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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, I have posted a few times and I can not thank you enough for all the feed back. I have also had the pleasure of talking to a lot of craft distillers out there and you all have been nothing but helpful. So after having some ideas about still size and type and going over prior setups and just reading and experimenting a lot I decided to change a lot of things and as always I want to run it by some of you guys for some feedback and words of advice. I am looking at a 250 gallon direct fire Alembic still with 1 thumper and a lentil, I like them a lot, they look beautiful and I have always done direct fire anyway so why change now if I am comfortable. I am going with (2) 1000L comipak fermenters. I am going for a 600 gallon mash tun and I plan on feeding it with a commercial tank less water heater rated at 185F. Here is a quick question, I am trying to calculate the correct size for a mash tun because of all the grain, I think a 600 gallon would be enough as I use 2lb/gal As far as separating grain, I always did it by hand after the mash but this would be silly with such a large volume so what is a good way to separate after the mash and transport to the fermenter. I have been looking at screener separators but was curious to see if a false bottom would be good enough. I plan on using the Yamada NDP-20BSE-FDA for transfering between the mash-fermenter-still I will also be using this pump for circulation in the still during operation Does anyone know a good high alcohol explosion proof pump? Oh and I as I have been reading about the amount of measuring you have to do I have been talking to Fred over at Prime USA scales, my question is how many do you wish you had. I just want to say thank you again in advance. Also, I plan on making vodka, gin, whiskey and brandy (eventually)
  2. What are all of the options for a multipurpose pump that has a meter? Typical brewery or winery pumps are usually not recommended because of the higher proof, so what types are recommended, do they need explosion proof motors, best type (diaphragm, impeller...etc)? I would like to use it to move mash (grain in mash) around as well as transfering spirits, which may have fruit macerated over to a press. Are most craft distillers metering with these pumps, what type of meter, do they come with the pump...etc, or is everyone just using scales? Also, I don't mind starting with a cart, but would eventually like to plumb it in because the space is small.
  3. Hi all, This is my first post on this forum. I'm looking for some help identifying a Liverani pump, which has been sitting around this distillery longer than I have. Any pump experts on here? I know that it is one direction/speed, there is no on/off (we use the breaker), and that all of the specs are in Italian. It's 208v/60 hz, rpm:1750, and the in/outlets are 1"1/2. Someone suggested that it's part of Liverani's EP series, but I can't find one that matches in appearance or specs. There are some codes on it as well, but they haven't helped me identify it ("comessa": 0078140 12). I've attached a picture. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! -Ben
  4. Hi I am looking for a 4 to 6HP pump. Portable. Needs a variable speed drive. 60PSi and 130GPM with 2in discharge.
  5. Hey all, I was doing research on buying some SS tanks and came across this website called You know how it's pretty time consuming and plain annoying to try to get quotes from these equipment suppliers? Well, this website make that a lot easier for me. Basically, you post what you need on there, and suppliers who sell it will get their salespeople to give you quotes right on the website. It was a lot faster than calling these suppliers, and I got enough quotes to really see what the market was like out there. Anyways, thought I'd sure this nugget with the rest of you. Has anyone else used them before? - Russ P.S. forgot to mention that it is free