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Well the Fat Lady has sung- Appalachian Mountain Spirits is officially closed.

For consideration: a one off custom Artisan Still Design pot still, complete with a steam injection system.

The still is 200 gallons, or 757 liters. The helmet is a one of a kind heavy duty all copper whisky head and does it make whisky. The condenser is 16" in diameter and ten feet tall and is stainless steel, an all copper lynne arm, stainless steel parrot, plus a depheglamator. The still has a thick 7mm bottom, 16" manway with sight glass. Has a 4" side wall drain, adjustable legs and 3- 3" Tri clamp fitting for electric elements. The steam injector is new and never used, distilling on the grain is more efficient. 

Still can be direct heat, 400,000 btu propane burner and electric. We used both to get to temp and then shut off the propane. 


Please consider the plant has be shut down since June 2016 so the stuff is dusty.

The M35A2 Deuce is for sale $7000, 1962 Studebaker, runs great.

Miss Dana Still lowered by $5500. Now $44,500 

Equipment list.xlsx

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All for sale, by the lot or single piece.


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Have hydrometers, but the TTB wants to see the six month certification papers since purchased. 


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