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Found 34 results

  1. Get your Whiskey Thief

    This is the whiskey thief that works and if you're just pulling samples, you ain't worried about it too much because it did not cost 400 bucks. I can make changes to length etc. But this model is 175.00 plus shipping. I have some on hand but usually can have yours ready in a couple days notice. Let me know if you're interested I can make more to resell on your tasting room too.
  2. I have 10 Extra 5 gallon Black Swan barrels for sale (grooved, not honey comb). They do have our headstamp on them but it is painted on so a plain barrel is some elbow grease and some sandpaper away. $165 each FOB Toledo. You can arrange shipping or I can.
  3. Wheat Whsiskey for sale - 3yo

    I have 20 barrels of 95% IN Wheat Whiskey in #4 charred 52 gallon American Oak barrels for sale. 40 months in barrel never opened, original wood bungs in place. Fantastic flavor profile - soft yet spicy and very approachable. Perfect as a stand alone project or as blending component to add complexity to your whiskey. $2650 bbl, Transfer in Bond, FOB Sonoma CA. info@hellosonoma.com or 707.721.6390 for more info. Cheers!
  4. For sale is a custom barrel thief. Roughly 3 week lead time. Asking price $300. Includes a custom emblem acid etched on the front of the thief. Piping diameter is 1/14" ss tubing. PM or email Jon for additional pictures and questions. Best
  5. Question on aging 15 gal barrels.

    Hi everyone, I've been barreling bourbon for a little over a year now in 15 gallon barrels. My oldest barrels are about 13 months. I have a few questions about knowing when they've reached their peak quality and should be removed. 1) How long do people typically age product in 15 gal barrels to get the HIGHEST quality bourbon. If time was not a factor. I'm in the northeast US, we get all 4 seasons and have big seasonal temp swings. I realize this question can vary depending on a lot of different factors. Just a ballpark range would be helpful. 2) How would you describe the taste when it gets too oaky? Is the oak bitter? Acidic? Any obvious tasting notes? 3) I've noticed in my 5L barrel it will get worse, better, then really bad (I was afraid it was too oaky but let it ride) then REALLY good. Is it the same with larger barrels? If it starts to taste bitter or a barrel from a month earlier tastes more pleasant should i just empty the barrel? Or let it ride and move on to the next phase? Winter is taking hold here, so the aging process may more or less halt until spring since our rick-house is not insulated. Cheers!
  6. Used Bourbon Barrels

    I need used bourbon barrels. 15 gallon and under, preferably Black Swan Honeycombed but anything will do. I am looking to get 1 pallet full. Send me a message if you have any.
  7. I have 18 brand new 15 gallon Missouri Oak barrels from McGinnis Wood Products in Cuba, MO for sale. Char 3 and Char 4 available. $200 per barrel. F.O.B. Columbia, Illinois. Please contact adam.stumpf(at)stumpysspirits(dot)com for more info. Thanks!
  8. Painting / marking Barrels

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for info on painting and marking barrels. My guess is that I should avoid oil paint or stain (because leaching) but I haven't been able to find anything on the net that wasn't pintrest for my garden Any recommended paints or dyes? I'd like to paint white and stencil over top as in the attached picture Cheers! -Dave
  9. New MN oak 53 gal barrel available

    Greetings All We have purchased a stave mill about 1 hour from out cooperage, and are now producing new charred 53 gal oak barrels from MN oak Additionally we have recently tripled our output over the past year and now have many barrels of every size in stock- 5/10/15/30/53 gallon, and intend to have stock going forward Currently we are making our 1st production run of 53's, and will have about 100 extra ready to ship by the end of next week The 53's are $275/ea, and fit 6 to a pallet. Can laser engrave your logo on the barrel head for a small fee. Let me know of any interest Cheers Richard Richard@thebarrelmill.com 800-201-7125
  10. 48 NEW 30G barrels Char-4

    I have 48 new 30-gallon (barrel mill), char-4 white oak barrels for sale. They are being delivered in a couple days. Anybody need them? $250 each + shipping. <<<<SOLD>>>>
  11. Sunlight and Barrel Storage

    I am closing in on selecting a property for a startup craft distillery in Northern CA. The favorite one is two buildings on a single commercial lot. One would be the barrel storage building the other would house the distillery operations. The barrel storage building is brick surrounded with windows (see the attached image). I assume the precious liquid within would not be impacts by getting hit with sunlight through these windows, but wanted to get some feedback from anyone with knowledge on this. Thanks!
  12. I have a variety of used 10 gallon barrels manufactured by the Barrel Mill in Avon, MN. They are located at Great Northern Distilling in Plover, WI. Here's what I have: 15 - ten gallon Rye Whiskey Barrels. Aged for a year, still lots of life left in them. $90 ea 15 - ten gallon Bourbon Barrels. Aged for a year, still lots of life left in them. $90 ea 7 - ten gallon Rum Barrels. Ex Bourbon, used 1 additional time for Rum. Probably best for a finishing barrel given the two extractions. $70 ea Brian Cummins brian@gndwi.com 715-544-6551
  13. Hello all We currently have a few barrels in stock Qty 140 30 gal A/O Char#3 @$240/ea (fit 12 to a pallet) Qty 140 53 gal A/O Char#3 @$275/ea (fit 6 to a pallet) FOB 56310 Call or email for a freight quote or to place an order Best Richard richard@thebarrelmill.com 800-201-7125
  14. Hello all Here is our current pricing and availability Size Char qty price #/pallet 5 gal 3 288 $145 60 4 18 $145 60 5 4 $145 60 10 gal 2 2 $165 36 3 147 $165 36 15 gal 2 13 $190 30 3 342 $190 30 4 4 $190 30 30 gal 2 2 $240 12 53 gal 3 344 $275 6 FOB 56310 Call or email to order 800-201-7125 richard@thebarrelmill.com
  15. I have about 100 10g Barrel Mill barrels I'll be dumping soon up for sale at $100 each. They held bourbon for about one year. Once used, plenty of life in them. Located in NY. Email me at denningspoint@gmail.com Karl
  16. Barrel racks. Cost and need?? Stainless steel??

    I am looking to find out some info on barrel racks and what kind of market there is for them. What is the cost most people pay for a barrel rack? is it steel or stainless? Would you pay a little more for stainless steel barrel rack? How many do you buy a year? or have bought? Thanks in advance! Joseph D.
  17. Toasted Barrels

    16 Medium toasted Black Swan oak barrels that were used for 1 batch of peach brandy. 10 gallon barrels. Looking to sell ASAP - $100 per barrel or best offer. Send me your email address so I can send you pictures. The system won't let me upload the current pictures now because the file is "too big." Thanks!
  18. I have 2 Napa Demptos Cooperage once used Red Wine Barrels. They were used to make Honig Vineyards Cab. Was going to use these to finish Whiskey for a client but the project fell through. Asking $300 each. Please email Dave for pictures or questions at dave@watersheddistillery.com Thanks
  19. Hello all We had a last minute cancellation and these barrels are ready to ship right away 12/pallet Call or email for pricing 800-201-7124 richard@thebarrelmill.com
  20. Qty 60 new A/O 30 gallon char #2 for sale call or email for pricing richard@thebarrelmill.com 800-201-7125
  21. new A/O charred 5 gallon barrels

    Qty 60 5 gal char #3 Qty 4 5 gal char #5 email or call in for pricing, etc Best Richard
  22. New white oak 10 galloon barrels

    Hello all We have a few 10 gallon barrels available Qty 69 Char #3 Qty 2 Char #2 Call in or email for pricing etc Best Regards Richard richard@thebarrelmill.com 800-201-7125
  23. Hello All We had a customer that had to back out of an order for 240 new 5 gallon whiskey barrels, due to not being able to get financing. This is 4 pallets of 60/ea MOQ 1 pallet Call in for pricing 800-201-7125 Richard or Nicky Thanks
  24. Shot in the dark but...Looking to buy several new charred 53 gallon barrels. Anyone know where to buy these or trying to sell some for a profit? Thanks
  25. Our distillery has grown and with our newest still we have some extra capacity. We are currently offering the following new make barrels for sale, with these grain bills: 70% Corn, 23% Rye, 7% Malted Barley 70% Corn, 23% Wheat, 7% Malted Barley *** Custom Grain Bills are available for quantities of 10 or more.*** We are offering the standard grain bills at the following prices and quantities for purchase. Minimum order is 4 barrels. 4-10 barrels = $1200 10+ barrels = $1100 Custom Grain Bills = Price will be determined after discussing grain bill and quantity All Bourbon arrives to you in 53 gallon Char 4 ISC oak barrels. All orders require 50% deposit up front and 50% before shipment. Transfer in Bond paperwork and a valid DSP must be presented before we can ship barrels. If you do not have a DSP but are working on it we do have storage available. Stored barrels require 100% payment in full and will have a minimal storage fee each month. White Whiskey samples are available for the two standard grain bills listed above. All sample bottles are subject to a $10 freight fee (limit 1 per customer). Lead times are currently 8 weeks. Larger orders may require extra time. All pricing is FOB our distillery. Please contact Dave at the following email address with additional questions dave@bourbonmaker.com .