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  1. how much per bottle? do they come in a case?
  2. I went and made a space on my website to look at the pics. I will post more up as soon as I get them taken. Thanks.
  3. Time to clean house. I would like to move all of this stuff. Plus, now I have an electric heat tunnel to do full body shrink sleeves. A "Falcon" Heat tunnel was 3-phase now its single phase. Asking $5000 or best offer. Please see above for other items. I need the space. Let me know. 515-559-4879 Joseph
  4. Do you have any of these left? If so what ones are left? thanks!
  5. Why may I ask are you getting rid of it?
  6. It looks like one of the shovels for pulling ice and snow off the roof would work good.
  7. Where did you get your screen made?
  8. Just a warning. If the corn does plug up your screen, and you have a good powerful pump hooked to the bottom of the tank. You could run the risk of creating such a vacuum that you could collapse the screen, buckle or implode the bottom of the tank, or collapse the hose. Those tanks are not very thick. Just keep an eye on it. Be safe. Just trying to help.
  9. looks good! now lets see some corn....
  10. I was going to say to make a air wand and blast it with some air before you start pumping. It really works great.
  11. That will be a plug fest with corn, or high corn mash bills. Sorry to tell you that. Barley, it will work just fine as long as you "crush it" not mill it into a flour.
  12. We go several pallets high with empty bottles. 2-3 high, easy We even stack full (filled) pallets 2 high sometimes more. At least 2 tho.
  13. Spirits industry taking market share from beer for 7th straight year, data shows Here is a article that was sent to me a couple days ago. This explains why the beer people are fighting us on state laws we are trying to pass. They are losing money.
  14. Thanks you very much to everyone who is talking here. All good stuff. I see every every body having there own problems. Mainly state to state. Here in Iowa we can only sell a max of 1.5L per person per day, what happens when you have 10 products? Iowa, we can't have cocktail rooms.. But in MN you can have a cocktail room, but MN can only sell 1 - 375ml per day. Every region will have there troubles. Same goes for shelf space tighter and tighter, or the shelfs get bigger and bigger and you just become lost. I was in a store down in TN that had 60 feet shelves of bourbon...... it was over wellming. I don't think that there is going to be a "POP" and we are all out of biz. I think there is going to be a ceiling of sorts. I know some will go over this ceiling but lots will be kept under. Under this ceiling will those who turn over a lot. It was said above that there will 5 years of steady growth, I just don't see that. But I hope that I'm wrong. As said above, if you are not marketing your products, you had better get out there! And another thing, If I had a dollar for every time someone says "you need to make X"...... just because you make a ton of crap products, means you have a lot of crap products. Make good products, and make look good to! Keep the comments flowing.
  15. Well we built this unit for Old Glory Distilling Company in Clarksville, TN. So if any you is in Nashville for the big event please stop by and check them out. 1. CaptnKB- Right now they are putting whole stillage in totes and letting it settle out and draining the water off of it. 2. I personally have been working on a economically grain separator. Two totally different units, one with no moving parts and another with a minimal amount of moving parts. I am trying to build some units the normal distillery can afford. Like everyone else my problem is finding the time to finish the work. Thank you for all the great comments!!