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  1. Affordable Distillery Equipment has some small agitators....could try a damper to reduce the level of heat being exhausted...
  2. Ward has always been helpful with any issue we have had.....have you sent the photos over to them? I think they would want to sell you a burner with a lot more jets or re-jet with what you do you adjust the flame once you do get to temperature? Does the control have a safety that will stop gas flow if the pilot or flame fails? Is the flame color mostly blue which would indicate good air/gas mix....
  3. Using NMR could be useful for tracking congeners in real time and if you are really flush with cash take a look at This little bit of kit can analyze in near real time both liquid and head space components and interpret them against your defined set of alcohols and congeners.....think mass spectrometer without hiring a PhD scientist to operate, maintain and interpret your in process congener targets creating an easily understood (by mere mortals) spider graph. The big boys have adopted these gorgeous toys. Two companies that I know of make electronic instruments capable of the TTB approved level of resolution: I think both of these instruments can be traced to international standards that are also referenced by the US TTB. My personal favorite is the Rudolf instrument as they have been extraordinarily supportive and have a solution that can resolve densities of beverages that have sugar added. I am located on the east coast and factory representatives have been to my location on several occasions. We were one of their first clients and bought the instrument around the point where the TTB approved the Rudolph for US Federal tax gauging. If you are lucky enough to be able to afford one of these instruments, they are truly a time saver and an "insurance policy" against any proofing error that could bring down the ire of your tax authority. The use of precision glass hydrometers is possible but because temperature becomes such a factor at the TTB required resolution it makes it very time consuming to perform the measurement. The Anton Paar DMA-35 is very useful in day to day operations. It will produce nearly instantaneous temperature compensated density (no sugar correction that I know of). This is very handy if you are one of the people that actually makes their own GNS (or are purchasing GNS from the Borg) this is very handy to keep around the still for day to day in process proofing.
  4. could use a closed loop heat exchanger to run to a cooling tower and "dump" the heated non-contact cooling water to ambient. To get below ambient you could run through an adsorption chiller ( . This thing isn't cheap but cools uses heat as an energy source but may net out using less energy than brute force (compressed Freon) chillers with glycol loop and helps with ur green backstory. could store this now chilled water in an insulated tank for your next condenser run in an A/B active one being chilled for the next distillation run could collect some of the non-contact cooling water out of the condensers for pre-heated water for the next mash send me a PM and I can send you a drawing.....
  5. these guys make a relatively inexpensive proportioning valve....will operate with low pressure steam and water (must check specification!!)...spring closing could present issues for running over temperature condenser if you buy the normally spring closed variant and loose power.....seems like jumper would allow 0-10VDC or 4-20ma control.....little tricky sorting out the valve body (from 1/2" on up) and the control sure of your specification. (me4840)
  7. The UK, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands have all converted coal burning plants to wood fired. By 2020, the EU, which has designated wood as carbon neutral for emissions, will generate 20% of it power from renewables. North Yorkshires, DRAX power plant is capable of 4000 Megawatts, half of which has already been converted to wood. Exports of wood from the southestern like states of North Carolina and Georgia have grown from nothing in 2005 to 6.5 million metric tons in 2015 and projected to be 9 million metric tons (Forisk Consulting in Athens GA) by 2020. Mono-culture forests for pellets will not focus on the relatively slow growth of white oak. (Science, 6 Jan 2017) This is not a settled issue in terms of the environment or the underlying carbon renewal economics but the trip to Europe for pellets is a short one. Something to think about the next time you drive through Asheville.
  8. not for BC....but should help
  9. your local propane vendor may be able to help set up gas manifold pressures
  10. if the condenser is over temperature then you are at risk of venting high proof vapor that can burn or explode. The boiler should be killed and an alarm set. the Danfoss AVTA will control water or glycol in the nominal range. the fail-safe should (must) work with a no power situation in your facility. this little puppy will get the emergency off switch away from the vapor filling the still house and switch your boiler off....$smthumb$&breadcrumbCatId=1000071
  11. Danfoss has sensors that can perform this sort of task (and they have a great logo) might consider a simple thermos-sensor that will open the switch to turn off your boiler should you loose condenser cooling water....or Automation Direct's pay close attention to the variant of the "SL" series you choose should you run down that trail...
  12. for high proof alcohol you need to be in SS to keep the OSHA off ur tail SS IBC......or look for used SS
  13. I have been down this same bumpy road and settled on a custom built shell and tube. MG may have built it.....take a look on the used SS equipment market. Both ends of the shell can come off so you can clean the straight through tubes and the "u" ---tubes are short enough to clean if they get plugged. I think we only fouled this thing once (that I know of). We have used and old milk cooler the runs refrigerated water down the side walls with an agitator to accelerate thermal transfer but we needed more than one run a day... DIY'd a 2" finned copper tube with forced air (ambient) cooling which worked pretty well (car radiator on steroids) but again fouling killed this idea off....or was it frozen and popped (?)....still using one of these to cool hot non-contact cooling water from the condensers....non-contact since we recover some of this pre-heated water for the next cook We have used a "used" tri-tube chiller which was fine accept that our grain in mash was too thick and we were constantly fighting a depends on the viscosity of your current or future mashed. The space for mash to flow has always been the killer for us fouling whatever we tried...but if you have a mash with no solids from your new shiny wedge wire cooker.... so agitated milk cooler, forced air finned tube, used tri-axial tube in tube, 3" dia mash shell and tube---cooling to ambient with cooling tower and now adding heat powered adsorption chiller to shell side when ambient or delta t is insufficient for production volumes Xylanase will do wonders to heat transfer and viscosity if you are running rye
  14. "A distiller, a mixologist and a distributor walk into a bar......" so small is ok, but you really might want to review some basic business assumptions.... 1) walk into you local liquor store and ask to see their "craft" section....if they don't have one, you are in the wrong liquor store 2) find the right store, ask the buyer if they are interested in another 'local' craft product; especially another vodka or any other white spirit. 3) are you an extrovert that can sell a "local" product in a potentially (likely) saturated market? 4) is your location a natural fit for local on-site sales? Are they permitted by law? (on-site sales can be the key if you can sell all you can make at a site(s) YOU control (seasonal/tourist venue) and thus not sharing your margin with your local distributor----or will Amazon (not kidding here) deliver your product to your metropolitan neighbors?) 5) more than one still is good.....consider a larger stripping still and a smaller finishing still that might fit throughput constraints better 6) got three phase power? if not, go for propane or natural gas to low pressure steam...or look at alternatives for something modular "pay as you go" like 7) how will you get rid of your waste?.....down the sewer, ask your friendly Federally funded sewage treatment plant (EPA) what level of BOD they will accept or at what sewer fee (waste amounts too small to consider, really?) Feed to cattle, does it freeze where you are? Dump (a.k.a. surface application)----got surface acreage that won't smell during the warm season? How will you cool your condensers? Closed loop or down the drain....cost (municipal) for COLD coolant (water) and its disposal? 8) do you have any "religious" reason not to buy whiskey or vodka (GNS) from some mass producer and blend or re-distill to validate your back story? (ask yourself why is it possible to sell a 12 year old whiskey if you have not been producing for 12 years) 8a: back story?....might want to review recent class action law suits in this arena) 9) consider the many factors required for this deal to happen: 10) still reading?? try this: 11) can small cooperage (less than 53 Gallon) get your brown spirits on the market in less than 2 years? Bill Owens had this posted (here) at one point: Citation: Jeffery JDE, Berglund KA. Extraction of Wood Constituents from Non-Conventional, Small Whiskey Barrels. J Food Processing & Beverages. 2016;4(1): 7. 12) do you or your significant other (not your dog!!) have enough cash (or your uncle/auntie) to float you for "awhile"? 13) still "in love", (or as my son said when first smitten "but dad, she's perfect!!") don't let me stop you.....
  15. we bought a used "EX" rated electric lift from: lift rating is beyond the minimum safety tier required by OSHA----at least until "THE Donald" shuts OSHA down. the machine is a brute. got a three section mast which goes about half way to heaven. has some crazy kind of capacity like 6000#---- one caveat of an electric lift is that you need a charger (duh!) which was not included in our deal.....bought a three-phase charger which is way cool in that it gives a lot of statistics on the charge values of each recharge (total amps loaded, etc.) Batteries drink a lot of distilled water and you need to stay on top of the water refill set of batteries is not cheap (think Tesla S) but there are some pulse chargers that literally blow of the charge limiting deposits off the battery plates. so yeah, a bit of overkill but I have been found guilty of buying too many cool tools for years (just ask my partner) The LP versions are probably easier but when we were looking i could not turn one up.... Huge knock down drag out fight with my partner that we didn't need a "rated" forklift but the misunderstanding was based on the sense that a rick house is not regulated.....this position could be argued successfully.....the problem is showing the OSHA inspector how you stacked two to three high palletized sets of 53's by hand without a rated machine (!!!) Please get this document: it could save your life and/or your distillery so yeah....if you are moving barrels that weigh more than you can press, you are non-compliant if you don't use a rated lift mechanism.....will you ever be inspected? probably not; but as Clint once said "Are you filling lucky....?"