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  1. spirit scales

    That post needs to be pinned to the top of the forums. Thanks for that! Here's the direct link to the post for anyone. http://adiforums.com/index.php?/topic/8376-bottle-filling-calibration/#comment-46887
  2. Bar top Corking maching

    Wow that sucks! I had the top of a bottle cave in a few months back when hand bottling, and it only gave me a scare. Tens of thousands of bottles and that's the only time it ever happened. With the CCR corker I require anyone using it to wear eye protection due to the possibility of glass shattering or the occasional T-top that bounces out due to something being out of alignment upon activation.
  3. Bar top Corking maching

    I highly recommend the CCR corkers. It's not easy for a smaller guy to stomach spending +$3k on something just to put corks in, but it's by far my favorite piece of equipment I've purchased to date.
  4. SOLD! PRICE DROP TO $950. Selling our two spout filler. It's a little over 2 years old. It's clean and in great shape. Has 1.5" tri-clamp inlet which we used a camlock hose adapter with. Electric float automatically starts and stops pump (PUMP NOT INCLUDED). http://www.thevintnervault.com/index.php?p=view_product&product_id=4208 Originally $1565 plus freight. Selling for $950 (buyer pays shipping) or best offer. Located in Brooklyn Park, MN 55428 Selling it because we upgraded. SOLD!SOLD!SOLD!SOLD!SOLD!SOLD!SOLD! SOLD!SOLD!SOLD!SOLD!SOLD!SOLD!SOLD!SOLD!SOLD!SOLD!SOLD!
  5. Bump. Price dropped from $1100 to $950. I got a few people asking questions about it, but nobody pulling the trigger.
  6. Hello from MN

    Welcome! Let me know if you'd like to stop by for a visit sometime.
  7. Electric Boiler

    Same here. I have one direct element still and one baine marie.
  8. Electric Boiler

    The only reason I can understand going electric fired boiler is that you don't have to buy each piece of equipment as electric, which in itself saves a ton of money. If I purchased 3 electric stills and an electric mash tun, I'd need 4 control panels (which are not cheap) to run them, plus the cost of electric heated stills is typically greater than a steam jacket, and your options for electric stills/tuns are pretty limited as well. I'm just confused as to why not go natural gas. If it's simply not available, or ridiculously expensive I can understand that totally.
  9. Bottle Suppliers

    Talk to Packaging Logistics. I've used them, then tried switching to a couple different suppliers, but in the end I went back. http://packlogic.com/ If you could, do me a favor and tell them I referred you. I don't get a bonus or anything, but it's always nice to know one of your customers is sending referrals.
  10. Electric Boiler

    Any reason why you would want to go electric instead of gas fired? My 150g runs off 27kw and waiting two hours for it to heat up once or twice a day is a real bear. Electric was cheaper to start off, but these $500-700 monthly electric bills are starting to add up and will eventually cost more to run than switching everything over to steam.
  11. Try again, except select "electric float" under additional options. The base model is a grand and has no float to turn a motor on/off. Thanks.
  12. Edrometer

    I have one that I bought directly from the manufacturer. It's an OK instrument. The company says it never needs calibration, but (in their words) "you have to tare it out just like a scale." In plain english, it requires calibration before every use with a known 80 proof spirit. It's "tare" can wander by a large margin, far beyond what the TTB allows (not that the thing is legal to use for tax determination anyways). If you use it a few times a day you'll have to recalibrate often as the slightest temperature change will throw it off. It can be very accurate, and I've tested it against a very expensive TTB approved bench meter and it was spot on, until the calibration wanders again. It also doesn't have an auto-off function, which has cost me about $15 in batteries. My Pocket calculator had an auto-off back in like 1990 but this doesn't?! Not to say that I'm not happy with it. I'd buy it again, but if the price were higher I'd save money until you can justify a TTB approved one. It's just not everything the manufacturer claims it to be.
  13. Insurance

    This should be it: https://www.hubinternational.com/offices/us/wyoming/sheridan/ 800.300.4370 I too have gotten a call from his team saying "We got you much better coverage for a whole lot less!"
  14. Insurance

    Aaron Linden at Hub International of Sheridan WY. There's a very good reason most microdistillers trust him to handle their insurance. He's the best.
  15. Finding the right alcohol-proof rubber

    This reminds me, I put a couple gaskets (viton I think?) in a jar of pure heads a year or more ago. It's still sitting in the back of my storage cabinet. I'll post the results. Also, there's a lot more to the science of what happens to X material when it's in contact with X chemical. Is the chemical capable of permeating and softening the gasket? Does that chemical dissolve or leach chemicals out of the gasket? A very simple example: A latex balloon is not an acceptable storage device for helium because helium molecules will pass through the latex wall of the balloon. The latex does not contaminate the helium. Now, would latex receive an "Excellent" score because it doesn't contaminate the helium? Or would it receive a "poor" score because it's not a good container for storing helium? @Silk City. I'd be cautious with the "it's a small surface area" argument. While 100% true, we as craft distillers should be trying to make the best, and safest product we possibly can. You are exactly right about platinum cured and reputable sellers, it's like trusting your eyes to a pair of $1 sunglasses that say "100% UV blocking". Platinum cured costs an arm and a leg, but it's worth using.
  16. Finding the right alcohol-proof rubber

    A. https://www.coleparmer.com/Chemical-Resistance B. http://www.mossrubber.com/pdfs/Chem_Res.pdf C. http://mykin.com/rubber-chemical-resistance-chart-3 D. https://www.calpaclab.com/viton-chemical-compatibility-chart/ For Viton, A. D and C are conflicting between "Excellent" and "doubtful" For Teflon/PTFE, A and B are conflicting between "Excellent" and "Conditional". I noticed this long ago when I was researching materials. There's a lot more examples out there, I just don't have the time to find more.
  17. Finding the right alcohol-proof rubber

    One thing I've noted is that it seems no two websites give the same data for all the materials and I'm not sure why. Are they rating it at room temperature 95% ethanol? High temperature? High temperature for very long periods of time? One website will say Viton is excellent, the next will say moderate. Same goes for silicone and the other common gasket materials.
  18. Stillhouse vs. Whiskey Systems

    Another recommendation for Hoochware. We've been using it almost daily for about a year and it has almost entirely eliminated the headaches of TTB paperwork and inventory management.
  19. Steam Generator Option

    Just remember though that the still was under pressure thus the boiling point of the ethanol inside the still was also under pressure. A rupture would potentially cause all of the alcohol in the still to flash into steam, which is probably what happened as the report states the still launched out of the building. With that much ethanol steam entering a facility, it's going to find an ignition source somewhere.
  20. Steam Generator Option

    I wasn't replying in hopes for a lecture about safety. Just pointing out that the distillery you mentioned didn't blow up due to an ignition source. The still itself blew up from over pressurization due to a couple terrible design flaws, and possibly operator error as well. I think ignition with that magnitude of an accident is basically inevitable. You can't say "this is what happens if you have an open ignition" and then cite an accident which was not caused by open ignition.
  21. Steam Generator Option

    You might want to read into the report of what actually happened. Open flame didn't cause it. https://thewhiskeywash.com/whiskey-styles/american-whiskey/silver-trail-distillery-explosion-investigation-findings-released/
  22. Wasn't trying to strike a nerve, just chiming in with the other person on how many of us go out there to try and be different...yet have the exact same story as everyone else.
  23. Don't forget the "we use only the finest grains" line even though they have never previously handled any raw grains or sent their grains out for analysis to see just how good they are. I like to joke and tell people that we're the oldest, largest and longest running distillery in the city. We're also the first and only distillery in the city, but that's beside the point.
  24. The only way I can comprehend this happening is someone hooked up the bottler to the wrong tank. We take one final sample from the bottling machine and ensure it meets quality, and to triple check that we are hooked to the right tank. All of our tanks, valves, hoses and filter housings are color coded to the corresponding spirit to avoid cross contamination of flavors and to avoid mistakes. The blue hose is for vodka, it goes to the blue filter which connects to the blue tank with the blue valve. This and all the clamps gets a final check by a second person.
  25. Shelf Life of Spent Grain

    We treat our spent grain in almost the same sanitary manner as mash. I want to give the farmer the best product possible, and I don't want anything growing that shouldn't be growing. We dewater it slightly, but he's got his own separator. We pump it straight from the still into sanitized 275 gallon totes which he takes within a day or two.