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Hey everybody!
So I have been making a neutral vodka.  My recipe was a wheat recipe no added sugar. 
So after my first distillation stripping run I add baking soda sodium bicarbonate. This is said to clean up all the heads and tails nasties. 
However, when I am doing my spirit run towards the end of the hearts section this really nasty smell and taste starts to come through. At the beginning of the hearts it tastes great. But once I get towards the end it gets nasty smells almost like a really strong mint/industrial cleaner that has a smell added to it. And it is really strong. This has happened to me twice now. 

Has this happened to anyone else?  Does anyone have any idea what this could be or how I can fix it?

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I've used sodium bicarbonate without that happening and usually find mintiness at the start rather the end. How much did you use? Were your cuts the same size as usual? I assume these flavors weren't there when stripping or for other runs with the same recipe and ferment stats?

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