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  1. We are using the 6-plate HBS still plus the gin basket: If I start with 15 proof gallons of our base alcohol I can make about 6 cases (~72 +/-) of gin, and I cut way before tasting any tails. You might want to start with about half of that or less at the beginning and develop your particular blend. The gin basket is very simple to use. I just manually crush up about a total of 160 grams of botanicals and wrap them in a cheese cloth. Pop that in the gin basket and run it real slow. Place the gin basket right above the column but below the dephlegmator. We purchase our juniper but then add locally sourced botanicals. I would recommend make your non-juniper botanicals be your signature and source them as close to home as possible to make that part of your story. Best of luck!
  2. We find that with real narrow hearts cuts we get a very nice whiskey in a little over a year. For those that we have run a little longer off the still then 18+ months is what we like. We have a few that are 2+ years and continue to progress nicely. Generally speaking ours are in the barrel around 110-proof and the barrels are in the building with us at room temperature.
  3. Awesome - thanks!
  4. Hey guys - anyone who can share what kind of compressor you are using to power the FloJet? I just ordered one. Thanks!
  5. Super - thanks! I have some filters from Duda Diesel so I know what you mean about them as suppliers.
  6. Nice - worth a try! Mind letting me know a good source for these bags that have worked for you? I will look as well!
  7. Thanks Robert - I wondered about that too. I have a message into St Pats as well to see who their experts might be.
  8. Good morning everyone! We recently purchased a single-spout Enolmatic Filler plus the filter housing to run minor filtration to some of our flavored products. Using a 5.0 micron filter, we can barely get through 100 bottles before bottling slows dramatically. I have the Enol-San cleaning powder and have used it to clean the filters as directed on the container (cold water, etc). While it definitely cleans the filter to some extent, I am not able to get more than about another 20-30 bottles before it slows way down again. We are bottling some flavored vodka right now - natural flavors and sugars dissolved in solution. I have read all of the prior threads I have found and see some similar issues, so am wondering if any of you have found some better solutions. Appreciate any replies!
  9. I do the same right now, using 15-gallon medium char barrels. We are finding the bourbon continues to improve and we are at 16+ months on the oldest one. I know many release 15-gallon barrels around the 12-month mark so there could be something to it. However a few extra months in the big picture shouldn't force you to look elsewhere - that space should work fine!
  10. Hey NEPA - I am real small too and use Novozymes (Termamyl SC). I use about 250ml a week and just finished my first jug a couple weeks ago (year & a half or so). I had no noticeable difference from the start to the finish, as well as nothing different when I used the new batch last week. Same BRIX, same full ferment, etc. I just kept the whole thing in the fridge which was a bit of a pain, but overall it worked fine and for a long time. I have no experience with the San Extra L yet and have a sample coming. But the longevity of the SC seemed to be OK and was about $250 total.
  11. I would also be interested in how you handle any questions about shelf-life. Using real fruit, is there a requirement for keep refrigerated for example? I have never had any issues with my R&D experiments, but is there a good source that can say for sure that the alcohol is working as a preservative? Thanks in advance!
  12. I have been very happy with
  13. Thanks Mike!
  14. Good morning - can anyone recommend any resources related to adding natural flavors or sweeteners to products? I would like to use natural options as much as possible for our flavored products but am concerned about settling, shelf-life, etc. Any referrals would be appreciated!
  15. Well I suppose it is time to come clean after being a "Forum Stalker" for the past year & a half! First of all, this forum is a fantastic resource and I want to thank all of you for sharing the information. I have been in the golf business my entire life and wish we had a the idea exchanges like I see here. Great stuff! My wife and I are opening a small distillery in the retreat town of Minocqua in Northern WI. Yesterday was the big day as our Federal Permit was approved, so now it is "go time" and we are anxious to join the community of craft distillers. As our journey progresses I hope to be able to share our experiences as so many of you have. In addition to making great whiskey! But just wanted to thank all of you again as the information you have shared has been vital!