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  2. Loss in low-wines run

    MGL. Your trolling is not going to stop me from helping people. Also, my stills mash tuns and fermenters are my designs so I am not just a reseller. I am a successful designer and manufacturer of distilling equipment. There is a big difference.
  3. Rice Whiskey

    Update: I ordered a pallet of rice and gave it another shot in our downtime. I had it ground next door to a flour/meal consistency, hauled it back and repeated cooking as per the norm. I dosed the ferment with DAP on day 2, for good measure. Much better results this time-I'm attributing this to grinding. The "interesting" distillate was transferred into a charred-reused TN bourbon barrel and is now stowed away in the R&D corner of the warehouse. Moral of the story, don't depend on a "flaked rice" designation when you order. Thank you guys for your input, apologies for late response!
  4. Agave

    Great info, thanks for the update!
  5. xpress fill reviews xf460hp

    We purchased the regular XF460 approximately 16 months ago and we like it. The only thing we don't like is that all 4 bottles have to be filled at the exact same time which leads to a few moments of rapid paced movement of removing and replacing bottles and then waiting about 25 seconds for the fill to be completed. This can be a benefit though as it may give you time to cork and band the bottles while you wait. We have needed minor service that was able to be resolved by a brief phone call. It's not a complaint, it's a compliment as they picked up the phone and the person answering knew the machines inside and out. Fills are very accurate. We are thinking of buying a second unit so that we can fill bottles quicker.
  6. Nordic Distillery Texas

    Good luck. I know a few of the craft distillers in Texas, there may be more there than you realize. Also, I have some knowledge of both Nordic versus American spirits, having lived in Sweden for four years, and currently make a Scandinavian style akavit. So, while I do share your passion for wanting to bring some of those style spirits to the American market, I will suggest to you that they are niche products, not likely to get broad interest. Be happy to converse more by email.
  7. Today
  8. Hi, We are a group of guys who have been talking about starting our own Nordic craft distillery in Texas. The Burbon scene is quite mature down here and apart from a few vodka distilleries there is not a whole lot more different craft distilleries around. Myself being originally from Sweden I believe there are some great new spirits I would like to bring to the US such as Schnapps, mulled Wine and nordic style single malt whiskeys. We are currently in the very early steps to build a business case and I wanted to join here to read more about what other have done and hopefully be a part of this community. we are planning on running a wide style of products but are looking for a Islay style pot still set up with a hybrid column reroute in order to also do high end vodka based products. starting small for us is key. please feel free to recommend any equipment suppliers you guys recommend as well as TTB lawyers in the North Texas region. looking forward to learn more on here /J
  9. Trademark for new gin distillery?

    Are you still working on this? I'm in a similar situation, trying to get something off the ground - also in Asia. At my current rate of progress I might be ready to fire up the still in early 2025! It would be great to hear how you're getting on.
  10. Loss in low-wines run

    good post mjduheme there is no place for that arrogant shit on a forum thats jus trying to help people . shrug it off paul jealousy is a ugly thing . tim
  11. boiler

    morning everyone i was wondering if anyone is using a low pressure steam boiler that runs off waste oil . im curious as to there costof operation , cost of purchase , and how reliable and trouble free are they . well actually any info would be great . thanks tim
  12. Loss in low-wines run

    Dude, Why are trolling Paul so much? If you don't want to read his posts then don't. Nobody is forcing you to read them. Paul is in business, just like you, to make money. If he is able to provide help (free of charge by the way) to others along the way while trying to make money, why not. I am sure Paul has help many more people on this board then you have and if he gained a customer or two while doing it, more power to him. Yes I admit sometimes he seems to push his wares heavy, but he is also offering help to those who ask, and it doesn't matter to him if they bought from him or not, he will still help them.
  13. MGP Bourbon and Rye for sale

    Mexican barrels?
  14. 2 year bourbon and rye for sale

    100% rye?
  15. xpress fill reviews xf460hp

    looking for review on the Xpress Fill Volumetric High Proof Spirits 4 Spout Bottle Filler - XF460HP. http://Volumetric High Proof Spirits 4 Spout Bottle Filler - XF460HP how are they holding up and what filter are you using? would you buy again?
  16. Calling all new New Jersey distillers

    It woudl be great actually if we had an idea of whos coming and where -- sometimes i think we are all too hush hush! So who is working on a new distillery in Jersey besides me? -Scott
  17. Loss in low-wines run

    Need more information, the starting plato/gravity seems awfully high if we are talking about grain (you said mash and not wash). Grain-in the mash or grain-out? What was the total grist weight? Where am I going with this? 22 Plato (1.092sg) - This seems very high for a grain mash. We're talking about roughly, 750-800 pounds of grain in 250-265 gallons of water, to hit a 1.092sg in a total volume of ~315 gallons. We'd be talking about closer to 12% potential alcohol on the 265 gallons, or ~63pg (I tend to exclude the grain mass from the calculation, as you are only measuring the gravity of the liquid).
  18. Loss in low-wines run

    I'm surprised you haven't pitched (spammed) your company to him in this thread. Maybe he could use a new still?! I kid. Why don't you just stick to reselling equipment and let the distillers handle these responses so that the original poster arent wasting theie time?
  19. Grain Mill for sale

    Is the mill still for sale
  20. Still agitator

    I'm good. Thanks for the offer.
  21. Job Summary Craft rum distillery located in Hye, Texas on the 290 Wine Trail is looking for a Production Assistant to help with distilling, bottling and other production duties including some small construction projects. Will also assist in the tasting room during weekdays. 25-35 hrs/week. Responsibilities and Duties Assistant will perform distilling duties alongside the head distiller. Duties include assisting with fermentations, loading and cleaning the still, distillation runs. Bottling days include sterilization of bottles, filling bottles, applying foils and packing in cases. Tasting room duties include educating visitors about the different rums, pouring tastings and executing a limited craft cocktail menu. Optional: In store tastings in San Antonio and Austin, perform distillery tours. Will train the right person. Qualifications and Skills Required : Excellent Customer Service Skills TABC Server Training permit Ability to lift 50 lbs Preferred : Bar or server experience Experience with Forklift and/or pallet jack Microsoft Excel Job Type: Part-time Salary: $12.00 to $14.00 /hour (if working the tasting room, will get tips)
  22. 2 year bourbon and rye for sale

    Interested - Email me at geoff@coltsneckstillhouse.com
  23. Still agitator

    My other mixers work fine. I will be selling most major brands of mixers, that are applicable, not just Brawn. I'm doing the same with pumps, safety valves etc. I want my customers to have lots of options, at better prices than my competitors, apples to apples. We have the deepest sanitary parts catalog in the distilling equipment industry. I currently supply parts to other still and brewery equipment manufacturers as well as food processing equipment and winery equipment manufacturers. If you need quality parts at the best prices let me know. Since you build equipment. I can will give you wholesale pricing on whatever you need.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Distiller looking for the right company

    That is a bad, corrupted, or trojan file, according to my computer.
  26. I've been in love with spirits since I was a young man. I have 2 years experience making 4 whiskeys, 2 rums, 2 gins and multiple r&d projects. I love making spirits and I am currently looking for the right company with the right people. My resume is attached, feel free to contact me anytime. My resume.docx
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