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  2. SF Herb. My neighbor and landlord. Great products and great service.
  3. We did a vodka run on the iStill 2000, last week ... https://istillblog.com/…/22/hitting-96-5-with-the-istill-2…/
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  5. How is the whiskey being flavored? For the sake of discussion, let's say some flavoring is being added, either directly or by infusion. In that case, the flavoring operating would be a processing operation. So the whiskey would be transferred from storage to the processing account, flavored, then remain in the processing account until it was bottled and sold. That's my understanding, but you probably want to check 27 CFR to be sure.
  6. enolmatic filters are hard to find and way too expensive. Looking for an inline/canister type filter system to hook up to just take out any residuals. Preferably USA made with reasonable replacement filter costs...? Anyone happy with your current setup/manufacturer? Thanks!!
  7. I know there are not a whole lot of distilleries in the US operating stills that are heated with direct fire burners, but for those that are or would consider doing so... We've come to understand that there are no longer any major insurance companies that will insure a DSP operating direct fire stills. The only current option would be insurance through the excess and surplus market at a MUCH higher rate than standard insurance. This does not seem to be a regularly discussed topic, but was wondering how others might be handling this change in course by insurance companies?
  8. Just out of curiosity, if you make, say, a flavored whiskey and log it into the monthly storage report, what column do you log it? I have been told a couple different things and wanted to see how much cleanup I might need to do to my records.😧 Thanks!
  9. Silk City so what you are saying is run the dephlag all plates then shut off deflag and bypass the plates for pot still whiskey helmet only? Curious how long do you run the refluxing for when you go this route? i mean how do you know when it is time to switch over to pot? i been experimenting with my still to see what she's got. i ran batch bypassing column, ran one with 1 , 2, 4 and today will do five plates. i am not good at the dephlag refluxing part. not a lot of information out there. i trained on one but did not get as much out of the training as i would have liked.
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  11. Just curious, for those using these "reusable filters" how much use are you getting out of them before they need replaced?
  12. Being able to adjust your reflux condenser temps on the fly makes exploring whiskey heads technique fairly interesting, especially if you have a few plates to play with. For example, running high reflux to stack heads, slow take off >190pf, then flipping off the reflux condenser entirely and shifting to quasi-pot mode. You can get the product yield efficiency of a column, and the flavor profile of a pot.
  13. I 'll be one just give me your address and a time when your not around .
  14. Looking for 20 53 gallon racks, 5-10 30 gallon racks and 5-10 15 gallon racks. New or used. Price conscious
  15. Looking for twenty 53 gallon barrel racks, 5-10 30 gallon racks and 5-10 15 gallon racks.
  16. Let me know if you have a dealer in Illinois or NW Indiana.
  17. Should have also included the link to submit comments: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=USTR-2019-0003-0616
  18. Good Evening Everyone, I'm no longer in the business having sold out during the start-up phase, but I thought this might interest some members here. The US Trade Commission is considering a 100% ad valorem tariff on many copper, brass, cupro-nickel, and bronze products. Obviously, this will have a tremendous impact on many materials going into the manufacture of distillation equipment. If anyone is interested in submitting a letter, I have attached both a form letter to submit, and the letter from Olin Brass that started the issue. While I don't expect everyone to jump into action, I strongly advise that you contact your equipment manufacturers to make sure they are aware and that they have back-up plans in case lead times and prices explode this fall as a result of any tariff/duty assessments. Feel free to contact me via pm with any questions. Full disclosure: I am currently an employee/owner in another manufacturing business that stands to be negatively affected. I'm not trying to hide any intentions with this post, but I'm thinking distillers probably have a common interest in keeping copper products available to manufacturers. There has not been a lot of publicity in this hearing, which I find a bit concerning. Key dates: • July 24, 2019: Due date for submission of requests to appear at the public hearing and summary of testimony. • August 5, 2019: Due date for submission of written comments. • August 5, 2019: The Section 301 Committee will convene a public hearing in the Main Hearing Room of the U.S. International Trade Commission, 500 E Street SW, Washington DC 20436 beginning at 9:30 a.m. • August 12, 2019: Due date for submission of post-hearing rebuttal comments. Olin Letter Requesting Additional Tariffs.pdf COMMENT TEMPLATE Section 301 Written Comments from Distillers.docx
  19. I have edited my comment, wrote it in a rush without thinking through. Was sitting on a plane being told to switch to flight mode.
  20. Nice stack of dimes tig bead laid down by Steven Huffman. Steven is one of our 10 Sanitary Welder fabricators. Nice color.
  21. The key is the word "produced" in the definition. TTB defines it to mean: " Produced at. As used in 5.22 and 5.52 in conjunction with specific degrees of proof to describe the standards of identity, means the composite proof of the spirits after completion of distillation and before reduction in proof. " So you could start collecting as high as you want as long as the total distillate is no more than 160.
  22. TTB definition of Bourbon Whisky: Whisky produced in the U.S. at not exceeding 80% alcohol by volume (160 proof) from a fermented mash of not less than 51 percent corn and stored at not more than 62.5% alcohol by volume (125 proof) in charred new oak containers
  23. The proof in the tank at the end of hearts is not necessarily what gets barreled. In fact if your hearts tank is 145 at the end of hearts, that isn’t what gets barreled.... Not sure about Australian law, but in America we can’t barrel over 125proof for bourbon.
  24. Brewcraft USA is where I get mine from. https://shop.brewcraftusa.com/
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