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  2. Location close to residential area: How hard is it to get approved?

    I would imagine your local government would be more concerned about 50 feet than the TTB would, especially if the residential properties exist on separate legal parcels of land. The TTB would have absolutely nothing to say about sprinklers. We are on the edge of an industrial zone, backing a residential street (houses are across the street from the rear of the property) and directly adjacent to a residential home. There might be 5 or 6 residential properties that are in the 50 foot radius from the edge of the property.
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  4. Is this equipment still for sale??
  5. In urban areas, you can even be adjacent, provided there is complete security and firewall separation between the two buildings.
  6. It looks to me that this specifically is for something labeled as a flavored brandy. So that you would end up with something like "blueberry brandy flavored with 20% of grape wine"?
  7. Fermenter chilling

    You can go with something like a Johnson Controls A419, plus a solenoid valve. Here is a pretty much complete setup https://www.ssbrewtech.com/products/ftss-pro-modular-temp-control as an example. There are other controllers available for remote monitoring, logging and alerts. If using a 2 way valve in each tank you would want to have a bypass somewhere on the loop so your pump doesn't dead head.
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  9. Fermenter chilling

    We hope to have somewhere between 4 and 7 300 gallon jacketed fermenters that will be temperature controlled with water from a large tank that is chilled from a glycol chiller. I am trying to decide how to chill only the fermenter which needs its temperature brought down. I am thinking of a temperature controlled valve mounted to each fermenter that would either let the water into the jacket if necessary via a T fitting or if closed would bypass this fermenter. Any better ideas? If this is a good idea any suggestions on where to get this type of valve? We will be an all malt shop and we will be fermenting off grain. Thanks!
  10. Odin on Gin

    Excellent post here, Odin. I just wanted to second this point and also add that all spirits require some "aging" time (yep, even Vodka) and for precisely the reasons you recount here. The process of distillation is one of separation and segregation (or fractioning) of molecules followed by a very rapid and abrupt reassembly. It does not end at the cut. Which is why a rest period should be built into your production model for all spirits. 5 weeks is nothing if you've planned for it and, if you're willing to really pay attention to the spirit, the change will be dramatic. Thanks for making this point.
  11. Who pays for liquor store shelf space?

    Given the size and scope of your budget in comparison with big boys, and likely even mid cap suppliers, you are absolutely barking up the wrong tree here. Why would you devalue your brand and at the same time cut out your own margin (which you probably haven't protected enough as is)? Your distributor is taking advantage of your inexperience with programming if they are over pushing pay to play.... Set yourself up for success with distributors who believe in your brand and the value it holds. If the team believes, the team succeeds. If you devalue your brand by supporting it in the market when you shouldn't have to (because your product is not a commodity) why would anyone else respect what you're peddling?
  12. Used dairy equipment

    The big difference between you and I, other then you being able to answer all the questions above, is I think she's beautiful.
  13. The area that I am targeting to open up in is a very dense residential spot. I know that the TTB is pretty tough on being closer than 50 feet from a residential structure. This is the part I'm having trouble with. Has anyone been able to get approved for being closer than 50 feet? If so what do you think (or know) that allowed this? Did they ask for something (sprinkers etc) or did it just happen without knowing why? The reason is a very good spot just opened up at a decent rate, but the back of the building is less than 50 feet from some houses. Their rear yards abuts the building. Thanks!
  14. What ever happened to iStill?

    Hi y'all, The day after tomorrow I'll fly to Salt Lake City, where I give a 3 day training at the New World Distillery, together with Chris and Ashley. Looking forward to meeting 14 new craft distillers and talking to them about distilling and fermenting and aging and spirits design, etc. I'll post some pictures of the course later on. Here's a few pics of another Dutch distillery opening up using my machines. Incredibly proud to have pretty much all new distilleries over here choosing for our equipment. https://istillblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/18/craft-distillery-de-destillateur-chooses-istill/ Regards, Odin.
  15. DYE China?

    I ordered a 250 gal still with a 16 plate column, 250 gal mash tun, 4 250 gallon fermentors, 3 storage tanks, 2 mixing tanks, alcohol transfer pump, and another pump because I am using potatoes. I contacted over 5 chinese manufacturers and Melissa was on top of call backs/emails and proved herself to be reliable. I also called 3 references from other distillers and they all made me feel comfortable using them. Ill let you know once I receive my equipment how it has gone!
  16. I have been looking through the TTB chapters and I am curious about something. If one was to do as @bluestar mentions, what would the liquor be classified as according to the TTB definitions? Based on the class and type designation, would it be a Flavored Brandy with XX% wine added? This is based on the following quote from https://www.ttb.gov/spirits/bam/chapter4.pdf. Flavored Brandy: "Wine may be added up to 15% by volume of the finished product provided at least 12½% of the wine is derived from the base commodity that corresponds to the labeled flavor of the product. If not, or if the wine addition exceeds 15% by volume of the finished product the classes and/or types and percentages (by volume) of the wine must be stated as part of the class and type designation"
  17. Pulsing Still

    Google "Parrot Surge Breaker". Most of the vendors here offer them. It will reduce/eliminate the backpressure/surge cycle.
  18. Pulsing Still

    Very cold condenser feed water amplifies the situation that @PeteB mentioned.
  19. Maintenance Specialist / Distiller

    Chattanooga Whiskey Company is in the process of hiring a DISTILLER/MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST for our new craft production facility in downtown Chattanooga, TN - Outside Magazine’s two-time “BEST TOWN EVER” winner. This facility has been operating since late March of 2017 and has already put away over 600 barrels of whiskey to date. The Vendome distilling system is comprised of a 12 inch, 30 foot column still with a doubler, beer well, 3000 gallon cooker and 4 x 3000 gallon fermenters. Our distilling team lives by the phrase “Rules are Good, Change Them”, so your attitude and training should reflect a respect for tradition but also an openness and willingness to innovate and continuously improve. Every day we try to do better than the last – which includes everything from the way you organize your workspace to how you clean a tank, to the way you approach building or executing a recipe. We want to build the best bourbon and whiskey possible, and our people (and their attitudes) are the most important ingredient to that recipe. We currently offer 1816 – an 8 year old, award winning, world-class, traditional bourbon blended and bottled by yours truly. In August 2017 we released the first batch of our single batch Experimental Series from our 2.5 year-old Experimental facility and tasting room on Market St. Some of those recipes have already "graduated" up to our larger facility on Riverfront Parkway. MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST / DISTILLER Qualifications: • Manufacturing experience, preferably in the food/beverage or distilling/brewing environments • Formal technical education or varied and extensive hands on experience in many trades (electrical, plumbing, mechanical) • Familiarity, knowledge or experience in the brewing/distilling trades • Proven ability to work with little to no supervision • Extremely detail oriented • Experience in MS Excel • Highly safety conscious with respect to equipment and lock-out procedures. Distiller responsibilities include all aspects of grain to glass production of whiskey: • Receipt of raw materials • Milling, mashing and fermentation management • Transferring of mash, fermentations, high wines, etc. • Distillation on continuous column still • Barrel filling, dumping, proofing • Bottling, packaging and shipping/receiving • Guiding occasional tours of the distillery • Inventory management and materials ordering • Single barrel micro distillery activities and shifts Maintenance-focused responsibilities include but not limited to: • Developing a maintenance schedule on crucial equipment as well as maintaining clean and well-stocked maintenance tools and parts storage. • Performing facility breakdown and preventative maintenance tasks for all electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems related to the distilling operation as well as those related to distillery functionality. These include but not limited to: o Cooling tower o Pumps and motors o Boiler o Chiller o Heat exchangers o Compressed air systems o HVAC o Electrical components – drives, transmitters, etc. o Plumbing components – water (city, cooling tower, chilled) • Building, welding, painting, and plumbing activities related to improving existing systems • Teaming with other production staff to encourage proper use and care of all equipment. Candidates should be physically fit, able to lift 55lbs and be able to work flexible hours and shifts. Compensation package will be commensurate with education and experience; benefits included. Start date is TBD. Reports to Head of Production and Maintenance and Head Distiller Please email jobs(at)tnstillhouse.com to submit your resume and cover letter. www.chattanoogawhiskey.com
  20. WTB - 50G or so - Oil Jacketed

    Hey CountySeat, Shoot me an email and we can talk further. We can make whatever setup you'll need. Chris chris@stilldragon.com www.stilldragon.com
  21. Pulsing Still

    That happened to me one time. I was running my steam pressure too high and it over powered my Dephleg
  22. WTB - 50G or so - Oil Jacketed

    Hi - we are looking to swap out the boiler on our small test still (we have a HillyBilly Flute we use for development which currently has a 26G direct element boiler). We are looking for options for a 50-100G oil jacketed still boiler than can be utilized as a mash tun as well for on grain mashing/distillation. We are also looking for a similarly sized jacketed fermenter. Thoughts on who is making in this size ranger. We see ASD has a nice 30G we are looking at but not sure what else is around.
  23. Fermenting pineapple juice

    Wonder if some of these not-typically-fermented fruits can be processed in a different manner. First - steam distillation of the fruit pulp to extract the volatile flavor components - or solvent extraction with ethanol/vacuum distillation. Second - fermentation of the remaining fruit pulp and a second distillation to yield alcohol. Combine. In my own trials, it almost seems like the fermentation process "blows-off" a lot of the characteristic volatile of the fruit, especially the more delicate aromas. Pineapple aroma is significantly more complex than ethyl butyrate. In fact, there are many more butyric acid esters that create the pineapple aroma, Ethyl Butyrate alone is at best, "similar to pineapple". Problem is, I suspect most of these will stack up in the heads. Post-fermentation, you have a significant number of negative volatiles that make it impossible to remove the esters you want. So why not strip them off first?
  24. Pumps

    Thanks! I will order this and give it a try - I appreciate the feedback on my request.
  25. Fermenting pineapple juice

    Interesting that you lost so much flavor, considering pineapple notes are one of the tropical ones that come from Fischer esterfication. I would then assume the one that comes through then is just one of a larger whole, the rest being too heavy?
  26. Pumps

    If you want something easy and cheap try a submersible "dirty water pump" https://www.edisons.com.au/1500w-submersible-dirty-water-pump-prd-m5/?___store=default&gclid=CjwKCAjw3f3NBRBPEiwAiiHxGBAChsEZVbvRciGKc9L01ymM4IHOoWTL6clBuBn9UdZvDUpR8OHZExoC8AoQAvD_BwE I use one to pump very thick mash. Wash and dry ASAP or the bearings won't last long, but they are very cheap and work brilliantly. They will empty a 55 gal drum in less than 10 seconds.
  27. Fermentation stops @ 50%

    I remember someone posting about a similar sudden 50% yield loss quite a few years ago. I finally tracked it down. His conclusion was "I finely contacted the local Farm Administration to check out the quality of the last batch of corn I got in. Per bushel weight was moderately low which in turn made available starches LOW. We brought in a different strain of corn and thing got back to normal." Denver Distiller, you were a contributor You should be able to find the thread here
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