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Found 28 results

  1. View pictures at Click on any picture, then the little "i" in a circle icon to get a little more info on some pictures. I have more pics of individual items if you wish, just ask!Brewery equipment for sale(Most of which seems of great interest to distillers as well), all available to be sold individually. Most of the time, any cost for removal/rigging will be INCLUDED in the price listed, you only have to pay additional for shipping. Local pickup is preferred, otherwise I would prefer to arrange shipping and can get you a quote promptly. Payment will be made via wire transfer, cashier's check or paypal. I will not "hold" equipment for more than 24 hours unless a payment or deposit is in hand. This post will be updated frequently and items will be deleted when sold. Last updated 5-24-17. Smaller value items are usually only available for local pickup or add-ons to a larger order.Sam Spilker, owner, ph # 402-798-7445, Spilker Ales, 300 W 4th st, Cortland, NE 68331 Brewkettle #1 $3,000 Mueller—modified 31 bbl max Brewkettle(can boil a minimum of 10 bbls), horizontal, 1100 gallon total volume,70”w,70”h,134”l, 2”& 1.5”TC outlets, Gas fired, powered by Webster burner 115v, 1ph. Natural gas, model # JB1G-03-RM7895A-M.12 Minimum 500,000 BTU, max 1,000,000 BTU Safety shutoffs, temperature controller. Brewhouse--mash tun #1 $2,000 95 bbl mash tun, (1575 gallons) liquify & pump spent malt discharge, 86”w,11'9”l, 51”h outside dimensions, 4-1.5TC outlets, 8”x7” hole to 3”TC mash discharge outlet. “strainmaster” type false bottom, manual stir in of mash, hypalon food grade tarp to cover after mash in. Brewhouse—mash tun #2 $2,000 15 bbl mash tun,(410 gallons), liquify & pump spent malt discharge, 47”w, 55”l, 45.5” h outside dimensions, 1-1.5” bevel outlet, 3” TC malt discharge outlet, “strainmaster” type false bottom, manual stir in of mash Heat exchanger $900 Alfa Laval M6-MFG (57 sq ft model) 10x29”plates, currently setup with 23 plates, have an additional 17 plates not set up in unit, 140mm “A” dimension, can setup for 1,2,or 3 passes whirlpool tank $1,800 Sunset, then modified 33 bbl whirlpool tank, (1060 gallons capacity), 2” bottom outlet TC, 4—1.5” TC side outlets, 60” diameter, 120” high, concave bottom with trub dam. spent grain and wort PD pump $1,800 APV R6TS Positive displacement lobe pump, 3-phase, 5 HP, pumps wort and pumps liquified spent grain, with adjustable speed reducer. 2.5" inlet/outlets. balance tank $150 25 gallon balance tank, 2--1.5” tc, 1--2” tc outlets, 14x14x19”h Centrifugal pump $800 2 hp, 1.5” TC inlet/outlet, 1ph, 220 v, 3450 rpm, currently on brewkettle #1. Centrifugal pump $1,200 1.5 hp, 1.5” TC inlet/1.0”TC outlet, on cart, variable speed drive, 220 single in, 3ph out Oxygen tank $80 oxygen tank 5750 gallon tank, Fermentor $3,500 Walker, modified 150 bbl capacity primary fermenter, horizontal tank, single shell, cooled by glycol run thru stainless steel coils in product, 2—1.5” TC and 1—3”TC outlets, 20x20” square man way, tank is 85”w, 264”l, 90”h outside dimensions, CIP with 3 rotating sprayballs, temperature controller. Was formerly a slightly wrecked milk tanker. 2015 gallon tanks, Brite beer/wine/fermentor/storage tanks $3,800 ea. Valley foundry & machine works THREE tanks, 65 bbl vertical tanks, concave bottoms, CIP, glycol cooled, copper coil cooling jacket, armaflex insulated with outer skin of tin. tank rated at 130 psi, formerly used for champagne, beer. 3/8” thick s.s. shell. Outside diameter of 76” and 186”h. Manways 42” from bottom, 3—1.5” TC outlets. Grundy tank $1,400 7 bbl, 217 gallon grundy tank, vertical, 37” diameter, 60” h, 2—1.5”TC outlets Filtration—Plate Filter $6500 crating included. VELO M60 11908/1/94 60x60cm VELO plate filter, hydraulic pump to compress plates, Holds a range of 48-66 plates, 69 plates on hand, 34”w, 97l, 53”h. Choice of using 2.5”DIN or 1.5”TC outlets in operation. Filtration—DE filter $200 VELO 56 DE filter, pieced out, use for parts or a hop rocket/hop back. Bin--Grist bin/milled malt/malt bin $1075 includes removal & loading to flatbed trailer. Grain bank 750 cubic feet capacity, or 600 bushels Grain Elevator $3,000 Universal Industries SC Stainless steel bucket elevator with 7 x 4.5" plastic buckets. Capacity up to 1000 CFH. 22' high. 18.5' of lift from ground to bottom of discharge. Phase converter $450 single phase to 3-phase rotary convertor,15 hp, the rotophase starter or 3-phase starter box would be extra. Brewkettle/whirlpool # 2 $2,000 Universal—modified 8 bbl brewkettle/whirlpool(275 gallon capacity) gas fired, 130,000—260,000 BTU, temperature controller, 56” O.D., convex bottom Bottling system--manual. comes with crown-capper--$2500 2 manual bottle counter-pressure fillers,w/ Co2 purge, rinser boxes, rinser setup, bottling table, handles most bottles 12oz to 32 oz in size. Mated with air-matic crown-capper. One person can fill& cap 115—22oz bottles per hour. Comes with spare parts and much more. crown-capper, see above, zambelli enotech air-matic sold with manual bottling system, manual pneumatic capper for 26mm and 29mm crowns screw-capper $200 kinex Motorized handheld screw capper with chuck. Centrifugal pump $600 1.5hp, 1.5” TC inlet/1.0” TC outlet, 220 v, 1ph, 3450 rpm Centrifugal pump $150 1/2 hp Surge pump, surge fittings UV disinfection unit for water $400 Aquafine MP-2-SL 120v, 60 hz. water softeners $400 ea. Pentair 700 series Two units, 48,000 grain model capacities walkie lift stacker $150 crown 20-MS-54 Forks go 54” high, up to 25” wide, electric, 39” between legs, 2000 capacity platform scale $125 500 lb steel platform scale with wheels tap line cleaner pump $80 Stainless steel piping, 1.5", $4/ft, with TC ends, numerous lengths, 4 pieces over 20 feet long. Around 400 linear feet available. Stainless steel coil tubing, 304 grade, .25"ID, .375" O.D., Two 200 ft rolls. $90 ea. winch fork lift $500 Genie lift SL-18 max load past first lift stage is 650lbs, platform goes to 16 feet high, will likely be sold with cooler for assembly purposes. s.s.sink $250 48"L, 24w,36h 2 square basin s.s. sink, flat bottoms s.s.sink $120 60"L, 20w, 34h 2 basin dairy type sink, rounded bottoms s.s sink $60 32"L, 16w,36h 1 basin round bottom sink, s.s. pilot kettle $200 44 gallon pilot kettle, s.s., lid, burner, propane fired propane bottles, 100lb capacity, quantity of 2, $70 ea. electric tankless water heater, $200, 4 gpm, model ae125, 240v, needs three 40 amp breakers. small homebrew kettle $50 15 gallon medium, large chest freezer $75, $200 hot water heaters $50 ea. 1 gas 40 gallon, 1 electric 100 gallon s.s. Pall Trinity cartridge filters, used to sterile filter CO2, quan. 2, $40 ea. PVC valves, electric motor actuated, 1" size, quan. 4, $40 ea. Polyclar SB 100, 40 lbs, $90 Will work to replace that free sample of brew-brite you are about to run out of. Flojet Beer pumps with two tri-clamp fittings to each pump. 3 of them. Great for recirculating dry-hopped beers. $25 ea. vacuum & pressure relief valves 1.5" TC, 15 psi, 2 of them, $80 ea. come walk thru my little stainless garage sale, much more to see.
  2. I found this tool to be remarkably helpful, but was wondering if anyone knew where to get it for under $400? Thanks!
  3. We are currently looking for a 4 head spirits bottle filler, looking for advice from a few that already have one in use. Xpressfill is where we are thinking of buying from at this time...
  4. Craft distillers have similar objectives as larger producers with regards to the quality of spirit produced and removal of haze. As such, filtration prior to bottling is vital to ensure long shelf life, stability and minimal turbidity. To this end, the removal of hazes and the precursors to haze formation is particularly important.
  6. Many people and books talk about bottle shock, and how 3 months in the bottle greatly improve the spirit as it gets its initial oxidation, rest, and mingling of chemical components. The ADI book Distiller's Guide to Rum suggest the greater part of 3 months for storage after bottling before selling, and we have definitely noticed a marked improvement in our spirits from the day they went in the bottle till a few months later. With that being said, does anyone have experience in the time of vatting making a real improvement? Example. If we have to release a product in 3 months, will it be more beneficial to blend and vat the barrels for 3 months, then bottle and sell immediately; blend and vat for 1 month then bottle and allow rest; or allow equal vat and bottle times? Eg. Does the best mellowing happen from blending in the steel vat or resting in a bottle? Thanks for the help!
  7. Like new CCR engineering T Top corking machine. This unit has been in use for 18 months at our distillery with no issues. Once setup you can do 2000+ corks per hour. We are selling because we have upgraded our bottling line to an completely automatic unit. This unit cost us $5500 new. Selling for $4000 firm. Please email with interest or questions. Thanks Dave
  8. United Food and Beverage buys and sales used bottling, and packaging equipment.. We buy and sale - Alvey Palletizers, Bevco Rinsers, Labelers, Hartness Case Packers, Stainless Tanks, Conveyor, Depals, Pallet Wrappers and Much more.. Feel free to visit our website if you are in the market to purchase any used equipment - We also buy used equipment so if you have anything for sale please reach out, thank you. Austin Hart (843) 287-1955 Or
  9. Your time is money! Let us do the tedious work, while you continue to make your award winning spirits. We have expanded our bottling capabilities, and now have extra capacity. We are available to co-pack and bottle bulk spirits to free up extra time for you. Right now, we have the abilitiy to do 1.75L, 1L and 750ml bottles. Our new line consists of a bottle rinser, filler, corker (with screw top capability), labeler and shrink tunnel. We also have ROPP capabilities if needed. Note: All components are not pictured here. Awesome artwork by Patch Whisky. For more information, please call: Jim Craig Striped Pig Distilllery 843-345-2010
  10. Item Price US$ Manual Crown Capping machine 730 Semi-automatic Crown Capping machine 978 Automatic Crown Capping machine 26,760 Semi-automatic ROPP Capping machine 4,770 Automatic ROPP Capping machine Ask for price Manual Corker for big bottles – up to 6L bottles Ask for price Semi-automatic corker 7,750 Corker/wire hooder/capsular/crown capper 18,726 Semi-automatic Counter pressure filler (two valves) 6,379 Semi-automatic Counter pressure filler (four valves) 13,800 Semi-automatic Filler (4 valves) 1,980 Manual Gravity Filler (6 valves) 2,130 Vacuum Filler (2 valves) for spirits 2,086.00 Vacuum Filler (4 valves) for spirits 2,489.00 Mono block filler/corker, still wine, 1000 bph Ask for price Mono block filler/corker, still wine, 2000 bph Ask for price Manual bottle rinser 1,320 Semi-automatic rinser (20 holes) 6,720 Semi-automatic rinser (10 holes) 5,100 Machine for Chellac Application 11,280 Bottle de-labeler, sanitizer, washing machine for recycle (300 bph) 28,620 Semi-automatic labeler (500 bph) 3,456 Semi-automatic labeler (700 bph) 4,380 Semi-automatic labeler for round and square bottles 5,344 Roll Mill, grinder, up to 0.9 t/hour 4,560 For Distilleries: Bottling system for any bottle size/shape Ask for price Equipment for Sparkling wine: Stainless Tanks from 1,000 gallons to 7,000 gallons Ask for price Riddling machine (504 bottles ) 11,800 Riddling machine (160 bottles) 7,700 Semi-automatic mono-block Disgorger-Doser 8,028 Automatic mono-block Disgorger-Doser Ask for price Semi-automatic Champagne corker 6,950 Semi-automatic bench Wire-Hooder 4,150 Semi-automatic Corker/Wire-Hooder 9,700 Corker/wire hooder/crown capper in one unit 18,726 Semi-automatic bench Capsuler for Champagne Capsules 1,181 Automatic Corker/Wire Hooder (800-1200 bph) Ask for price Automatic mono-block Disgorger-Doser-Corker-Wire Hooder Ask for price Carbonator (for Sparkling drinks production) 14,950 Neck Freezers, various capacities From 2,295 Plastic Trays for Bottles ` Ask for price Also available: Complete Bottling lines for sparkling wine, still wine, beer, cider, and soft drinks with various speed production up to 12000 bph Let us know if you have questions or need the pic/specs. Thank you,
  11. Does anyone have any experience with automated bottling lines? We are looking to expand our capacity and have ordered a bottling line. It requires an air compressor. I am actually looking for info on good, affordable, oil-less air compressors. I can provide more info on our needs, if you have knowledge of these. Thanks!
  12. We hold a DSP but purchase bulk alcohol to make our booze (we have a line of liqueurs). As such we're not looking for a 'distiller' but still someone interested in producing high-proof flavored spirits. We are hiring an entry-level operations assistant to assist with production, bottling, cleaning, occasionally running tours & bottle sales, and many other needs. The right candidate will be someone enthusiastic to learn more about the industry and able to work unsupervised and sometimes doing repetitive tasks. You will be working with the owner-employee (myself) and one other sales rep. We are still a small start-up, so pay will be hourly and full-time with no benefits. Equity might be available for the right candidate. We are located in Durham, NC. Full job description is here on our website: email with your stuff
  13. Moved onto the details of our bottling line in the final stages of setting up. Through put is hopefully going to be in the region of 200 litres per week. Initially we're going to run an enolmatic single filler, drawing product from SS blending tanks via a single cartridge filter. Our water is RO treated. Interested to know what peoples views on the following. 1) polypropylene or stainless - what's the typical lifespan of both? 2) filter size (microns) - looking for a balance of polished spirit without knocking out flavour/aroma? 3) Has anyone used the enolmatic single filler standard version not (upspecced with SS parts option). is it still working? Thanks folks, feedback on your experience is as always, greatly appreciated.
  14. Anyone else graduate from a gravity fill to automated mono-block filler/capper? I use screw caps and bar tops which are both applied singularly with an ROPP capper. I also use a 6 spout gravity filler. Any recommendations for a manufacturer? I've contacted Borelli and Arol with no luck on an 'inbetween' system. 9,000 BPH is extreme and expensive, but 500 is not enough. Any leads are useful; thanks friends!
  15. As we continue to develop our vodka product, we will infuse vodka before the bottling process. Does anyone have a recommendation on a small filling machine (750ml) that will allow small pulp pieces to pass through (and not clog) the filling machine? We don't want to filter out all of the pulp as the finished product takes on an even smoother flavor. We're talking orange juice pulp, but chunks. Thanks friends for any suggestions! Have a great week!
  16. I'm looking for a solid, very reliable and easy to use labeling machine that will produce quality results time and again no matter who is running it. My research has brought me to Great Engineering's Bench series of semi-automatic labelers. Is anyone using one of these machines? They have a good range of machines from the very simple manual MATE up to the foot activated MAX. They speak of limiting errors while being able to reproduce exacting applications over and over. Given the number of bottles we need to label, I think spending a little more on a high-quality labeler is a smart choice for us. I'm specifically interested in which Bench model you're using, why you chose that model over the others and if you're happy with it or have had issues. How has customer service been? Also, if you're not using Bench, which labelers are you using and would you recommend them? Thank you in advance!
  17. Hey Everyone We are joining up with Tapi corks again this year and will be bringing our new conveyor system to the San Diego ADI conference next week. We have had a lot of interest in fitting our corkers to existing bottle conveyor systems so we have worked hard this year to make this an option. We now have stand alone corkers to fit just about any needs, we can fit a corker to your conveyor or we can put together a complete, brand new conveyor and corker system.
  18. Hey All, We are using a "sqround" bottle, which is to say a square bottle with tapered edges and rounded faces. Unfortunately that means our bottle does not work with hand operated, square or round labeling machines. Here is the technical specs of the bottle We are using the Bruni Contessa and I believe AAC has a similar one in the Milan. I have heard that the 105 Race RLTC SP might work but didn't have the best reviews. We are fine hand labeling until we can afford an automated line, but if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. Cheers.
  19. Hey y'all, Doing some research concerning grappa production and I've found something that keeps popping up. Seems some producers water their grappas back to bottling proof in small doses over long periods of time, sometimes months. Is anyone out there doing this? Any resources out there explaining why this is done, and how it works? Thanks
  20. Strong Spirits is a contract bottling bottling company located in Bardstown KY. Recently we have completed expansions within our processing and bottling areas. We are fully equipped for a wide range of processing and filtration needs including, blending, mechanical, and chill-filtration. Please contact us for a custom quote! Brittany Centers 502-233-1232
  21. Hey All, We are actively looking for a contract bottling solution. As a contract producer, we have at least 3 clients now who are at the growth stage of their efforts, and are now looking for a contract bottling solution for runs of 500-1000 cases at a time. Specifically we are looking for a high speed line that can push T-tops and has a shrink tunnel for PVC caps. Additionally, there would be some dilution/filtration that would need to happen for the vodka projects. We could handle that on our end if need be, but its usually simpler to do that just in time at the bottling facility. We've talked to blue egg in Colorado.. but that solution seemed a little pricey. Any suggestions? Thanks
  22. Seeking used label machines (semi or automatic) and bottle fillers (semi or automatic) in very good+ working condition. Message me or call (2O6 552 9166). Thank you.
  23. Hello Distillers, I would like to let everyone know that our company has designed and built some "T" corking machines aimed at serving the needs of the small craft distillery. We have sold over 45 units and our customers have been very happy with them. These machines are hand built in South Carolina, USA. Check out our "T" corkers at
  24. Looking for a bottling unit. Preferably one that doesn't require the use of any compressed air or other gas. Please e-mail with the subject "Bottling machine" or reply to this thread. Thanks
  25. Hello All, Just trying to see if such a place exists. We looking for a place to send 1000+ case orders to to be bottled via highspeed line, with the caveat that they be able to push t-top Anyone know of such a business? Perferably in California, where we are Thanks much for any help. DCJ