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Found 8 results

  1. 75 gallon ASD complete system

    New In stock 75 gallon capacity system with all the features quick sale $35, 000 plus shipping
  2. 2 - 30 gallon recipe/training stills

    2 different configurations, as seen below Potstill column - as seen below, with full CIP and plate disablers $16,000 Simplified Layout- column over pot. $11,000 Pick up or shipping from Eight Mile Alabama contact neil@artisanstilldesign.com
  3. We're finally switching to steam and getting a bigger still. Gauging interest in our center piece still. Located In BC, Canada. Available when our new one arrives (September or Jan) 2.5 years old 60 gallon set up electric baine marie (but can run steam) 16 plates, fully versatile. ~ 12ft tall full CIP system This still was perfect for us to start up on. 100% electric meant less startup costs, we we're able to put off steam until year 3. We're using her almost every day, so come take a look if you like: we run her like a red-headed step child Taking offers starting at $25k
  4. Yet another Whiskey Thief

    everyone and their dog is selling whiskey thieves now a days. Here's our entry. full 1 1/4" ID, will fit 15 gallon and up Bung holes 300ML+ sample from a 53 gallon barrel $120 shipped https://squareup.com/store/artisanstilldesign/item/asd-whiskey-thief full copper construction (soldered with silver solder), CNC machined ends and finger piece, just shy of 3lbs 1 1/4" copper center section is 24" for a total length of 27", can be built to any custom length you need. we will make these available in stainless steel as well, if there is enough demand.
  5. I am selling a 660 gallon Distillery Mash Tun produced by Artisan Still Design:- 2500L- Steam jacketed - Extra ports for steam injection if desired* - Bottom mounted 3 HP, 3 phase electric motor for the agitator- several ports on top for both CIP and fill water inlet - 16" man-way- 3" drainThis MT is already disconnected and available for immediate pick up. See the attached cut sheet.Located in Kansas City. It's been used only several times. Asking $25k. Buyer responsible for shipping. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. Thank you!*We didn't want to use the steam injection so we had them capped but I still have the sparge tubes.2500L MASH TUN Marked Up.pdf
  6. Artisan Still Design now American Made

    There have been rumors of this circulating for a while, I would like to confirm that ASD is opening a production facility in Mobile Alabama our new 5 acre property, with over 5000 sqft of shop and production space, will be our Company headquarters, Show room, Training Center, and Home to Unconquered Spirits Distillery. We have already moved our Continuous Distillation production and development, soon to begin Batch still procuction, followed by stainless tank and ancillaries. we have quite a few mew products and technologies that will be coming on line soon
  7. Artisan Still Design 250L still for sale

    We have a stock unit Landing in Alabama in about a Months Time, up for grabs at an incredible deal. 60 gallon Charge (250L) 4 plate column steam or Electric Bain Marie Heat Full CIP Accessory Port for Agitator $25,000
  8. Continuous Stripping Still

    we have ready to ship a complete continuous stripping system. it was designed for Molasses wash, but will handle any cleared wash, and some thinner grain in washes. 16" diameter, 18ft tall, requires appx 600,000 btu clean steam will handle 4-8gpm wash input, and output to 30-45% low wines Built for our own project, However DSP is lagging and this can go out to someone who need it now. this would be a $145k unit, however we will sell this one unit only for $95k. installed tuned and running. listed on American Barrel Exchange