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  1. Kelvin Cooperage, I'll let you know if our current offers fall through. Cheers
  2. Yes, it is. Are you interested? Looks like you are driving distance from us...that would make things easier.
  3. 1.5"x 1.5" (improved pressure capability) 1-25gpm, 30psi, Stainless steel cart, Wireless remote control, 1.5hp, 1750 TEFC motor, NEMA 4 VFD, 1ph 230V with L6-20 locking plug. Used lightly for less than 1-year and just refurbished for sale with a new impeller and rings. We grew out of it and replaced it with a larger pump. New models are $2,899, we are offering it for $2,600 + shipping from Virginia and handling paid for by the buyer. We accept credit cards, but buyer pays 3% processing fee. If paid by check, will not ship until check clears. On-site pickups welcome.
  4. Hi there,

    Did you ever find a place to source tunnels for full bottle shrink wrap? I've only been able to find very high production models and our setup only dreams of that sort of output at the moment.


  5. Just speaking from experiences with mead making, I have run into grassy/vinyl flavors many times in my mead. It was totally dependent on the type of honey I used. I would bet a lot of those flavors could make it through the still too. I would do some small scale test fermentations and just taste them straight before even getting the still in the process. Just my two cents.
  6. We use Custom Metal Craft square jacketed totes for fermentation. They work great, they have a smaller footprint than the round tanks, and are easy to pallet jack around. The rounded corners clean fine with CIP, but even if you have tough gunk they are easy to clean with a brush.
  7. Hi Jim, could you give me the dimensions on these tanks? Are you willing to sell less than 4?
  8. Dick and Kristian, do the machines you suggested from St. Pats and Midwest supply only work on full PVC capsule (like on wine bottles) or do they also work with PVC bands that are just a tube with no top enclosing the top of the closure? They both seem to be marketed to people using wine capsules, so it wasn't clear to me... Thanks
  9. Hi all, we are engineering our steam system to feed steam directly into our wash in the cooker. This means that we need to have "food quality" steam being injected. Since standard steam lines are made of carbon steel, is there a concern that our steam will carry in rust/off flavors into our wash? If so, what is the alternative; stainless steel pipes, food-grade anti-oxidiant addition to the feed water? Many thanks!
  10. ADI just posted some of these presentations, though only a subset despite promises otherwise. I received an email with the link and password.
  11. The organizers promised me again and again that all of the presentations from the 2014 conference would be posted online, but I still can't find them. I took fewer notes and photos than I would have otherwise because I was counting on access to them. Anyone else know if they are up somewhere yet? -Ian