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  1. The Vendome Stills are sold. Thank you for your continued interest.
  2. Two custom made Vendome stills for sale. My loss is your gain! I have decided not to start a distillery and have these two beautiful stills I purchased used (3 years old) See photos and drawings attached for more details. $225,000.00 plus loading and shipping. The total system can fit on a flat bed trailer. Vendome Stills for sale.pdf twin pot still assembly (1).pdf
  3. Good eye! I purchased theses stills from Bryan
  4. Purchased these stills used in anticipation of opening a distillery but my plans have changed and now want to sell. It was too good of a deal for me to pass even though I did not even have a building leased. Unfortunately, I never did find a building and have given up on my dream of opening a distillery! My loss is someone else's gain. If interested please contact me privately for more details. Greg
  5. 1-400 gallon (500 max) stripping still with vertical stripping condenser 1 200 gallon (300max)finishing still with vertical finishing condenser 2-350gallon totes 1-Steall epoxy coated platform All new seals and ready for deliver. Shipping, handling and installation are the sole responsibility of purchaser; As Is, Where Is. Used equipment: 3 years Price: $225,000.00 contact: Greg at Serious inquires only! Vendome Stills for sale.pdf