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Found 28 results

  1. Production Shift Lead- Templeton Rye

    Templeton Rye is looking for a Production Shift Lead with at least 5 years of production experience, 3 of which have ideally been in fermentation and distillation. This position will work out of the new Templeton Rye distillery in Templeton, IA. The Production Shift Lead will oversee and operate all equipment from grain receiving through milling, fermentation, distillation and final product approval tanks. The Production shift lead will mentor and help train the other crew on their shift. This position requires a 12 hour shift schedule that will rotate to include days and nights. The Production Shift Lead will report to the Production Manager. Interested? Email me at alexfigge@youngsmarket.com DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: · Oversees the receiving and offloading of grain (trucks and supersacks) · Reviews fermentation schedule and will drain, clean, fill (set) fermenters as required. · Oversees the movement of fermenters to the beerwell · Reviews the distillation schedule and starts-up, distills, shuts-down and cleans as necessary. · Tests final product for proof · Verifies final product proof before transferring to Storage · Train and mentor other personnel on their shift · Operates and oversees all utility equipment including boilers, compressed air, RO water, water softeners, process water and CIP systems. · Oversees plant sanitation and food safety for the crew · Participate in community events · Troubleshoot equipment issues as needed · May perform additional duties assigned REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: · Secondary education in a manufacturing degree and 3+ years of production experience or high school education (or GED) with 5+ years of production experience. · Demonstrated ability to troubleshoot process equipment · Communication Skills – ability to openly communicate with co-workers and management · Mechanical Skills – can troubleshoot process issues, perform minor repairs and adjustments of equipment as needed · Reasoning Ability – employee can apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral or diagram form · Integrity – Can hold themselves and others to the companies and own values. DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: · 3+ years fermentation experience · 3+ years distillation experience · 3+ years training/mentoring experience · Strong math skills to perform proof/dilution calculations
  2. White Labs is happy to announce that we now carry AB Biotek's Pinnacle dry distiller's yeasts in 500g packages. We offer two strains currently: Pinnacle Distillers Yeast (G) is an active dried yeast well-suited for use in simultaneous saccharification fermentations of starch substrates from grain. It has a high tolerance to liberated glucose. Pinnacle Distillers Yeast (M) is an active dried yeast well-suited for use in malt-based fermentations. It rapidly consumes maltose and produces a flavorful spirit. For more information on White Lab's complete line of Distilling products, visit http://www.whitelabs.com/distilling To place an order, you can contact our customer service department at 888.593.2785 or order online at yeastman.com. pinnacle-distillers-yeast-m-product-information.pdf PINNACLE DISTILLERS YEAST (G)_US_310317_WEB_REPRO.pdf
  3. Hello from Boulder

    Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I am currently the Global Key Account Manager for White Labs but founded the Colorado Distillers Guild. Feel free to outreach about any fermentation and yeast questions for your distillery. We have a diverse product line for distillers including liquid and dried yeast and enzymes. Cheers! JoAnne Carilli-Stevenson
  4. Ferment-able sugars in Molasses?

    I'm prepping to start on a Rum. From my reading it seems that of the sugar content in Molasses only ~52% of it is fermentable. How should I calculate the gravity of my wash? Should I divide the sugar contribution from the molasses in half or take it as is?
  5. * Used * 800 L Fermentation Tanks for Sale. Price: $6370. Link for pictures: http://www.tetondistillery.com/distillery-equipment/fermentation-tank-800-liters-211-gallons. If you want new fermenters, it is a 90-120 day wait. Other sizes available. Our price includes the motor (other providers usually do not). Email andrew@tetondistillery.com Fermentation Tank 800 liters (211 gallons) Jacketed for cooling with conical bottom SUS 304 Stainless Steel Side manhole CIP Cleaning Ball Thermometer Pressure Gauge Sampling Port Stand with adjustable legs Mixer - 3 phase motor with shaft and paddle
  6. Hello from Portland, OR! We are NaCa Fermentation, a company working to make fermentation better. We use encapsulation to make any yeast strain work better. Fermentation can be tricky, we can help you make it more efficient. We are happy to be part of the forum and look forward to talking fermentation! Our website is: nacaferm.com Cheers!
  7. Continuous fermentation

    We've been experimenting with ways to ferment. Our standard SOP is the batch method, where we produce our wash (we make rum) let it ferment out and then empty/wash the fermenter once it's been transferred to the still. One day, we left some of the wash along with the trub in the bottom of the fermenter before refilling with new wash. The fermentation time was dramatically reduced, with only a 30 minute lag time and a total fermentation of only 33 perent of our typical time. I was primarily concerned with bacterial infection and stressed yeast affecting the flavor of the distilled product, but it came out perfectly. Has anyone seriously experimented with continuous fermentation? Anything to look out for/good or bad experiences? If this works we may adjust our SOPs as it will save on time and the amount of yeast we are using.
  8. What is it?

    Quick little game of what the hell is that? The orange stuff is something new to me. This is a new equipment "sacrificial" mash with mostly corn. Smells like a normal bourbon mash. It is extremely oily. Corn oil? Otherwise, maybe some fluid leaked into the mash from the gear box on the agitator? All thoughts welcome. I did not taste it. Distilling now and I will see how the low wines taste.
  9. Rum fermentation got strange

    Everything was going normal as in the past two years of making rum and then BAM! Two days ago I noticed a couple of small dime size spots and today there is a full blown something going on??? Any ideas? Ty Dave
  10. Fermentation Temp Control

    Hi All, I'm curious to know what people are doing for controlling their fermentation temperature. I've been looking at the different options available while shopping for my fermenters. Do you use tanks with dimpled or channeled jackets already built into them? Do you wrap a tank blanket around them and use that? (here's a link to one particular site that I've been looking at for this option http://www.powerblanket.com/fermentation-cooling) Do you have glycol in your jacket or cooling water? In my view glycol would be concerning because of the possibility of a leak. Or maybe you don't do any temperature control at all and let the variability add another element to your product? I've obviously geared this towards cooling the fermenters as they will warm as fermentation proceeds, but perhaps some of you heat your fermenters instead of cooling. Interested in hearing what everyone thinks and how they handle temperature control during fermentation. Thanks!
  11. Premature tails in distillate

    I'm running into a lot of difficulty recently with my distillation/ fermentation. The symptoms are early onset of feints/ tails. I have tried increasing reflux in the still to continue the hearts cut but it isn't working. I have tried less reflux too. Fermentation appears to be good. Grain bill - 100% barley malt Starting gravity 1.061 Final gravity 0.997. Estimated ABV 8.38%. Final PH 4.19 Distillation Still - 250 litre pot with 3 plated column with dephlegmator. Heads and foreshots are compressed at the begining of the run - 100% reflux for 30 minutes and heads collected slowly afterwards. Cut is determined by taste a smell. Hearts- relfux is reduced and heating of pot is increased. Cut is determined by taste and smell. The average abv i was collecting before this was 81% ABV. I can achieve above 81% ABV initially but the abv drops fairly suddenly when about 25% of the expected hearts cut is obtained. The product becomes feinty after this point. I have checked the still for leaks but all the gaskets look fine. Any advice?
  12. Hi All I expect to share and learn from you, so we all can improve our knowledge and technical service worldwide. Enzymes are my world since 1998, with Novozymes brand. Have great successes! Paulo Braga
  13. Ferementation complete - very low yield?

    Very Weird... Had 2 bourbon batches done simultaneously, SG 1.075 FG 1.01, same as before. Ran through the column still, usually we get 10-12 gallons of hearts at 80%, this run we ran heads, and it essentially dropped straight to 40% abv, and ran out 10-15 gallons of 40%!!! Usually without any cold water into the dephlemgator we keep the run between 70-80%, but even with cold water we couldn't even fill our plates....never seen this happen before any thoughts???? If the alcohol is present we hypothetically should be able to run a higher abv, just slower?!?!?!? BTW, 2 changes we made this run 1) Previously we haven't tested PH, (to clarify, we figured our our formula for the correct PH - 25g of Citric acid into 100 gallons of water - we stopped testing, but decided we should perfect our PH reading due to water fluctuation) so this time we were very careful to get PH to 5.75, where in the past we'd add our 25g and keep on mashing... 2) After fermentation, we let it sit for 2 days, as we couldn't run the still... Could either of these things cause our problem? Thanks everybody,
  14. Frozen Cane Juice

    So I would love to make an agricole style rhum, but know that cane juice is basically only stable for a few hours, with all the agricole producers essentially situated on cane plantations. That being said I feel like I have heard of frozen cane juice, and was wondering if anyone knew if it was viable to get a shipment of cane juice essentially flash frozen at the source, which could then be quickly melted down and pitched for a fermentation? On a similar vein, is it possible to get a shipment of cane itself and press it in house for the juice? (Though that sounds like more trouble then it's worth)
  15. 2 copper pots of 2000 liters each (antiques and artisanal copper vessels) Ideal for infusions & maceration of gin botanicals - Heating method: steam - Artisanal fabrication with copper (thickness 8 mm) - Origin: Argentina - Price: usd 20.000 dollaras - FOB Mendoza/Argentina
  16. 2 copper pots of 2000 liters each (antiques and artisanal copper vessels) Ideal for infusions & maceration of gin botanicals - Heating method: steam - Artisanal fabrication with copper (thickness 8 mm) - Origin: Argentina - Price: usd 20.000 dollaras - FOB Mendoza/Argentina
  17. Grain Cooker For Sale

    Good Morning, We have a Grain Cooker that we bought and used 2 times for a special recipe that didnt work out so we are trying to get rid of it. We paid $15,000 for it but would like to at least get $12,500 out of it. It is 325 gallons, powered with electric units. Has a grate to keep grain from settling on bottom. Outlet above grate is 2 inch and below grate is 3 inch. Stainless still built with cypress wood on outside, which could be removed if needed. Has a thermometer, we have a mixer for it that we bought separate but would give with it to get rid of it. I tried attaching some pictures here but the file size was too large. If you would like to contact me about the cooker, my email is kbcdistillingcompany@gmail.com and I can give you more information and pictures.
  18. Our next door neighbors, No-Li Brewhouse (Spokane, WA) are selling 5 fermentation vessels. They have been employed as primary fermentation vessels (beer) for two years. Two will be available late-April, two more will be available mid-to late-summer. The last vessel will be available in the fall. We are replacing the vessels with cylindro-conical fermenters. They are asking $12,000 each. Features: fabricated by Malrex (2009, UK, http://www.malrexfabrication.co.uk/) 304 stainless steel 1000 gallon total capacity standpipe and drain ports and valves (2" TC) atmospheric, closed-top with manway on top insulated and jacketed – one rectangular glycol zone CIP arm w/ 1.5” TC fitting and sprayball 25 degree conical bottom (similar to dish bottom) 9' 2” tall; 5' 9” wide stainless outer shell vacuum and pressure relief valve Will send pics. Please contact Damon Scott at damon.nolibrewhouse@gmail.com
  19. Has anyone used this?: https://www.misco.com/beer-refractometer/beer-refractometer/beer-refractometer-wort-dissolved-solids-specific-gravity#detailed_description-tab I would love to have a reliable, quick way to determine dissolved solids in my wort so I can have a better handle on fermentation performance, if only approximate. If anyone has an opinion on this little guy, I'd love to hear it before I fork over 450 bucks for the luxury of knowing TDS in my wort. Getting away from hydrometry for tracking fermentation progress would be nice, as would being able to use sterile disposable pipettes to take a sample instead of less sanitary methods. I guess my biggest worry has to do with how long this thing will last... 1 year warranty for an item like this makes me want to see a review or two.... Thanks!
  20. Predicting Yields for Rum Fermentation

    Hey Folks, My partner and I are working on our business plan and one point is creating some challenges for us. Not having a background in fermentation or distilling, I was hoping someone or some people on here could point me in the direction of some information on how to work out yields - specifically for molasses-based rums - for fermentation and subsequent distillation. I imagine the variables are sugar concentration of the wash, the type of yeast, time, and temperature (and possibly others), but I'm not familiar with the basic formulas to estimate ABV of a wash post fermentation. Could anyone recommend some resources or offer advice? Thanks for your help.
  21. Corn Mash Starch Conversion

    Not that I know which pump you are using, but most of the Liverani seem to be impeller type.
  22. Brewery/Distillery job wanted

    15 years wine industry sales, marketing and promotion Napa Valley College: fermentation, grain, fruit, grapes ACDI 1 week course, Holstein 3 day course From raw materials to packaging to placement. Nor-Cal, Napa Area Send me a PM to get started.
  23. Bio-Process R+D Company

    Any one use or are familiar with this company? http://bio-process.com/industries/beverage-alcohol/ It looks like they cut their teeth on the ethanol market but have since branched into beverage alcohol. -Dave
  24. Heads volume : efficiency ?

    Just curious if anyone knows if the volume of heads in a given single batch run grows or is in any way related to the efficiency that is achieved in fermentation? Cheer, ryan
  25. Adding enzymes to fruit mash

    I'd love to hear from anyone with experience adding enzymes to fruit mashes--whether the experience was positive or not.