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  1. Flavoring

    I second bell flavors..... We have literally bought millions of dollars of ingredients off them at one of our blending plants and I've never had an issue. Helpful in R and D, come up with solutions for manufacturing issues (split ships, etc) and in house manufacturing of some of the largest brands in the world brings with it their top tier quality, and in my experience we have never been lost in the shuffle with the big boys like sometimes I feel we are at our own liquor distributors! Very attentive to our needs as if we were Johnson bros etc. ourselves.
  2. Barreling Question

    If you're looking for a really clean lighter malt continue rectifying to that hight of proof but if you want a grainier more full bodied visceral substantial whiskey, which I would've wanted off that mash feed, I'd recommend pulling it off at lower proof for a more robust whiskey. This way too you wouldn't have to adjust as much with water pre barreling, Having the water come through the still grainside will give you much more congeners than adding in water later......
  3. My experience with Corson Distilling

    If you think anyone in charge around here has any interest in the success of your business other than your ability to pay for expo passes, "hands on distilling master classes", extraneous break out sessions, and books through this site you're sorely mistaken.
  4. Anti-Foam

    We run our own anti foam mixture through our DI steam column for our Rye and Bourbon (head frame- you should get one) We doctor ours up though, use half of the volume of the antifoam (usually five star or fermcap) and make up the rest of volume with corn oil (and actually wheat oil for our cheated borubon as well) No problems here.
  5. face respirators and beards

    Some of our beardos have efficiently used the beard nets (like hair nets but beard nets) to help better seal their respirators. On the other hand our bearded dragons simply use their extended facial hairs tied like a shemagh around their craniums to filter grain dust. The choice is yours bearded one.
  6. Accolades for Others

    -I like HFS' Orphan Girl and Neversweat. -I still haven't found anyone who can make a better old-fashioned than me if I have a bottle of Starlight's Private reserve brandy on hand. -I believe that bluecoat gin is phenomenal and I can't wait to try some of Cassell's other products out of his new operation in philly (and elsewheres) -Mississippi River Distilling Company makes (or made) an unbelievable coffee liqueur. -I like death's door's gin, but Im gonna credit JJ on that instead of the distillery- can't wait to see what the Bently heritage estate has in store for us big dog! -Although not craft distilled, it absolutely was "craftfully" blended (and around here we have a saying that we probably stole from else where: Distillers are rock stars, blenders are porn stars.) the original Bourye from highwest was delectable. I have a half a bottle saved for a rainy day but I don't know what occasion will actually call for that much fantastic
  7. slot floor drains

    Hey guys, slot drain is in and I love it.... I'll respond directly to some comments below and then I'll let a sleeping thread lie..... Lenny: The slot drain for sure looks really good. We have hard plumbed drains for most of our tanks/vessels into our trenches so I'm not removing a lot of grates on my standard trenches, but I do see why that would be a concern in other facilities. The slot drain systems have a catch basin with a strainer basket, you can pop the top on there and run the hose straight into the basin to drain just like a standard floor trench, I would remove the strainer basket for that application but who knows, maybe someone is trying to fish a lost hat out of the mash [don't ask ; )]! Silk City: The 9000 model can be hard plumped for CIP or one could affix a nipple for temporary hook up for CIP. Also all models come "flush flow" ready, so you can plumb a line, or rig up your own temporary removable hook up to that line, to help keep things fresh and flushed. The paddle helps as well. I have found that partially blocking the drain into the basin and running weak CIP concentration fluid through there cleans it like a dream! The CIP functionality is really cool though especially if you're doing a range of whacky products (trench drains can sometimes turn into a dunder pit, as you know you cleaned yours all day last month!) The "flush flow" helps not only for cleaning and rinsing the drain, but also can help with getting rid of material that is too hot for your drain system. We haven't done that because our build included cast iron plumbing for this exact reason, but it popped into my head while I was typing this up. Skaalvenn I can imagine, you would probably lose many. But then think of the feeling you'll get when you FOUND THEM ALL IN THE STRAINER BASKET! Philstill- I hear you on that and you are absolutely right on your +1s, but all that equates to time away from product development, distillation and fermenting time, and time to do paper work! As for your other concern, I think depending on ones mash method and dist. style we all have different specific needs. Our mash for instance is essentially homogenous, very thick but virtually no solids and I would rather us flush solids down the toilet, or if they're organic throw them into our compost then send them to water treatment in our regular drain lines. We haven't had any issues with flow rate, and I don't see one arising. We haven't been in the situation where an amount of liquid so great needed to be drained that it would pool and begin filling the room with fluid, which is kind of what I envision from your statement. So at the end of the day, everyones operation is different and so are the needs of those systems, but in our operation the slot drain has thus far been a success! All of our stillage is repurposed though and we do not deal with a lot of solids going down drains so if that is your reality maybe it wouldn't be the best application for you who knows, but if thats not your reality you might really love the slot drain! Cheers y'all!
  8. Sourcing Certifiable Thermometers

    We have a lot of great vendors here in dairyland but a few tips from hard lessons learned- have your probes/therms calibrated and tested regularly, make sure lines to and from your therms are of the appropriate resistance for the system you're trying to integrate into, and make sure your controls (whatever they are simple or advanced) are wired correctly and tested often. Quality therms themselves are great but they need adequate infrastructure to support them, which requires maintanenance.
  9. Wood Fermenters 200 gal x 2 - unused

    I'd like to see inside of fermenters near the corners where sides of walls meet bottom and also one of theta edge of the walls from the top looking straight down, am interested!
  10. Greenish/Yellow Heads in brandy from Red wine

    Also, if you go deep into tails, it sounds like you're not doing stripping runs but it would also happen very late in a strip if you go low, are you getting black fatty/waxy/ashy residue coming through? Do you run a parrot/spirit safe?
  11. Greenish/Yellow Heads in brandy from Red wine

    Can you show pic of your distillate? Are your dephlegs guts copper? How big is your boiler and can you fit inside of it? We had some similar issues a while back during our commissioning process we got all types of wild colored distillates if you wanna talk through some of our solutions
  12. Corson Distilling

    Do a forum search and you will find a lot of negative reviews on this forum..... they seem like great people when Ive met them at the expo but from what I've read they seem over stretched and way behind on lead times and they haven't corrected their estimated time frames..... Good luck!
  13. Corn mash-Improving effeciency

    Roughneck really took care of it for us all here..... cooking corn efficiently is super defendant on PH of mash water..... I would absolutely use backset (mostly for flavor reasons) but also for PH in any all grain corn whiskey run....... As well Enzymes are your friend and can make this process a whole lot faster. But as I said, Roughneck really covered the bases for you good luck! report back with some brixcounts and PH of water for more specific help Edit: you can mash all grains in at boiling to reduce time and just use enzyme for conversion this will make your cook exponentially faster
  14. slot floor drains

    Update: We have installed a 9 ft 8 in slotdrain in prod area where we had to repour to fix flow issues. After my concrete has cured and we pour flocrete I will update on how I've liked system and wether I recommend for others, so check back in about 1 month.
  15. Organic distilled spirits means exactly what?

    Compare your lab work to organic and see what chemicals from farming come through with your distillate.... I know not everyone agrees, but we believe that organic farming to feed the earth is not a sustainable long term solution, but that it does have merit in terms of distillate mash for flavor as well as chemical composition. Flavor wise: maybe not so much in a sweet corn mash which we don't cook anyways, but using organic heritage corn over Briess commercial gives us better flavor in our Rye (R, C, M) and Bourbon Mashes (C, W, M). Edit: And Organic Certified Spirits means a distillery uses certified source for organic grains, in a certified organic facility using an organic process. If you deviate form one of those three, a spirit is not certified organic.
  16. Out of curiosity could you just swap out the kettle for a larger size and run the same column?
  17. Hopped Whiskey(?)

    I don't mean to hijack but what if you made a beer from a mash entirely of cereal and used hops in a botanical chamber?
  18. Distributors marketing contribution$$

    We have what we call LMFs set up where the distributor and I both put a buck a case into a local fund for use in that market. This is money to help cover cost of tastings, special menu printings, specialty POS items, events and promotions, cosponsored marketing material, help offset cost of holiday VAPs etc. We monitor the balance of the account with the distributor and we both have to agree for any money to be used.
  19. Early Sales, Consistent Sales

    What type of programming are you doing w your dist?
  20. Less is always more in print. Concision is key, attention span has diminished beyond existence in most consumers. Just be wary of inventory, I have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars in POS rotting away in distributor sales warehouses that never actually gets picked up or utilized by reps (until the day you come in for a work with) No one will sell your brand if you don't. You can provide the best marketing materials and see no results if you aren't in the market working with reps yourself. Be your own disciple. The key to distribution is multiplying yourself.
  21. Continuous Still Video by Red Boot

    Hawkeye here! That is some sweet hardware amigo. I'm in WI I'll have to drop down with my COO sometime and check you guys out.
  22. slot floor drains

    We're thinking of installing a 15 foot section in Jan. to see if we want to convert for our expansion, I'll keep you guys updated on how it goes. I'm sick of power washing trenches, bring on the CIP!
  23. Vendome

    I don't want to trash any supplier I haven't actually purchased from publicly- but check your DMS!
  24. bulk milk tank

    We had same issues with repurposing similar tanks by same brand. I emailed tankinfo@johnwood.com and we figured out a calibration sheet for us to use.....
  25. Banana Brandy

    They'll ferm its all sucrose glucose and fructose Theres a spirit called Warragi made all over Africa in former UK colonial countries.... IN war time when gin stocks were low in colonies the troops recruited local help to ferment and distill local fruit- often one of the many species of african bananas was a major constituent of most of the mashes...... Term "Warragi" developed from linguistic differences between colonial soldiers and locals, "War Gin" morphed into the vernacular "Warragi"