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  1. We are looking to expand and are in need of an experienced head distiller to take us to the next level, We can provide further details as needed. We are currently in over production of four spirits including a double gold and silver winner at the resent Denver International Spirit Fest. Our products are gaining a solid reputation and have new accounts coming online weekly. now totalling over 100 and growing. We intend to continue our growth as projected and hope to fill this Key position asap. if interested please don't hesitate to reach out. thanks, D. Northrup founder/CEO The Independent Distillery llc.
  2. Greg, hit me up at I sent you an email a few weeks back. wondering if you are still currently looking for a change? Don
  3. We've been using Hoochware and have been extremely happy in how it tracks materials and orders, creates TTB reports...pretty much everything. Shawn does a great job answering questions immediately and has gone above and beyond my expectations on customer service. Highly Recommend Hoochware !!
  4. How soon will this still be available for purscase? would you email me any further details you might have to me at This still might be what we are looking for. thanks. Don.
  5. Sent an email to your
  6. Greg, sent you a follow up PM on Sunday. I'm not sure if you got it so please email me your contact info to confirm so we can work out details..
  7. Is this still available? We are interested and are waiting to hear back from our consultant on the size fitting our needs? Thanks.