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  1. Looks like a tube-in-tube counterflow condenser to me.
  2. Which is precisely what I said Also, I'll just leave this here: http://pilsnerurquell.com/se/article/pilsner-urquell-triple-decoction
  3. I never said "most" did a decoction. In truth, it's quite unnecessary with modern highly modified malts. That said, it's still done by tradition in some breweries and no, they don't lauter out wort for decoction - that would be quite difficult if not impossible with the high starch content. Take a trip to Germany and see for yourself. Point still stands, tannin extraction from barley husk is primarily a factor of pH, not temperature, and there's plenty of published brewing science that supports it.
  4. Oooh, yes please. Love to see the vibroscreen in operation.
  5. Correct. The decoction process removes a percentage of the mash, boils it, and returns it to the overall mash to reach the next target mash temp. This is typically done on pilsners and the sort so tannins definitely wouldn't fly. Commercial brewers will also tell you pH is the key, where they're trying to extract every brix from a mash.
  6. Not necessarily. pH plays a major factor in tannin extraction as well, in fact, it's more important than temp. German brewers have been doing decoctions for centuries - boiling the crap out of mashes.
  7. TCA absolutely affects spirits. Anyone who's taken one of Nancy Fraley's nosing classes knows this. While it can come across the lyne, it's typically in tails not heads as Mike thought. Bigger risk is exposure post distillation though. Pumps, hoses, filters, and of course barrels. I'd personally keep chlorine far away from these things.
  8. Only have to look at craft beer, which was largely built on the backs of the homebrewing movement, to see this. Latest DISCUS report is quite rosy (and biased, of course): http://www.distillerytrail.com/blog/discus-report-distilled-spirits-sector-sales-up-4-5-and-volume-up-2-4/
  9. Shutterstock has gobs and gobs of whiskey related photos. Unlimited website use included in license.
  10. That's New Jersey, not federal. Many states already have similar rules. Here in Colorado, distilleries have always been able to do any food they like. We've also got a distillery pub license, similar to a brew pub, that allows the sale of other's spirits (and beer). Good to see Jersey catching up.
  11. Put a classified ad in the local paper. Livestock farmers will fight each other for free feed.
  12. What'd you go with?
  13. No expert, but since alcohol will be produced there, I'd imagine your off site space will need to be in your DSP license.
  14. While much of what Joseph says is, and always was, true (operating capital management, marketing 101), I don't buy the bubble argument for one second. People have been saying the same thing about craft brewing for 20 years. It's still growing in volume nearly 13% year on year. Spirits are just getting started. Millennials re-wrote the markets for craft beer and wine, and they're about to do the same for spirits. They don't have the age statement bias of their parents. They're not afraid of trying new things (would you or I have ever tried a cinnamon whiskey - bleah!) They also crave experiences. So, putting capital into your location and tasting room may be FAR wiser than into name-brand copper in your stillhouse. There's also the international markets that are clamoring to experience US craft spirits. Know what an ounce of Stranahan's goes for in NL? 25€ The tired old shelf space argument never ceases to crack me up. Do you honestly mean to tell me your local liquor store had 10-12 beer coolers back in the 80s? Liquor stores are in the business of selling booze. If there's a market, THEY'LL MAKE SPACE. There's this absurdly tiny liquor store on my way home from work. Not even 500 sq ft. They are incredibly convenient though. I stopped in looking for my go-to beer (Trumer Pils) about a year ago. Of course they didn't carry it. I just mentioned to the owner that I was looking for Trumer. He said "I'll have it here next Tuesday". Now he didn't know me from Adam, but you know what? He somehow made space. Trumer Pils is always there and I pick up a six every week. 250 types of brown spirits? LOL. Have a look at the wine isle and imagine yourself in THAT market. Oh, and they're thriving. Sure, there will be some craft distillery closures. The days of "if I make it, they will come" are over. For every closure though, there will be 2+ more opening. And some of those will actually have a clue about marketing. FFS, High West just cashed out for $160M, selling whiskey they didn't even make!
  15. RIP Rational. Any wiggle room on that Zambelli T-110 pump? They're not even $1,500 brand new...