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  1. I have the ROSCOMP-450 which does 450 - 600 GPD. We bought the float with it that we mounted into the side of our fresh water tote and turn it on the afternoon before we are going to proof and we have plenty of water in the morning and the float cuts the power to the unit, so no overflow at night. I bought it from ESP Water Products that HottyToddy77 was looking at for another unit. Easy to change the filters also.
  2. I couldn't find the video but here are some pictures of our de-watering setup. We used this to de-water over 125 tons of grain last year.
  3. Here is a link to what we use for de-watering our mash. With a 1500 lbs grain bill it de-waters the mash in under 15 minutes. We build a PVC manifold that we clamp to the top part of the hopper that spreads the mash out over the filter medium as it runs down the incline. We build another PVC drain pipe up that hooks to both drains and extends over to our floor drains. I have a video somewhere that I'll try to find. We tank the bin out with the fork truck and dump into a 270 gallon tote that has the top cut off. Farmer Brad picks up a few totes every Monday. I'm getting ready to buy a second one as our grain bills will go up to 3000 lbs per once we start using the new column still.
  4. We use a Warren Rupp Sandpiper Model SB1 1/2.-A . I don't think they make our model anymore but they are selling a HDB1 1/2 model which is very similar. the air requirements are 90 CFM max at 20 - 40 PSI. We have a very big Ingersoll Rand double air compressor unit but you should be able to get by with something much smaller.
  5. Hello dhdunbar, In reading this old thread, for beer received from a brewery, I assume that I would record the receipt of beer in the Production Report, Part VI, Other Materials and add in a line for Beer and just record the gallons received. From the Brewery I would have a receipt for the beer paid for (zero $ in this case). While still in the totes received, waiting for distillation, I would label as beer with wine gallons and proof gallons. Once distilled I would report it in the appropriate category on the Production Report, Part I. Does that all sound correct? BTW, your responses on the Forum are truly appreciated.
  6. Give me a call. I have all these answers and few other comments for you. 571-292-1115. Ask for John.
  7. Are you just having problems pumping the fermented mash to the still after fermentation? If so, what type of pump are you using? We run very heavy mashes (1400 lbs of grain in 550 gallon fermenters and we had problems at first when we were using an electric centrifugal pump. We switched to Air Operated Diaphragm pumps and they move the mash with no problem. If you have an air compressor you might want to look at that as a transfer solution.
  8. I have approximately 2900 O-I Grandeur bottles priced at $1.16/bottle (1080 per pallet) and approximately 3000 Paulson Smooth 19.5mm T-Tops (SBLK195BEI) (Black Top/Beige Shank) $315.00. This is a 25% savings over current prices. Prices do not include shipping from 20110 (Northern Virginia). A link to the bottle specs is below. Any questions PM me.
  9. Hello Charlie, Did you ever get an answer from your state on your tax question? I'm in VA and have the same question. Thanks
  10. For the specific reasons noted by others about COLA rejections for using any terminology with "aged" for Gin we went with "Barrel Finished" right on the front label and it was approved in a three week period.
  11. We use four (4) 1400 lb grain ferments (wheat, rye and malted barley), strip each and then one finishing run using the four stripping runs. So total grain is 5600 lbs, divided by 56 lbs/bushel = 100 bushels. Yield for last two finishing runs have been 347.3 PG and 346.5 PG, averaging 346.9 PG. Divided by 100 bushels = 3.47 PG/56 lbs. We are working hard to get full attenuation during our ferments.
  12. We have 550 Gallon Metalcraft fermenters with cooling jackets on two sides adjacent to each other (really one big jacket). I had them also install a SS bushing for our RTD (about halfway up one side of the tank) which feeds back to our Chilled Water control system. Solenoid valves control the flow of cooling water to the jacket. Even without agitation during fermenting the cooling jacket surface area is sufficient to keep the ferment at the set temperature.
  13. Can you please PM me pictures of the column and who is the OEM?
  14. We use a De-Cant Hopper which is self dumping. I think the company is IDS. It works great. PM me for details.
  15. Hello MTNMAN22, You might have gotten the Mori filler from TCW. They also offer a rinser/sparger and a closed loop filter system which also you to rinse the bottle with your proofed product. We use our proofed product in the rinser tank that then rinses two bottles at once and then the system blow Argon gas into the bottle for an adjustable amount of time. This ensures that your proof is not effected by water rinsining and you don't have to figure out how to keep 500 - 1000 bottles upside down over night. We rinse/sparge then immediately hand to the filler where bottles are continually being filled by another person, capped by another, then down the table to the labeler. We filled 40 cases yesterday with 2 - 3 people. Labeling is being done today. Good luck.