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  1. Wheat whiskey

    Talk with @Mead he may be able to help ya out.
  2. Cheers from Salt Lake City, UT

    Hi Hammer, Welcome to the forum. Best of luck with getting up and running, the next time im in Salt Lake snowboarding ill shoot to drop in for a drink
  3. Display Bottles with No Alcohol

    When ive used iced tea it was for product photos in house only. @Silk City Distillers is absolutely right, to let a bottle with liquid in it leave your facility that is anything other than what the label says is asking for trouble.
  4. Boll Weevil problem

    if you had bugs when it arrived, then you were likely given either old grain or poorly managed grain. Most grain should be good for a few months before pests set in.
  5. Display Bottles with No Alcohol

    ive used iced tea as a sub for bourbon. Its only good for a few months in bottles but it sure looks like fine aged whiskey in a bottle
  6. Hello from MN

    Hi Volstead, welcome to the forum. Hope you find some good knowledge and inspiration to bring your dream to life. Cheers, ---KB
  7. passivating stainless

    Nitric is my preferred method to passivate stainless. @Hudson bay distillers im curious any reason for the aversion on using nitric to passivate?
  8. Malt Varieties and Location

    Ive tried a few varieties of base malt but have never been able to detect a noticable difference in the flavor of finished spirits produced using different base malts. With that said I know a few distillers who swear the particular variety of base malt they use is the best. Now if you add in some crystal malts or dark malts to the mash bill will contribute alot of variation in flavor.
  9. Hello from Brookshire, TX

    Hi George. Ive got a Corson system at my facility in Austin. Id be glad to tell you about my experience with their equipment. PM me
  10. Good Afternoon

    Hi Turbo, welcome to the forum
  11. Sediment / Cloudiness in Spirit

    @JMS Spirits are you rinsing your bottles with spirit before filling? Ive encountered a problem like this before in which there was residue in the glass bottles from manufacturing that upon filling those bottles a sediment appeared at the bottom a few days after.
  12. DYE China?

    How dare those folks at DYE get your fingers dirty! Not sure which one of the 3 pictures speak for themselves especially since there are 4 pictures you posted, with no info about what they are pics of. Just about any new piece of equipment requires clean up, break in, passivation and testing before running. Can you describe the problem you have with the equipment? maybe before you jump to bad mouthing folks on the forum.
  13. Freshly dumped, once used bourbon barrels

    try contacting the folks at Kelvin. They have solid leads on ex bourbon barrels
  14. Pumps for High Proof Alcohol

    Hi Dan. Talk with @MichaelAtTCW they sell great diaphragm pumps that are simple to operate and safe to use with high proof. I use their pumps and love em
  15. Forklift-Electric vs. Gas vs. EX

    LPS lifts are great but @3d0g is correct they are hard to come by. I had to take a long 4 hour drive to find one for sale. Cat makes some great LPS lifts but they are not cheap