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  1. We proof in a Stainless tank. Transfer the spirit to a tote and lift the tote above the filler with a fork lift. Set the tote on a stand and let gravity do its thing. Good luck, Brad Irwin, Oregon Spirit Distillers
  2. I am using one of these. They are great. The transaction, shipping and crating were great. These guys are pro!
  3. Your going to have to contact OLCC. They accept product submissions quarterly.
  4. Riot, Don't be embarrassed. Guess how I learned this?
  5. I would consider filtering the product before you add sugar. I would then let it rest for several days and rack it. Repeat. Then add sugar.
  6. We are trying to convert inulin to fructose from the Jerusalem artichoke. Creative enzyme produces some that must be lab grade because it is extremely expensive. Do you have a supplier in Germany Spirited Consultant? Thank you, Brad Irwin
  7. I am looking for a source for an enzyme that will break down inulin into fructose. I have contacted Speciality Enzyme and, while they were helpful, they did not have exactly what I wanted. Does anyone have a source they use for inulase? Cheers!
  8. We had a local metal shop make a template with his CNC machine using 1/4 inch stainless plate. We use a MAP gas torch. I think our barrels look great. The template costs me $50 and a bottle of whiskey. Cheers. Brad Irwin
  9. You can have a Distillery and Restaurant in Oregon. Oregon Spirit Distillers and the Barrel Thief Lounge, Bend Oregon. Cheers all!
  10. I am looking for a Koji supplier (aspergillus oryzae). Thank you, Brad Irwin Oregon Spirit Distillers
  11. I am looking for a 4 or 6 head bottle filler that can fill a bottle that has a 4" neck. Thank you, Brad Irwin Oregon Spirit Distillers
  12. Pump it into a tote and have a farmer. Fork lift it into the back of his truck and ask him to make sure the tote comes back clean. If it doesn't get another farmer. There is no need to separate the grain from the liquid.
  13. I am looking for a supplier of 200 * 200 mm filter sheets from Begerow. The ones I have been using are Select A 20 and Select A 80. I know some wine shops that sell the "K" series. I am not sure if the "K" series will work for 80 proof alcohol. Thank you for the suggestions, Brad Irwin, Oregon Spirit Distillers
  14. I only sent my sample to the TTB. It passed first time. Brad Irwin, Oregon Spirit Distillers
  15. I am 12 feet below the sewer main. Our waste goes into a pump station. The landlord did not use grinders and it is a problem. The grain collects at the bottom of the sewage tank and clogs the pumps if we are not diligent at keeping it clean. Additionally, we have to be careful because the pipe that goes to the sewer from the pump is 100 feet long as it rises 12 feet. Grain settles if it doesn't get pushed all the way up. Eventually it gets impacted. and that sucks. I wish I considered this when I moved in. Brad Irwin, Oregon Spirit