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  1. get the weight also.
  2. Here one I found that is all together. It is 40" but will take a 30" filter or smaller.
  3. What you are trying to build is call a "DSM SCREEN" or "BENT SCREEN SEPARATOR" Normally made of stainless steel triangled shaped wire. It shaves the water off of the particles. There is no moving parts. They work very very good. The trick is the bend in the screen and the length. Normally only 4- 6 feet long and 30-48" wide. On your 3 pic pipe manifold, if you changed the design of you distribution system to a distribution box it would allow for more even flow and work even better. If you want stainless screen just google it and there many people who make these in the USA. I am very much surprised that more people don't have these BENT SCREEN SEPARATORS. I guess no one know about them. Questions, Just ask..... 515-559-4879
  4. We have several continuous stills under our belt. We are looking to be the Continuous still KINGS..... MADE IN THE USA. We computer model every one of our units for optimum efficiency and output. We will be designing a one step process continuous still by the end of the year. We will be starting a new project very soon making a unit that will have 17 gpm input feed rate, with a 43.5 hp boiler (1500 lbs steam), 29' tall. But we can make any size for any of your needs. Upgrading your distillery? Don't buy a bigger pot, buy a continuous still. Save production time, and money. 515-559-4879
  5. We have our glass water jetted here local. They will do any size , and any thickness. We normally get 3/8" or 1/2" thick. Cost about $5 for a 3" circle. Standard glass is all you need.
  6. by volume calculation, done...... We do it everyday.
  7. you can only have 200proof or 100% in a vacum. I find many differences in GNS suppliers. We have one we really like and stick with them. An use another for specialty stuff. And no, it is not Ultra Pure, we go right to the source.
  8. Was just thinking about something that was said as I was driving home today. something about " the end of stills in crappy buildings" It makes sense. If there are more distilleries coming on line and more of those distilleries are super nice. Well, when someone goes to a not so fancy distillery it just could possibly make that crappy building distillery look a lot crappier. And if you had a cocktail room in a crappy building, then no one would go to your run down place and you go out of business. POOF>>> your gone......... unless your distribution is awesome. Just thinking.
  9. The sad thing about the Re-bubblers is the joe public does not know and 99% of people don't care. So If people don't know or don't care then why go through all of the steps? Think how much money is saved / made. You can't hate someone because they have a different business plan than yours. If they are doing it legal then they are not really cheating. Who wouldn't what .22c for a bottle of vodka when all you have to do is make a phone call and it just shows up.
  10. We are looking to be the power house of "continuous stills". We have a couple new builds starting up now. We just completed the engineering design of a 17 GPM unit w/ preheat using only 1500lbs of steam, 43.5HP boiler. Also, we are designing a single pass unit that will take the cuts for you at a fraction of the price of competition.
  11. Looks like several people are going under according to the "for sale" section. Also, If I could take a survey....I would like to know how many distilleries are setting on whiskey they can't sell. I think there may be, if anything a sharp rise in distilleries for a very short time ( 1 1/2) years and then there will be a massive collapse of many many people. The old ones going under along with the new ones giving up. But with this said, If I knew the future then I would not be distilling, and the casinos would hate me. The whole distilling at home in MO, well its still not legal on the federal level, but one could say the same thing about weed.
  12. yes what he said. And
  13. I just sent a PM. I want the smaller ones.
  14. I buy the code7 filter base on ebay for $45 and make the top of the filter with 4" tubing.
  15. ebay