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  1. Our pumps are on a intermittent timer. The pumps runn at about 4 gallons a minute.
  2. whiskey

    tails test the end of your run with a glass of water.
  3. 1. the whiskey has to come to rest. "stop moving" so it can't pass through a barrel. 2. we did over 20,000 gallons of cinnamon, and spiced apple WHISKEY last year. It is in the wording you use and process in how you "use" your alcohol. :-0) all of you are thinking about this way to hard........ just saying.
  4. we sell 50 ml too or 515-559-4879
  5. call some time 515-559-4879 Joseph
  6. fyi - our carbon we used lasted about 5000 gallons @ 80 proof. That was 2 cubic feet. Now we use 4 cubic feet and handle it differently. We also have a couple other tricks up our sleeve. Best vodka on the planet???? Yes.... check mark that one.
  7. made in china. custom mold.
  8. My new price that I pay for minis is .08 , I have boxes too. if anyone whats some let me know. I will have to mark them up some tho.
  9. I can get you bottles also. i will send a pm
  10. just a simple teflon coated shaft "rope" and a compression nut. About $10..... is all it cost it is industry standard it is what brawn and all the big boys use.
  11. how many bottles do you have? And you can use recycled bottles. I know several good friends of mine who do, one of them does over 3 million cases a year.
  12. there are several places, but I like ebay, real coconut carbon, steam activated
  13. man you sir are one smart feller.
  14. we do about 3000-4000 gallons with 2 cubic feet.
  15. is the heater 3 phase, or single phase? 230v? amps?