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  1. Fed Permit For Sale

    "Bob's" name is on the Permits. Bob sells company. Bob gets a seat on the Board or a new title and a small salary for not showing up. This very thing happens in airlines also.
  2. Water, water everywhere...

    Moving review from one agency to another, worked for our distillery in a dif way. State Dept of Health got interested in our water usage as hazmat and sent our permit request to the State EPA. State EPA reviewed our processes and commended us on our "Green" stance. We reuse all cooling water indefinitely, we use hot stillage for next mashing while it's hot (saving water and energy), separating solids for animal feed and compost... EPA was happy, recused itself and we had permit in a week.
  3. Rapid Distillation - The Hot Rod by Detroit Stillworks

    I was in a "DSP" food processing plant recently that has over 40 alcohol products all labeled "Produced and Bottled By" and claiming to be the only distillery in the state! They give tours, sampling and show you one 200 gallon still and three 200 gallon fermentation tanks. I'm pretty sure they don't even bottle or warehouse it there. Is it legal for the "product" to never even pass through the DSP Bonded area?
  4. passivating stainless

    How about citric acid or even lemon juice? There are marine companies on the Gulf Coast using citric acid because the EPA cannot stop them from dropping lemon juice on SS ship parts and railings and washing it into the ocean...and it works. Google it...
  5. Distillery Location

    You have a great place and while not as far off the beaten path as you...we have no cell service. That causes some people to loose their minds. We drive about four miles to get to a cell tower to make long distance calls. Everything here is working out perfectly. There is also no Code Permitting or enforcement in my county. The ambiguity of the TTB is crazy. Inspector to inspector, Fed, State and County...it should all be spelled out and the same for all.
  6. Distillery Location

    I have 80 acres. The property/building for the distillery is 200 yards from my house with road frontage on a State Hwy. Has it's own gated entrance to the road. The distillery is completely fenced, but with gates, from the other property. The fence seemed to be a key factor. I got a new address for the distillery property. In most states, you get a new address from the 911 Emergency Service, not the post office. Once I had the new address I leased the property from me to the distillery. Neither the TTB or the State ask any questions about the distillery being on my personal property even though the lease docs showed me leasing it to my own business. State to State can be huge and in town, city, zoning seems to be the nightmare. As already stated, pick your location carefully. As to getting the local stuff done first. My state would not allow me to tender an application until I had the Federal Permit in hand. All the discrepancies make this a very hard business. Having 50,000 gallons of petrol under a gas station next to a hospital is easier because they do it every day.
  7. Output and Revenue

    Nothing there is tragic...bottle, label, closure gets better with volume.
  8. Transfer in bond to Winery

    This is an issue I have had a problem with. Currently, local winery buys GNS and mixes down, adds to wine and calls it sherry. I don't understand how they do it. I think the distillery could transfer in wine from distillery in bond, distill it, proof and transfer back to winery. I think you could bring in their wine, make the beverage and return it to them for canning.
  9. Output and Revenue

    Well, what are your numbers?
  10. DSP TTB application

    +1 This was the one question I could come up with no LOGIC to calculate. So, I tried to figure what would be the max I MIGHT ever want to store. I figured if there was an actual calculation and they didn't like my answer they would say so. They did come back with how many square feet of floor space was allocated for storage. Hmmm... I would assume this means nothing without knowing the ceiling height.
  11. Get your Federal Permit? How long did it take?

    Approved today, 214 days. Actual review and request for corrections took 11 work days. On January 1st most applications were reassigned to new reviewers. I got caught up in that. Previous reviewer helped me get to new, but only after I asked. I was asked for six corrections/additional info. All six were easy...add compass rose to drawing, add size/square footage of operational areas to text description, etc.
  12. Source of Funds TTB Application

    I put a set amount of money in a specific account and show them that statement. They don't need to see your total worth or a personal balance sheet.
  13. Starting out small

    I would say your fermentation capacity has to be at least four to five times your distillation capacity. Always have a completed fermentation ready to run. And with lots of ferment vessels you can have dif products ready to run.
  14. Worried about safety of my parents

    I have some no good relatives. He said SPAM....huh...huh....
  15. Custom Bottle

    Long ago the cost associated with setting up a custom glass bottle in Indiana were extreme! The mold then has to be replaced every so many bottles. It would be fantastic to have a custom bottle...