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  1. @JMS Spirits are you rinsing your bottles with spirit before filling? Ive encountered a problem like this before in which there was residue in the glass bottles from manufacturing that upon filling those bottles a sediment appeared at the bottom a few days after.
  2. How dare those folks at DYE get your fingers dirty! Not sure which one of the 3 pictures speak for themselves especially since there are 4 pictures you posted, with no info about what they are pics of. Just about any new piece of equipment requires clean up, break in, passivation and testing before running. Can you describe the problem you have with the equipment? maybe before you jump to bad mouthing folks on the forum.
  3. try contacting the folks at Kelvin. They have solid leads on ex bourbon barrels
  4. Hi Dan. Talk with @MichaelAtTCW they sell great diaphragm pumps that are simple to operate and safe to use with high proof. I use their pumps and love em
  5. LPS lifts are great but @3d0g is correct they are hard to come by. I had to take a long 4 hour drive to find one for sale. Cat makes some great LPS lifts but they are not cheap
  6. I used to work in central cali and never have I seen in any winery, barrel racks anchored to the ground. If theres an earthquake, your anchored racks wont save you. Barrelsafe an excellent solution to the earthquake concern
  7. the folks at wigle distillery have dug deep into rye production and history. They may be worth paying a visit to in your search for info
  8. not sure what resulted in the increase in heat up time. Get a mixer on that thing and youll seriously speed up your heat up time. What are you distilling?
  9. im a fan of the mori fillers from TCW
  10. ive done it both ways, using a racking cane and dumping the barrel into a trough. my preference is to use the trough as you can get everything out of the barrel, but the racking method will work. If using a racking can i recommend to put a coarse screen inline followed by a fine screen before the pump as all that char can be hard on a pump.
  11. you said you need suggestions but did not ask any questions. I suggest making some Raki, its the hot new spirit of the year
  12. Hi PI. Welcome to the forum. If you ever find yourself in Austin shoot me a PM and id be glad to show you the Still Austin facility
  13. Start up craft distillery in Austin, TX is looking to hire several part-time entry level Assistant Distillers to join our team. These positions will transition to full time as production ramps up. We are seeking individuals eager to be part of a vibrant small business poised to become a key player in the craft distilling industry. Job Description: The Assistant Distiller will work with the Head Distiller on all aspects of production, including milling grain, mashing, fermenting, and distilling spirits, as well as bottling, labeling and packaging the spirits. Assistant Distillers need to be able to work flexible hours and wear many hats, including giving distillery tours, berets and fedoras. The assistant distillery position will involve occasional evening hours and some weekends. Applicant Qualifications not required but those with experience will be given priority Previous distilling/brewing experience Background in chemistry or lab processes Strong mechanical background, ability to problem solve mechanical issues Experience in the beverage industry Proven ability to work with little to no supervision and be able to follow directions Be precise, detail oriented, and organized Physical Requirements Ability to reach frequently with hands and arms and stoop, kneel, and crouch on concrete Ability to lift and/or move at least 50 pounds, employing traditional lifting methods Ability to work in physically taxing conditions and work in hot and cold conditions The applicant will be subject to a background check and must have a clean driver’s license. If interested, please submit a cover letter that includes a funny joke and also explains why you are the best candidate. Along with cover letter please also include your resume, 3 references and salary requirements to:
  14. Very nice work. Interesting to hear your running a mash that thick through. Are you guys separating your off coming stillage or leaving it whole?
  15. some folks use a modified gas dispensing nozzle for filling barrels. They automatically shut off when full.