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  2. In the meantime, we're seeing very low demand for sanitizer now. We're back to making things to drink.
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  4. So the simple answer to my question, " is there an industry "standard rule on thumb on head cut percent's is, NO, too many variables. I thought as much but was hoping there was. Thanks for your input.
  5. I've reached out to them. No luck. They mainly do volume sales.
  6. Thanks for the link, that gives me some good numbers to look to.
  7. I m currently waiting for them to get back to me. so i may have been able to get registered . we ll see. beyond that though i am still looking for recommendations for consultants to get the new gel formula through the fda.
  8. I don't know if these guys can help you find "a barrel" but they might. https://www.brindiamogroup.com/services/liquid-sourcing
  9. This is the best thread hijack ever. I want to sit next to you on the flight. I will be drinking mai tais. How much stock can I get for $16.85 in bottle deposit futures?
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  11. http://media.mycrowdwisdom.com.s3.amazonaws.com/adi/videos/2019ADIConf/2019StateoftheIndustry.pdf
  12. Hey all. I'm looking to find some stats on distilleries in the U.S. namely: How many craft distilleries there are now vs 5-10 years ago How many organic distilleries there are now vs 5-10 years ago How many ESOP distilleries there are now vs 5-10 years ago Just a point in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. We've been through the process as have others on this forum. From my perspective it is a 3 step process, register your company, register your company as a labeler and register your product. Send a screen print of where you are getting rejected and maybe I can get you going again. As I previously wrote, the instructions must be followed very closely or you will get rejected. From what I saw, the rejections did a pretty good job of guiding you to the error. Are you following the Product Listing - Hand Sanitizer in the lower left corner?
  14. We love ours! I do wish it had a take-up for the paper after the labels are attached and another digit on the counter like @whiskeytango mentioned. We also have one of there label printers with the re-winder, also great!
  15. we are currently attempting to register with the FDA as we have been producing sanitizer under the covid guidelines. I have been at it for a few days now. i hope to be able to complete that in the next day or so . as long as i don t do anything else wrong to get rejected. so firstly i would need help getting that done if i am unsuccessful Secondly we have a tremendous opportunity within our region if we can make a gel sanitizer. We are looking for a consulting firm that may be able to help us get that worked out as quickly as possible.
  16. yes i am aware, we are not currently producing such.We do how ever have a great business opportunity, if i am able to produce the gel type sanitizer. this is why i need to get this done as soon as possible. which is why i sought help from a consulting firm.
  17. I think that Musk's Starships will make it to Mars in the next few years. His Starship is super cheap to build and launch. His new Raptor engines run off of natural gas which is almost free, compared to the other rocket fuels being used. The skin of the Starships is stainless. These are the first stainless skinned rockets, since the 1950s. They are hugely cheaper than the heavily machined aluminum that everyone else is using. In fact you can't build an aluminum rocket that big using todays methods. The Russians charge $9,000,000.00 per seat. It will cost as little as $25,000.00 to $50,000 per seat on Starship. Starship is almost 30' in diameter and can carry over 200,000 lbs of cargo. That is over 4 tractor trailer loads. Also NASA has picked Starship for the Artimis program, meaning Starship is the next moon rocket. Also Starship can land on its tail and take off again, meaning there will not be a need for a lander on the moon, Mars or Io. Starship can be used time after time and in a few decades they will probably be hualing cargo out to colonies, not just on Mars, but on some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn as well Musk is launching the first manned NASA launch from US soil, in almost a decade. Musk beat Boeing and all other challengers in a huge way, in the latest race to launch Americans into space from US soil, in a US rocket, made by an American company. That's right, he stomped Boeing in a race that no one said he could win because Boeing had been building and launching rockets for decades while Musk started from scratch. I've made a lot of money betting on Musk and his companies. When Musk smoked that big joint on video and Tesla stock dropped, I bought as much as I could and made a chunk. So yes, Musk's Starships are going to Mars. He already has one or two of them built and they are the first of hundreds. If he ever takes SpaceX public, I'm a buyer for sure. I'm sure that someday someone is going to start a distillery outside of earths gravity well. Maybe the equipment will be hauled on one of Musk's Starships. I'm sure that a Starship will carry some great distilled spirits to some were. Hmmm, I wonder if anyone has ever been drunk in space? If not, I'm sure that it will happen sooner or later. I would love to have a drink while taking a paid flight in a Starship. I'm ready to go as soon as the seat becomes available. Maybe they will let me bring along a little bottle of Pappy VanWinkle's.
  18. Without knowing where you are in the process, I wonder if you are aware that you are not authorized to make gel sanitizer. Gel sanitizer is specifically excluded from the FDA guidance. https://americancraftspirits.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Temporary-Policy-Compounding-Hand-Sanitizers-Revised-Guidance-Final-4-15-2020.pdf
  19. so i am still trying to get registered with the FDA. it has been pain staking process thus far. i was rejected on something and just had to re submit. Going forward we have found a very good niche regionally. we wish to continue after the crisis is over. we also have high demand for gel sanitizer. Is there anyone who can help with that approval process?
  20. Thanks for that! My architect just put random barrels in there for illustration. I am going to put barrels likely in the larger storage area. I don't think I will have many barrels, but its a small place so I have to be really careful with clearances.
  21. The latest article in the series "Aspects of Distillation" dives into fermentation: fast or slow? https://istillblog.com/2020/05/26/aspects-of-distillation-8-fermentation-speed/ I hope you enjoy the read. Regards, Odin.
  22. Thanks, but I'm looking for full barrels, not empty
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  24. I like him, adds some spice to the forum. Also, what happened to the guy building a home brew sized continuous fermenter/still that thought he was a genius and everyone else was a moron?
  25. Separate issue, but based on your plans, you might want to study the Sombrero of Death - https://proof33.com/everything-distillers-need-to-know-about-explosion-proofing-and-the-electric-sombrero-of-death/ Not sure of the stack of barrels in the middle of the production area was just for illustration purposes, but you might want to measure the distance from the boiler to the barrels. Boilers are not explosion proof and vapor from those barrels are present within 25' of the boiler per your plans. I only mention it was we had to correct a similar condition after we started to setup our equipment.
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