to ferment and distill out just fine.
  9. Hi All, We are doing our first formal business plan with one of our distributors. Below are the basic topics that I think should be included and addressed. The problem is, I don't know what I don't know! For those of you that have worked on these business plans with your distributors, what topics am I missing? Roll out Incentive Period Specs Monthly Case Goals Monthly Account Goals Menu Placement Goals Shared Expenses Marketing & Advertising Programs Cheers! Adam
  10. Hi Marisa, We are considering a continuous still for the next portion of our expansion. How do I learn more about what you guys are offering? Please feel free to PM me! Thank You, Adam
  11. Like Lassiter, we are using Hoochware. We couldn't be happier. We do everything in it....from purchasing raw ingredients to production tracking to TTB reporting to fulfilling distributor orders. Production planning and forecasting are made easy with a couple of consumption and cost based reports. We've been running and planning on it since May and absolutely love it. I know there are a few more reports in the works right now that are really going to be killer. If you ever have any questions give them a call. Shawn is probably the most customer-focused individual I have ever met in my life. Give his team a shout and I'm sure they can help you out! Adam
  12. I believe I saw Pilot Malt House in MI with malted corn at one point. You might give them a try.
  13. still available