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Location decision: NJ vs PA

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HedgeBird    24

Re-reading my post it seems I could have phrased that better.  What sounded like a friendly, sarcastic teasing type of comment in my head reads on paper as a bit mean and insulting.  I hope that my willingness to share info and suggestions demonstrates that I am not/was not intending to be insulting.  Apologies for my poor choice of words!

Makami - What your describing sounds like it would be a fine product and a bit different than what most small distilleries are already making!  Its probably also a better business model.  I look forward to purchasing and drinking your product when its available!

Southernhighlander - I can't disagree with anything your saying!  


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Roger    23

I can never quite grasp the nuance between distillers who don't actually do anything other than warm up someone else's distilled spirtis, and bartenders. Oops, I mean mixologists. 

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I'm just about to get started in the next couple of months here in PA. I can't speak to NJ, but I think this is a good time to start a limited distillery in PA. Act 39 and 166 have made it easier to interconnect your products with limited wineries and breweries in PA. At least where I am, it feels more like a cooperative than a competitive market. The more locally made product that's available draws in more people, which is good for everyone. My situation is not typical to most starting up, but if you have any PA specific questions I could share my own personal experience navigating.

Best of luck.

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Scott.S    0

I am also thinking hard whether to setup in NJ or in my case just over the border in NYS. I WANT to stay in Jersey and the plan we are working on centers around staying here. Its tough though with some confusion as to what we can do and what we cant. Granted the laws are pretty recent.

Have any of you NJ people run into anything unexpected? How much easier is it to get going in New York State?



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