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  1. 300 gallon new Still for sale

    ASD manufactured?
  2. Ice Machine / Ice Maker?

    Before you select an ice maker I would suggest selecting a type of ice you want to make. One that looks good in the glasses you have, complements the cocktails you offer, and melts at the rate you wish for dilution. Ice is a major component of any cocktail.
  3. Wooden Cocktail Stirrers - Anyone..?

    Alibaba is an amazing resource for bulk bar items that big buys use effectively for marketing
  4. Barrel Mill barrel quality

    They make good barrels. I have a 15 gallon used brandy barrel from Old Sugar Distillery I'm using as a test batch for some port finishing. Sealed up with essentially no issue at all and is holding fluid exceptionally well.
  5. Who pays for liquor store shelf space?

    Given the size and scope of your budget in comparison with big boys, and likely even mid cap suppliers, you are absolutely barking up the wrong tree here. Why would you devalue your brand and at the same time cut out your own margin (which you probably haven't protected enough as is)? Your distributor is taking advantage of your inexperience with programming if they are over pushing pay to play.... Set yourself up for success with distributors who believe in your brand and the value it holds. If the team believes, the team succeeds. If you devalue your brand by supporting it in the market when you shouldn't have to (because your product is not a commodity) why would anyone else respect what you're peddling?
  6. Used dairy equipment

    The big difference between you and I, other then you being able to answer all the questions above, is I think she's beautiful.
  7. Used dairy equipment

    We are debt free over here, we can spend time doing whatever we wish
  8. Used dairy equipment

    several things in response....... I'm not knocking your business, but I can always build cheaper than I can purchase from you..... you just quoted me your best sweetheart deal, I employ welders and steamfitters who are on salary their labor is a sunken cost and the equipment is as cheap as I can source it- in the midwest that is cheaaaaaapppppp Plus I don't make a margin on myself : )
  9. Rye Whiskey Smoking in Still

    Using a direct element with Rye on grain is going to take many really painful learning experiences for you to become an expert at doing it.... that being said maybe you are dedicated to learning those lessons and stubborn in your desire to become an on grain rye direct element cooking machine.... If this is the case may I recommend you pitch a little (a lottle maybe.......) barley malt early in your cook (above conversion temps) to help thin out your stillage? It works well for moi! I cook in a 240 gal jacketed cooker BUT I learned all my basics on a hill billy 5 gal direct element and all my mash bills are grain in and most have at least a little rye
  10. A great read on sobriety and our industry

    Bill is my home boy! There are many sober people in this industry...... probably not on these boards but in the industry a ton... Most people cannot stay in the industry and be sober but there are some of the more "hard headed" that refuse to allow their alcoholism so get in the way of the gift they have to share with the world: purveying fine spirits and/or cocktails.
  11. Used dairy equipment

    You can very easily construct a facility out of used dairy for a fraction of the price of conventional suppliers with the right team of contractors (steam fitters, welders, plumbers, and electricians) if you're flexible with your capacity and can afford to wait to piece things together during construction...... Heres a dirty little secret every still manufacturer doesn't want you to know, a still is literally a batch pasteurizer (or a stem kettle) with a helmet on top hooked up to a condenser......... a 1000 gal still can run you over 100k..... or with a ton of elbow grease you can make a pasteurizer/kettle into a 1000 gallon still for 15 k all in...... Other great places to look are places selling old naval/marine equipment (kettles from battle ships make great stills) Sailorman Ullmers is down street from me! Are you in the WI guild?
  12. Specific Mechanical

    So you didn't find their designs antiquated at all in terms of modern process needs? Have you used the equipment yet? What size still did you get the 240? How big is your mash tun? Are you happy with the included CIP? You didn't find their knowledge of equipment possibilities limited? They delivered everything at once and didn't leave any of your order delinquent?
  13. DYE China?

    I have an interesting experience with Chinese manufactured stainless equipment and probably a much more unique and extensive history with large suppliers in China..... Anyways because of these reasons China was my first place to look for still manufacturing, and was something I quickly abandoned...... Anyways your main issue isn't going to be quality of raw materials for construction, but rather quality control of plant equipment was manufactured in.... Case in point, if your supplier makes anything other than distillery equipment in their plant (which they for sure do) your still will likely be welded in between two other things, lets say an "iron" table (patio furniture) and component pieces for a pre fabbed playground that need to be assembled on site.... So although you may have tight welds on your still, and great craftsmanship in design, we are talking about fucking china, the wild wild east. They will be grinding and welding and cutting the other equipment without curtain/barrier right next to your still.... So despite craftsmanship and quality in initial raw materials, you have iron and low grade steel from the patio furniture embedded into your stainless as well as aluminum and more low grade steel peppering the other side of your vessel from the slides and monkey bars being fabricated in the other station...... ..... All this will be polished over and shipped out only to pop out as rust spots in your stainless a few years later..... I have seen this in several pieces of Chinese manu'd brew kettles, fermenters, and one still. I have seen even more of these on cheap dairy equipment purchased by many of my suppliers and neighbors....... I'm not saying China cannot fulfill your needs and provide great products, I'm just saying there are different standards of practice and manufacturing there and you need to do more homework on what and how things are being manufactured over seas......
  14. IBC totes as fermenters

    Whip yourself up 4 wort chillers (copper coils, run them concurrently off cool source not consecutively) and place them in the four corners of tote through the man way and you got yourself a pretty wicked fermenter..... Also, whip up your own CIP by modifying a tote top to take a spray ball and just detach one off one of your main vessels if you have them detachable (try clamped on) or just buy one...... and bravo! you got CIP'd fermenters for next to nothing if you do them yourself.....