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  1. New eccentric screw pump. 3 phase and set up to work with VFD. Has variable speed control. Can easily be converted back to use for regular 3 phase power. $3500 Stainless Steel david@ironfishdistillery.com
  2. dwallace1701

    7 hp Eccentric Screw Pump Used 1 month

    Koval Distilling reps these pumps. Chicago.
  3. dwallace1701

    Rural Farm Distillery

    We are starting a new craft distillery in beautiful Northern Michigan and are looking to have the distillery on our farm. 2 miles off the state highway, 2 miles from a 4 seasons ski and golf resort. We are on a gravel country road. In anyone's experience, will be be able to get people to come to our tasting room given the "off the beaten path" location? A second question if I may....how important is it to get people into our tasting room as compared to working the distribution channels? Thanks for your time and advice!