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  2. American Single Malt Whiskey - This should be nothing more then a fanciful name Whiskey Distilled From Malt Mash - This type specifically calls for used barrels. We will be using Neutral barrels but I have no how long to count on them lasting.
  3. Trevor

    Bardstown 1792 Rickhouse Collapse

    A building collapse at the Barton 1792 distillery in Bardstown sent thousands of barrels of aging bourbon crashing to the ground. Bardstown fire officials said the collapse happened at Barton 1792 after 11 a.m. Friday. : Bardstown, Kentucky fire chief believes the #bourbon from a warehouse collapse @Barton1792 is running into a nearby creek; awaiting EPA arrival. https://t.co/DDfWsMLfb6
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  5. cestrin

    Distillery Controls

    We made our own controls as well. Most everything we do is manual except for automatic shut-offs. It's hard to automate things like cuts as it is dependent on taste and varies with how well the mash went.
  6. cestrin

    Re-selling Bourbon Barrels

    We sell used 20 gallon barrels for $150 and 15 gallon barrels for $125 around Phoenix and people happily pay it. Anything with 'bourbon-barrel aged' in front of it sells for a premium right now.
  7. daveflintstone

    Pre bottling filter recommendation.

    yes. looks like a standard double open ended filter housing.
  8. nabtastic

    Graphic design artist

    Al Golden = al@goldencreativedesign.com Based in Cali but he's affordable, quick, and quality.
  9. nabtastic

    Pre bottling filter recommendation.

    Get a hold of Pall or 3M or any number of filter manufacturers and get the appropriate housing. Filters are made for different purposes and have filter housings to match them. If you're set on buying cheap parts made for use with different chemicals, then your standards for the finished product should be equally low. ScottLab has a facility in Canada and can get you everything you need.
  10. bluestar

    Rye Whiskey Mash - Help

    Old post, but curious to know: how much phosphoric acid, what change in pH (from, to) resulted?
  11. No it does not. What is required is not a "newly charred" oak barrel, it is a new, charred oak barrel.
  12. prcdc

    Pre bottling filter recommendation.

    like this? https://www.lowes.ca/water-filtration/rainfresh-ess1-stainless-steel-10-in-water-filter-housing_g2398839.html In canada nothing is everywhere unfortunately =/
  13. daveflintstone

    Pre bottling filter recommendation.

    Dude get a stainless housing. They're all over the place. Don't remember where I got mine. But I'm going to get a new one anyway because I'm tired of dismantling it to unscrew the top. One that uses triclamps or wingnut things is better for me.
  14. waterpocket

    Louisiana molasses and sugar suppliers

    Good thing to experiment with to find what you like...That's hard to decide for another distiller. If you just want to get started making your first test batches....do what I did and order a tote of molasses and 2-3 totes of sugar. Just keep in mind some might want more (or all) molasses or more or (all) sugar...depending on rum they're designing.
  15. prcdc

    Pre bottling filter recommendation.

    This says Alcohol but who knows what that really means. This is the best i have found so far: https://pentairindustrial.com/industrial-filtration-solutions/liquid-cartridge-housings/52/high-temperature/ Is my moonshine going to taste like nylon?
  16. daveflintstone

    Anton-Paar DMA35

    Yes the tube. Anton Paar did the work. I guess I'm just more likeable 😏
  17. HottyToddy77

    Louisiana molasses and sugar suppliers

    so what mix of molasses and sugar do you use 50/50?
  18. Whiskey4Elephants

    Looking for Used Sherry Barrels

    Hello! I'm currently searching for used sherry barrels. If anyone has one or more that they're no longer using I would be very interested in purchasing them. Please message me and let me know what you have available and asking price. Cheers
  19. Thank you for your reply! Do you know if re-charring an ex-wine or ex-bourbon barrel would put that barrel back in the category of "charred new oak"? My gut says no, but I'd like to know for sure. Best, JD
  20. Thanks for the reply. Are you using 100% used barrels? Perhaps you could help me with another question: ex-wine barrels that are sold as "Neutral Red/White." These barrels are typically very cheap compared to everything else, due to how many times they've been used for wine. Are they beyond the point of being useful for aging whiskey? Or would they only be useful for very long (12+yrs) aging periods? Cheers JD
  21. Micah Nutt

    watering down low wines

    We perform a two pot distillation, in the Scottish tradition,for whiskey. Our stripping run yields low wines at ~24% ABV. At this abv lipids and the like separate out and float on top. We leave an inch of LW in the receiver in order to leave these entities behind. Our feints yields ~34% ABV which get watered down with filtered water to 25% ABV; again, allowing undesirables to stratify to the surface, though there isn't a lot that separates out. However, this allows for a balanced distillation of almost equal parts low wines and feints (volume and abv).
  22. MG Thermal Consulting

    Fermenting control chillers - mash cooling chillers

    I suddenly have available a few single phase chillers that are listed as "reconditioned", but were either turn-ins or freight damaged and fixed up and put into stock. If anyone needs some booster cooling or temp control for fermenting, give me a shout. Unless you have a reservoir for cooling, these will not chill mash effectively without one, but that can be done fairly inexpensively. I have talked to a few clients that have been told they can cool mash in the fermenter- beware this can only be done with a full jacket or external mash exchanger. The small jackets are meant for only temperature control and cannot crash cool, even at 28F glycol, the jacket is not sized for it. Regards, Mike
  23. You will find that the TTB is not very good on correctly approving versions of "single malt whiskey" aged in anything other than new charred oak barrels. But yes, you can create a combination of text including fanciful to allow "American Single Malt Whiskey" somewhere on the label, and as long as somewhere else the correct description like "Whiskey Distilled from Malt Mash" exists, then it may be approved. I have seen a few labels out there where the only place I can find the correct description is buried in some text on the rear label. I have been puzzled by these, because clearly the information on the front label is not a correct description, because they are described as NOT being aged in charred oak, but the front label appears to label them as Malt Whiskey.
  24. MaltMonster

    watering down low wines

    This topic is discussed in Whisky: Technology, Production, and Marketing page 168 (2nd edition)
  25. State38Distilling

    550 Gallon Still For Sale - Only $60k *New*

    Accepting best offers. Need to move this quick for space.
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