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  1. Heretic (Brewing) just got their DSP here in the States. You may want to secure your Canadian trademark before they do, and you'll probably never be able to distribute State-side with that name, if it matters.
  2. I've been to KY Artisan and this list is a pretty far cry from "everything". What are you implying Dehner?
  3. Yup. Hard to beat K-Meta bang for the buck in chloramine removal. Carbon filter does have the advantage of removing other organics. Breweries tend to go carbon due to sulfate concerns in their beer. We've got copper to deal with that ;-)
  4. Assuming catalytic carbon, yup. 30 seconds contact time is the minimum recommended for chloramine, so 2 cubic feet should cover the 7 gpm of a 3/4" tap. Regular activated carbon can need 4x the contact time.
  5. Not that I've noticed. Just cooks a bit faster and costs a hell of a lot more.
  6. Pretty good nutrient info here: http://homedistiller.org/wash/ferment/nutrients
  7. Chloramine is typically harder to eliminate than chlorine. Grab a test kit from the pet store to see if chlorine is really the culprit. Easiest way to eliminate chlorine is to run your mash water the night before and simply let it gas off.
  8. Anyone got a hot lead on 55 gal stainless barrels besides the usual suspects (Bubba's, JDP)?
  9. Floor drains, garden hose and a sprayer. DONE!
  10. Quick google found this: https://www.sla.ny.gov/system/files/StateLiquorAuthority-RetailLicenseesHandbook.pdf
  11. What's the rum in now? Spirit receiver? Why not lift a bit with your forklift and let gravity do the work?
  12. Looks like a tube-in-tube counterflow condenser to me.
  13. Which is precisely what I said Also, I'll just leave this here: http://pilsnerurquell.com/se/article/pilsner-urquell-triple-decoction
  14. I never said "most" did a decoction. In truth, it's quite unnecessary with modern highly modified malts. That said, it's still done by tradition in some breweries and no, they don't lauter out wort for decoction - that would be quite difficult if not impossible with the high starch content. Take a trip to Germany and see for yourself. Point still stands, tannin extraction from barley husk is primarily a factor of pH, not temperature, and there's plenty of published brewing science that supports it.
  15. Oooh, yes please. Love to see the vibroscreen in operation.