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  1. some folks use a modified gas dispensing nozzle for filling barrels. They automatically shut off when full.
  2. if you search through back issues of Artisan Spirit Magazine there are articles detailing how to fill out your monthly TTB forms. Its not all the info you need but enough to get you started.
  3. Im shopping around for a great semi auto bottle label machine that can also print serial numbers on the label during the label process. Im using regular round bottles no taper 375 and 750. What are you all using out there? Any reccomendations? Anything I should stay away from?
  4. Good share brian. We use an LPS rated LPG truck at our facility
  5. Whiskycast did a great interview with Bruce Joseph from Anchor Distilling. Check it out. The interview starts at 21 minutes.
  6. Tony Ordile of Haines Fire Protection can provide you with a complete fire protection plan BUT it aint cheap. My suggestion is to do your homework, put together a plan yourself and wait for your local authorities to weigh in before you hire a pro consultant.
  7. Get a forklift. Unless you plan to build an uber micro distillery, which if you are filling 53 gal barrels this is not the case. Get a forklift. The only alternative is to build a rick house with a barrel elevator which will probably cost more than a forklift and is far less useful than a forklift
  8. Hi Yann, Welcome to the ADI forum. There is a wealth of knowledge to be found here and hopefully it can help guide you to success
  9. This water was based on corn whiskey production on a vendome still and cooker. Still condensor ran all day at around 1.5gpm. Cooker cooling ran at near 45gpm. Again all process cooling water was dumped. It was a very energy ineffiecent operation, but the water was damn near free. Glad to help you out 3d0g
  10. Hey Bull, Congrats on making it to your grand opening. Im interested to hear how it goes for you and some of the things you learn from it.
  11. at my last distillery we went through approx 60K gallons a month. 500 gal batches 5 times a week. All process cooling water was dumped after use. Lucky for us we were on a shared water meter with several other companies so we didnt have to directly foot the bill for all the dumped water.
  12. try contacting @Mead he sometimes posts aged whiskey for sale on the forum
  13. Lmiller. Can you elaborate further on your operation? for example: a distillery running a large continuous column still will produce far more PG per employee hour versus a a distillery with a single 100 gal pot still.
  14. Wyoming whiskey! There is always a bottle of their bourbon in my cabinet. Koval oat whiskey is also a heck of a good spirit