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Found 30 results

  1. I've found myself in a shortage of Jersey 375ml. Looking for 2 or 3 skids for delivery in July to Canada. call or email if you've got em Dave 250 218 2363 Dave at Wayward Order . com Cheers!
  2. We could use some help! We're in need of one or two pallets of Piramal's 'Liberty' 750ml bottles with bartop closure. We're running short and won't have enough until the next production run. If anyone has some they can spare it would be much appreciated! Please message me or shoot me an email: jbrenneman<at>deacongiles.com Thanks, Jesse
  3. Bruni 1 liter bottles from Italy. These bottles are available for only 1.00 each. There are 1232 available in Palm Coast, FL 32137. This is less than half the normal price and available in the USA. Also available are Spirited Shipper boxes. These boxes are very heavy duty great for shipping. Check out the normal price http://spiritedshipper.com/product/3/three-bottle-wine-shipper I have 650 available for 1.00 each. Email Bill@gunnarspirits.com for more information.
  4. Who Makes the Hornito's Bottle?

    Anybody know how I can find out who the company is that manufactures the bottles for Hornito's?
  5. We have a pallet of bottle we no longer need. These are 750ml with cork finish (12ct case). We also have 1.75 glass bottles with handle (screw top finish/6ct case) and 750ml round bottles (screw top finish/ 12ct case). Asking $15 per case for the cork finish and $3 a case for the screw tops
  6. Editted- SOLD One of the distilleries I work for in Portland has some very nice bottles for sale. We originally got them for a specialty release which never came together, and now we need the space back. We've got 924 750ml Bruni Modular (http://www.bruniglass.com/…/sh…/mod9/bot-modulor-750-bets-fp), they are unboxed on a single pallet but I can throw in 750ml 12 pack cases if you need them. $2/bottle or best offer. If you're in OR or WA we might be able to deliver them, PM me for details if you're interested.
  7. 750mL clear round glass bottles for sale

    1,170 bottles per pallet. $1 per bottle = $1,170 per pallet. No caps/corks/boxes (just the glass bottles in cardboard trays - ocean faring pallets are heavily wrapped - see photos) Minimum order is 1x pallet (6x total pallets available) Bottles are FoB. You can either pick them up at the warehouse or arrange a truck. I have a forklift on this side to load. Bottle Dimensions: Capacity: 750 ML Finish: Bartop (18.5mm closure) Height: 12.972 IN Width at Shoulder: 3 IN Width at Base: 3 IN Height of Pushup: 0.177 IN Label Panel: 8.153 Weight: 27.53 OZ (780gram) Shape: Round Feature: Thick Bottom Pallet Dimensions: 40"x48"x84" (7' tall) 1170 bottles per pallet 1,900lbs
  8. New 750ml "Preakness" Bar Top Bottle

    Hey Distillers, Say hello to the new 750ml "Preakness" bottle. This bottle is now in stock so if you need to see a sample or need any further information please contact me. Technical Specifications: Weight: 30.865 oz Height: 13.268 in. Diameter: 2.815 in. Finish: 032-3120 * Also available with a 28-405 continuous thread finish Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com
  9. Obsolete Glass Bottles for sale

    We have a few versions of glass bottles that are now obsolete and are looking to get rid of them. They are all considered spirits bottles and have at least 4 versions looking to unload in excess of 50,000 pieces. Some have embossing, some have screen printed design, and most are blank but nothing is brand specific that would render them unusable by another brand. Pictures of the bottles are available upon request and samples can be sent to serious buyers. We are looking to blow these bottles out so prices will start a $0.25 each.
  10. 750ml Futura Bottles Needed

    Does anyone have any 750ml Flint, Futura bottles they can sell us until our next shipment arrives later in June? Thanks, Shawn
  11. Glass For Sale

    Hello All! We have recently changed our packaging design, including our glass bottles, and in doing so we have an excess of 10,080 glass bottles from United Bottles and Packaging from Quebec, still packaged and wrapped ready to be filled (7 skiffs of 1,440 bottles per skiff)! Here are the following specifications for the glass bottles: Height: 278mm Width: 78mm Weight: 440 gr Capacity: 750ml Finish: T-Top Closure Color: Flint/Clear Message for further details regarding price, location, or if you have any questions!
  12. 375 ML Glass Flask for Sale - No Caps

    We have 30 cases (24 Btl./Case) 375ml glass flask for sale at $19.20/case. Specifics are as follows. Size 375ml (12.5 fl oz) Brim Fill (water) 395ml (13.2 fl oz) Neck Fill (water) 375ml (12.5 fl oz) Material, color, shape Glass, Flint, Oval Weight 305 grams Dimensions 8" H x 3-3/4 x 1-3/4" W Cap Size 28mm Purchaser pays shipping. Contact: tim@claremontdistillery.com for more information
  13. Hi folks, After switching to 750ml bottles I've got some 375ml bottles available in San Francisco below cost so we can clear out some space. Bruni Glass Nocturne series (photo below). I have 60 cases (12 packs), looking for $12/case without natural cork bar tops (classic black top), $15/case with bar tops. 10 case minimum please! Pick up is in San Francisco at Seven Stills distillery. Joe Cannella Cannella Spirits joecan@cannellaspirits.com 702.275.0624
  14. From labels to glass. Please contact me regarding your bottles needs, I would be delighted to help you! ​ ​Sincerely, ​Carol Phillips ​ALL AMERICAN CONTAINERS 336-906-9097 ​www.aacwine.com
  15. Reuse Glass Bottles?

    I've been asked this several times and I keep shutting it down because I don't want to deal with removing the labels and I feel like there will be a lot of paperwork involved but... Is anybody reusing their packaging, i.e. glass bottles? This would only be for a few accounts that are concerned with it but I feel like the savings in packaging would be out-weighed by the cost in labor hours. Anyway, if anybody has information about this or can link me to a thread (searched but didn't find anything) I'd be grateful.
  16. Hello to all East Coast ADI members! I will be happy to help with any questions related to glass bottles. If you prefer to email: sta@saverglass.com or cell: 202-763-9279 Stephane Stanton-Brand Saverglass Inc.
  17. 700ml bottle suppliers

    We are seeking glass suppliers for 700ml bottles for export. Would like to be able to purchase in pallets rather than containers. Curious who others are using. Thanks, Todd Striped Pig Distillery
  18. Arkansas Glass can supply a 750ml bottle for very competitive prices. We have an over stock and would like to move some of these bottles. If you are interesetd contact Casey Turner at cturner@agcc.com.
  19. Hello I would like to introduce myself and Vitroval USA, a branch of the European glass packaging company Vitroval Spain. Vitroval Spain was established in 1989 and has developed and supplied a comprehensive range of glass bottles for spirits, wine and olive oils www.vitroval.com Vitroval products were distributed by brokers in the United States until June of 2013 when the Vitroval USA office and warehouse was opened. Please contact me to talk about spirits bottles or developing a custom bottle for your product. The www.Vitrovalusa.com website currently displays our wine bottle product line and a few specialty bottles. Beginning in 2015 a selection of sprits bottle will be added. Brett Peterson brett@vitrovalUSA.com 707-363-6289 Vitroval USA 6420 Goodyear Road Benicia, CA. 94510
  20. 750 mL Glass Bottles for Sale

    Hi Everyone! St. George Spirits has excess glass for sale after the completion of a bottling contract. The bottle is from Germany, specifications listed below. Please let me know if you are interested, I can have samples sent. Matura bottle dimensions: Volume: 750mL Height: 345mm Width: 74mm Weight: 750g Color: Flint Mouth: 18.3mm bartop Matura bulk pallet dimensions: Weight: 2016.5 lbs Height: 74.5” Width: 48" Depth: 40" Available: 60,000 units Price: $0.95 per bottle ($1.20 original) Minimum: Three (3) pallets FOB: Alameda, CA Terms: Advance Picture Attached
  21. 750 mL Glass Bottles for Sale

    Hello All, St. George Spirits has excess glass for sale after the completion of a bottling contract. The bottle is from Germany, specifications listed below. Please let me know if you are interested, I can have samples sent. Matura bottle dimensions: Volume: 750mL Height: 345mm Width: 74mm Weight: 750g Color: Flint Mouth: 18.3mm bartop Matura bulk pallet dimensions: Weight: 2016.5 lbs Height: 74.5” Width: 48" Depth: 40" Available: 60,000 units Price: $0.95 per bottle ($1.20 original) Minimum: Three (3) pallets FOB: Alameda, CA Terms: Advance Picture Attached
  22. New stock 750ml bottle in Xtra flint with Stelvin finish http://unitedbottles.com/en/cartier-bvs-750ml.aspx Clear out 750ml Amber bottle with Stelvin finish http://unitedbottles.com/en/crema-750-ml.aspx We have the Stelvin closures that can be applied by hand.They are called WAK closures, manufactured by GUALA. Have a look at the clear out section. If interested, make an offer. http://unitedbottles.com/en/great-deals-to-clear-out.aspx Cheers!
  23. I have some glass overstock for sale. SQUARE with ROUNDED CORNERS - 750mL & 1L 28mm screw cap finish 750mL & 1L - all 12 bottles per case 1L = 60 cases per pallet 750mL = 128 cases per pallet $1 per bottle + freight. I can arrange freight if needed. please feel free to email me for photos, etc: brenton.engel@gmail.com Thanks!
  24. Hi Folks, we have a few clear out to offer this month; DORADO 175,000 bottles $4.99/case METROPOLE 80,000 bottles $0.39/bottle in bulk CREMA 30,000 bottles $0.39/bottle in bulk RECTANGULAR 111,000 bottles $0.59/bottle in bulk Minimum order is one pallet of any of the above. We have plastic CT closures for all except the CREMA. CREMA requires a Stelvin 30 x 60mm Roll On closure which we can also offer in a hand applied version if we have enough demand. We can also offer the cartons & partitions for the bottles offered in bulk. Call me for more details. Don't hesitate to request samples if you thing that you could use any of these for a special potion. Cheers!
  25. Hi Folks, anybody interested in samples of 200mL with a 28mm screw cap finish? Minimum order is one pallet of 2304 bottles @ $0.29 per flask. We have 100,000 in stock. Let me know, I'll be more than happy to send you samples. It might give you ideas for future project. Have a great week-end,