150L Eduard Holstein Still - $50,000

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Eduard Holstein 150 liter still (used)

Type D 710

Made in 2001

Filling capacity:  150 liters

German built still, great to start small distillery!  No need for a boiler!!

Currently set up for natural gas heating.

The water bath can be converted to steam. You only need to connect the steam pipe in the upper part of the water bath and a condensate drain into the very lowest part of the water bath.

Agitator runs on 220V.

Column has 3 bubble cap trays with dephlegmator at the top of the column.


Works perfectly!  Great still for all types of spirits.  Previously used as a production R&D still.



Serious inquires only.




Holstein Still name plate ADI.pdf

Holstein Still ADI.pdf

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is this 150 gallons or 150 Liters? This looks a lot bigger than 39 gallons if it is liters like you posted. Also do you mean Arnold not Eduard Holstein?


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Is this still for sale still?... Does it require a glycol chiller?... What is the diameter of column, volume of kettle.


just trying to get an idea of size, because it does look bigger than 150 l... 



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