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  1. Mash, I would like to say that I am very sorry that you had to go through all of your hardships and the ups and downs. If feel it takes a very big man to tell a story as you did. I think very highly of you and always will. You are welcome at my place anytime. I truly wish great things for you in any new adventures. Thanks & Take care.
  2. Duh, Of coarse they are there to protect. My point is there is no set standard set by the city or the states. There are code books but the ones who sign off on the permits are not the same. There is a reason I am where I am. Because across the street is a different town and they had a distillery classified one level above Nuclear Waste, and I am not joking. My city said something like "I have know idea what the heck they are thinking over there". On another note, We have a massive safety program our selves. "codes keep us safe" more like "We keep us safe". Like I want to blow my self up.......SIGN ME UP.....knock on wood.. Some cities are great to work with, some you will go broke tring to meet all the demands... Same goes for states, Iowa is awesome, Minnesota is an insane pain in the aspirin. Just saying. Take care, and good luck.
  3. Corn OIL.
  4. whiskey

    Did you use RO water or what kind of water did you use? does it settle out?
  5. Looking to move these bottles.
  6. yes it is.
  7. We use several Sand Piper pumps, SS with teflon plates. 45gpm or more
  8. Continuous still. Get ahold of me if you want one.
  9. man that code stuff sucks. it is a biz killer
  10. You could just destroy it. If you are planning to fail right out of the gate then I would say don't start. I say that in a nice way. It is not a good mind set to have. good luck.
  11. It is shelf stable. We just completed the one year trial. It will last longer if you put it in the fridge. We can make any proof. But the normal is 34 proof @ a certain thickness. If you go higher on the proof then it has to be thicker or when you thin it down it will be watery.
  12. I sold those machines.... It is time based..set the time for what ever you want.
  13. I have about 14,784 bottles to sell. 14 pallets, 88 cases per pallet. The cost is .30 cents and comes with a new White cardboard box, 12-pk case. Bottles are 750ml. The cap is a standard 28mm TE cap. Kinda like a coke bottle cap. I have caps too, or get them from BERRY. This is the same bottle as "DI AMORE" Please call or write. 515-559-4879
  14. des moines iowa
  15. man o man......I fill 50ml bottles all the time. And that sounds like both ways you just said suck! The name of the game is you have to fill 50ml bottles just as fast as you fill a 750ml or it is not worth it. If you can fill 6 x 750ml in 30sec lets say then that means you have to fill 90 50ml bottles in the same time. It is all about time and profit. You are trying to pick up pennies while tripping over dollars. We can fill and cap about 7500-9000 per hour. The profit is different then a 750ml. I find a lot of people that want to put there product in 50ml bottles for an all the time sell, but what you should do is just do it for samples. I know a couple of craft distilleries that bought all kinds of old junky 50ml equipment, problem is it is old and junky and does not work, and the cost of retooling is more than they can afford. So now it sits in there distillery collecting dust and not making them any money.