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  2. TTB can't allow more than one gallon because that limit comes straight from the law. If you want larger consumer sizes, you will have to get congress to make that change. TTB cannot do it by regulation alone. Here is what the law says. §206. Bulk sales and bottling (a) Offenses It shall be unlawful for any person— (1) To sell or offer to sell, contract to sell, or otherwise dispose of distilled spirits in bulk except, under regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury, for export or to the following, or to import distilled spirits in bulk except, under such regulations, for sale to or for use by the following: A distiller, rectifier of distilled spirits, person operating a bonded warehouse qualified under the internal-revenue laws or a class 8 bonded warehouse qualified under the customs laws, a winemaker for the fortification of wines, a proprietor of an industrial alcohol plant, or an agency of the United States or any State or political subdivision thereof. (2) To sell or offer to sell, contract to sell, or otherwise dispose of warehouse receipts for distilled spirits in bulk unless such warehouse receipts require that the warehouseman shall package such distilled spirits, before delivery, in bottles labeled and marked in accordance with law, or deliver such distilled spirits in bulk only to persons to whom it is lawful to sell or otherwise dispose of distilled spirits in bulk. (3) To bottle distilled spirits unless the bottler is a person to whom it is lawful to sell or otherwise dispose of distilled spirits in bulk. (b) Penalty Any person who violates the requirements of this section shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined not more than $5,000 or imprisoned for not more than one year or both, and shall forfeit to the United States all distilled spirits with respect to which the violation occurs and the containers thereof. (c) "In bulk" defined The term "in bulk" mean in containers having a capacity in excess of one wine gallon.
  3. We are currently running a 11 plate column still with 150l boiler
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  5. of course as soon as i post a question... i find my own answer! sheesh.. oh well,, for the group, so you dont have to hunt https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/27/19.485
  6. Hi all, hoping the neural network can help me out here, im going nuts. I know there is a TTB form or circular somewhere that gives the rules for how to create a barrel identification string, I know it exists because i have used it before... but for the life of me, i cant find it anymore. I DID find this page: https://ttb.gov/spirits/common_compliance_tax_issues-during-audits-ds.shtml But i know there is a part where it says you use the 2 digits of the year, then letters A - L to represent which month, then the 2 digit day... but i cant find that page, nor to i remember if anything else needs to be in the string. Help? thanks
  7. I have been printing stickers with the pertinent information on the rack underneath the barrels, then covering the stickers with clear tape to protect. probably not strictly legal, but when using reused barrels that already have info printed on the heads, there's not much room for new info. hopefully any auditor would see we're making best effort
  8. Where do you source the panela. I'm making a sugar wash moonshine now, but want to make a rum. What are good sources for the panela, and molases?
  9. Hi Fiji, We are testing beta versions as we speak and plan to release the StillControl App just after summer. If you want to be kept in the loop, please email Sales@iStillmail.com and we'll put you on a list and email you when it gets introduced? May I ask what kind of still you have? Regards, Odin.
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  11. Crooked Creek, Email me privately and I will tell you how it works. paul@distillery-equipment.com
  12. OK, so does it act like an expansion tank with an over pressure protection?
  13. Hi Crooked Creek I'm Paul. The OSPM creates pressure in an open system. It connects to the baine marie still's jacket vent. Physically the OSPM is a little less than 6' tall and between 3" and 10" in diameter depending on how much pressure that you want to create. The OSPM has a vent which vents pressure like a pressure relief valve if the pressure exceeds the operating pressure of the OSPM. paul@distillery-equipment.com
  14. When and where can we get this? I’m working on automation now so this is timely.
  15. Just realized you are part of Distillery-Equipment. I have been working with Paul on this. I appreciate if you can help explain the OSPM. Thanks
  16. Southernhighlander, Do you have a web site that I can visit. I am looking a a system similar to this using an OSPM. I'm not sure how these work, so I am doing some investigation before I purchase. Also, I am looking for a Bain Marie 250 gallon boiler to mash and distill in. Thanks
  17. ***** UPDATE ALL ***** Please find all of my new posts under InsuranceMan 2.0 here on the forums. I may have moved to a new agency, but I am still here to assist you with all of your insurance needs. Call me at 307-752-5961 or shoot me an email at aaron@roaringforkins.com . THANK YOU !
  18. I agree, adding more standards of fill options would be useful, but I would consider more larger options. 3L & 5L would allow for bag-in-box, and 19L & 20L would allow for kegs. Having a set of standards is important though for sure.
  19. I've noticed this same thing. I'm sure some of the big food companies have done market testing to see by what percentage can they reduce the volume of a container before the customer notices they are buying less. If the above proposal was just to add 500ml and replace 750ml with 700ml so that the US was in line with the rest of the world that would make some sense but to have no standard fill levels feels seems like it could result in a race to the bottom, but maybe I'm missing something.
  20. Couple of my first ferments I used distillavite, dap, baking soda, etc. and then ran clean. Just water, yeast and panela. Same times for both. My water is artesian and according to meter very clean, ph around 8 at tap with tds of 184. It gets some serious oxygen when I melt the panella in with a drill and paddle I bet. My lallemand rep tells me 84 degrees during ferment is right in there and I may want to pitch less than 95 degrees. Gravity starts around 170 and falls steady with ferment. At three weeks or there about I am at 1 brix or less and then rack n run.
  21. My objection to this is the same as we see in the grocery stores currently, if you have noticed. Many food producers are moving to smaller size packages, incrementally smaller most times, and the prices remain the same. For example (I do not drink milk, so I purchase a lot of orange juice) the standard carton of OJ is 64 oz, or it was a few/ten years ago. They have moved from 64 to 59 oz. AND now have moved from 59 to 52 oz, yet the price remains nearly the same for less volume. How many consumers notice this?? If large producers are allowed to do 700ml instead of 750ml, do you think that they, like food manufactures, will take advantage of the 50ml difference and put those bottles on the shelf for the same price? Have you noticed the package size differences in food and still paid the same price for a smaller package? How many people will run into a liquor store, pick up a bottle, buy it and notice a difference from 750 to 700 ml? How many will look at at the size printed on the bottle label, not many because it looks very similar to what they are used to buying. The TTB is all about protecting the consumer. Will the bottlers take time to notify the consumers of the bottle change? Will they keep both 750 and 700ml bottles on the shelf? Doubtful. Will this create confusion in the marketplace, YES. Will the consumer be affected, YES. So why is this being proposed? Just my opinion, as I am sure that there are MANY reasons as to why this was proposed. Jennifer
  22. Whose idea was this and how did they determine they should propose it? Look at a 40 section. It' s ot room for x scu's. If Conglomerate Y has one size for product Z, then product Z takes 2 or three slots depending on turns. If he has four sizes, that multiplies the number of slot's the product fills. That favors him over guess who. Why are large producers taking a stake in "craft?" Let me propose, their distributors want a share of the craft market and acquisition gives the conglomerate a brand to fill that need and not just coincidentally the slots that brand takes up. Retailers get to have the craft segment they need and they get to deal with fewer reps. Decisions involve hard work. A retailer can get both majors and craft with a single sales call. Do you think Lay's makes all those different flavored chips because they want to give the consumer choice? Do you think that is why a major bottler would propose multiple sizes? Am I correct in this? Maybe. Is it the sort of thing that affects most of you? No, because you are not in that fight anyway. Would I as a consumer want my milk to come in many different size packages so that I had to calculate the cost per ounce of brand X vs. brand y and size z vs ....? If not, then why would I want that for bourbon? Why would your customer give a hoot if you package in 700 cl or 750 ml bottles? You don't want to have to deal with all those sku's either. The only client who has ever asked me about this was someone who wanted to package moonshine in pint mason jars. It was the jar perception that was the objective; not the size.
  23. Thanks James - I hadn't heard this phrase before and you sent me on a Google search - Wikipedia augmented by scholar is the way I go. Okay - so it's why, when I approach TTB with a proposal or even a question, I try to know, in advance, more than they do about it and to frame it carefully in my way before they have an opportunity to frame it first in theirs. I want my way in the first position. When they get to set their minds first and take a position, it is a lot harder to steer them to where I want them to go.
  24. There are lots of options for boiler water treatment that will not affect injecting into food products . You can't get rid of minerals from water all you can do is hold them in suspension and blast them out when u do your morning blow down . Tim
  25. Four more craft distillers will develop their whiskey, gin, rum, vodka, liqueur and brandy recipes ... on the iStill Mini Recipe Development Still: https://istillblog.com/2019/06/14/our-recipe-development-stills-ship-worldwide/ Regards, Odin.
  26. Hmm. Are you oxygenating the wash? You don't need to pump in oxygen, but vigorous action to dissolve oxygen into the tank might help (yeast need oxygen at the beginning in order to make more yeast). I've talked to some distillers that try to boil off chlorine, which also reduces dissolved oxygen and that can result in slow ferment. I don't have the greatest understanding of yeast, but everything I've heard says they need oxygen to divide, and once oxygen is depleted then they start creating alcohol. I would imagine panela has plenty of nutrients, but you could try adding some. If you're already adding, you could try using less or none at all (I'd try either option in a much smaller batch first). Also, what gravity readings are you seeing throughout the ferment?
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