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  1. We used 15 gallon barrels for our bourbon. We dumped the first bottling at 2 years. the bourbon won a bronze medal at the San Diego spirits festival, and a gold medal at the '15 ACSA conference. Each bottling after that had aged longer until the last 15 gallon barrels we dumped were 3 years old. We felt like it got better.
  2. Hey call me through there all the time 

  3. We were told that we couldn't hand write the proof on our labels. Has anybody else had this problem in the past? if we have to print labels for each bottling of "Cask strength" whiskey it's going to be costly. any thoughts?
  4. It's good to hear from ya Thomas. If you ever pass through our part of Ohio please stop in.
  5. Could this be used with a low pressure steam boiler?
  6. Can anybody show me diagrams of starch molecules that we are dealing with in a whiskey mash? The starch in the grain is changed during the cooking process to make the conversion process more effective, right? I'd love to have big starch molecules painted on the wall in the different forms...does that make me a nerd? Brad
  7. we use a la milpa bur mill. wish we would have gone with the hammer mill. we like the bur mill, but it's slower than the hammer mill.
  8. I just received a call from senator Rob Portman's office saying that he was going to be a co-sponsor of S1562. Good news!
  9. Maybe look at
  10. We have not tried using dunder. the whole process seems like it would be tough to create consistency. Is this something that you have tried?
  11. Is anyone using caramel to color rum? We had planned to do this but we are having trouble getting a dark enough color without the caramel tasting bad. We are looking for a good way to color a spiced rum. Thanks for any help. Brad
  12. We have an issue with our bourbon. it's bottled at 90 proof. we filtered it using a 1 micron filter. now we have snowflake/jellyfish looking things suspended in the bottles. we are needing to bottle more and want to get it right. our chiller only chills to 35f. is that cold enough to chill filter? is this an issue that chill filtering will solve? maybe a .45 micron filter fixes it? thanks for the great info. Brad
  13. Ours is hot when we empty it. actually still boiling a little.
  14. Very cool. Congratulations! We received a bronze as well for our bourbon. Happy to have another award, it adds credibility to our brand....i hope. Brad
  15. We submitted our Stillwrights Straight Bourbon Whiskey to be judged, and still haven't heard any results from the judges. Some of the reviews i read about the event were less than impressive. Wish i could have been there. What were your thoughts? Brad