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  2. Farm Distillery Floor-plan Feedback Request

    Concur - stay flexible your layout will change. Extend that floor drain as much as possible to give you flexibility down the road. That storeroom behind the fermenters is going to be a disaster to work with.
  3. Wiring Control Box

    I bought a 30A 3 phase 380VAC, phase angle power controller the other day for my continuous column still that I am busy building. Nice because it has both 4-2mA input control as well as a manual pot control. Of note is the size of heat sinks that they come with and also the air flow requirement for panel cooling and this then all relate back to large panel sizes /volume.
  4. Fruit flavoured Gin

    We are looking to produce a fruit flavoured gin for the summer. I am planning on using the compound method to produce a strawberry flavoured gin and don't mind picking up a bit of a pink colour. Wondering if there are any tips regarding producing this type of gin - filtration requirements, stability of the colour and flavours, sweetening? Thanks for your help
  5. Farm Distillery Floor-plan Feedback Request

    Lose all the walls you can! Mass space will be more important than segregating things. Start with a three bay sink, so you won't have to change it. I see molasses, so rum? Good would be turning a molasses ferment in three days. Your fermentation tanks should be at least six times your still capacity. How often do you want to distill and how fast can you turn a ferment?
  6. 750ml mason jars with lids

    I need a source for 750ml mason jars with lids for our corn whisky moonshine product. Any recommendations / pricing ?
  7. Right, but if a product like that was produced with the plan to distribute, what would it need to be called. It couldn't be called a vermouth, right?
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  9. Farm Distillery Floor-plan Feedback Request

    Bathrooms clearly aren't ADA compliant. Plan on a 7x7 box with nothing fancy -- forget about a urinal and stool. Google "Standard ADA bathroom" and you'll get a million hits. We have two identical. Both unisex. Both dull and utilitarian. Seems to work OK. You'll want to have forklift access to your storage, i.e. approach from the widest dimension. You'll forever be fighting yourself entering from the "end" of the room. Heaping on to what others have said, I think you need twice the amount of fermenters. Be caution of the on demand heater -- consider what happens to flow rate if both bathrooms and your kitchen area are using hot water at once. Think about having your RO close to where you intend to proof/gauge You'll want a rolling lockable tool chest. Harbor freight is your friend. You'll want a I dont see a furnace / mechanical room. We cheaped out the first winter and used only a fireplace (hey, lean times!) and still heat to heat our entire building. Got dinged twice by inspectors when temp fell below 68. You'll need a water softener in front of your RO system. Think about process hose storage; hose bib locations, 220 outlets for pumps, electrical drops from the ceiling, need for 3-phase power, location of NEMA approved enclosure for VFDs, etc, Fridge for yeast storage (you dont want to store your gogurt with your EC-1118) Where does your electrical drop come in? Just stating the obvious but that dictates where your electrical room will/should be.
  10. Barcodes

    Download a scanner app from the app store and use your smartphone.
  11. Sewer Limitations due to IPC/Regulations

    In most jurisdictions you will need a minimum of 2 ADA Compliant restrooms.
  12. I am now burning my heads under my still. I have a dual nozzle waste oil burner running on waste fryer oil. There is a 2 way valve on one of the nozzles. When there are heads to burn I switch one of the nozzles to the heads tank. Heads are from an alembic pot still and are in mid 70%abv. The flame is can be a little erratic if burning heads only but with the other nozzle on waste oil it runs very well.
  13. At a quick glance definitely not enough fermenters unless you are planning to be part time.
  14. Farm Distillery Floor-plan Feedback Request

    A few things, I'm not sure where you are located, but do you need to send your plans to the city/county/state for approval? If so you do not look ADA compliant in particular with regards to your bathrooms, also it seems like a lot of toilets/urinals for the space. Secondly, most state health inspectors are going to require a 3-bay sink, not just a two bay. Fire code wise, your electrical panel probably doesn't have proper access. You also probably don't have enough space set aside for mechanical. Two fermentors to feed two stills doesn't seem to be a good match. With 20 foot ceilings, I would try to use space over the retail room for storage, and perhaps an office. TTB will most likely want a separate door to your production space, not to mention just for fire escapes.
  15. Straight Bourbon Whiskey

    Hi there, I have 10 barrels of straight Bourbon that I am willing to pass on. Prefer someone to buy them all together. Aged in 53 Gallon Barrels. 4 grain Bourbon, corn, wheat, rye and malted barley. Grain bill will be included in sale. This is a high wheat Bourbon, nice and smooth. If you have any questions please PM me. Must have a DSP to do transfer. Located in western Wisconsin. $3000 per barrel. Aged 2 years. Cheers!
  16. Barcodes

    Hi there, So I have created my upc barcode for my bottle and my ITF 14 code for the case. Is there any way to test them before I print them? I'm about to print 1000 cases and want to make sure they're correct. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!
  17. Ice Machine / Ice Maker?

    For us, making ice also requires a restaurant license as our local health department considers ice food. At that point it has to be commercial grade as consumer grade equipment is not allowed.
  18. Aeration

    I am not the guy with the most knowledge here either, but this is how I understand it, when making beer, and repitching for multiple generations, the yeast needs oxygen for 2 reasons. So the yeast can reproduce, and also produce sterols and fatty acids used during fermentation. One time at a brewery we ran out of oxygen, and overpitched yeast and added a little olive oil to the wort. Sounds really weird, but apparently they are an easy to find source of sterols. Dry yeast is grown in a oxygen rich environment, and is rich in sterols, and most distiller's mashes are rich in fatty acids, so if you pitch enough, no oxygen needed. Correct me if I'm mistaken. If in the real world it smells better, I guess you can't argue with results.
  19. Your image is not coming up. I will say before you do your final design watch this video. I know I beat the Lean/Six Sigma drum a lot, but it's worth it. Learn it, live it. When you're designing where things go in your shop think about what you're going to be doing, how often you'll be doing it. I know as a small company you might not think it applies that much, but it really does. It's about reducing time not doing things that make you money so you can spend more time working on those things that do.
  20. I would like some feedback on my proposed distillery floor-plan. I'm somewhat constrained on my building size and due to being partial in a floodplain. The building will be a 30ft by 50 ft steel building 20 ft high. The distillery operations will be on 2/3 of the area on a mezzanine about 7 ft up. The remainder of the upper area will be tasting/retail. The lower area will be for the forklift and possibly barrel/tote/supply storage. There will be a 15x30 deck at the rear. Please tell me what you think could be improved or what I may be missing.
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  22. Ice Machine / Ice Maker?

    The commercial Ice maker had cost a hair over 2000 and was money well spent as we never ran out of ice on even the busiest day. It cranked out about 300 pounds a day. It was supposed to be able to make more, but thats only if it is in a cold room with cold incoming water
  23. Finally ~ New 750 ml Mason Jars for Moonshine

    where to get more information on these?
  24. Chiller Setup

    Wow. That's brutal. From a performance perspective I am aware of no reason not to go with PVC compared to ABS. I can't imagine the cost of doing our in copper. Ouch!
  25. 300 gallon new Still for sale

    On the TC vs DIN -- I thought I liked TC but our new still has DIN. Infinitely better.
  26. 75 gallon ASD complete system

    Take $25,000.00? Curious what else is required for it to be 100% functional?
  27. Aeration

    This book: https://www.amazon.com/Yeast-Practical-Fermentation-Brewing-Elements/dp/0937381969 has lots of info about oxygen levels, vitality and lots more. Easy read, lots of good info to have on hand for referencing. You could also speak with your yeast supplier about recommended levels, and maybe borrow a DO meter from a local brewery or winery.
  28. I've been working on my distillery floor-plan and I just discovered a serious constraint due to local regulations. Because I will be running a house and distillery accessory structure off a sewer lateral I will be limited to 10 "drainage fixture units". So pretty much limited to one accessory structure for any real work other than storage. I want to be able to have a distillery and tasting room. So, can I get away with one bathroom? What is the minimum for the rest in terms of faucets and drains? Any clever thoughts or examples? Maybe collect all the gray water and just drain black water? I would think a a minimum: (5dfu) Bathroom group consisting of water closet, lavatory, and shower, including or excluding a bidet, an emergency floor drain, or both. (1.6 gpf water closet) (2 dfu) floor drain/floor sink (2 dfu) double sink (1 DFU) two waterless urinals Type of Fixture or Group of Fixtures Based on the 2006 International Plumbing Code Fixture Units Automatic clothes washer, commercial 3 Automatic clothes washer, residential 2 Bathroom group consisting of water closet, lavatory, bathtub or shower, including or excluding a bidet, an emergency floor drain, or both. (1.6 gpf water closet) 5 Bathroom group consisting of water closet, lavatory, bathtub or shower, including or excluding a bidet, an emergency floor drain, or both. (greater than 1.6 gpf water closet) 6 Bathtub (with or without overhead shower) 2 Bidet 1 Combination sink-and-tray 2 Dental unit or cuspidor 1 Dental lavatory 1 Drinking fountain 0.5 Dishwasher, domestic 2 Floor drains 2 Kitchen sink, domestic 2 Kitchen sink, domestic, with food waste grinder and/or dishwasher 2 Lavatory 1 Laundry tray (1 or 2 compartments) 2 Shower 2 Service sink 2 Sink 2 Urinal 4 Urinal, 1 gallon per flush or less 2 Urinal, waterless 0.5 Wash Sink (circular or multiple) each set of faucets 2 Water closet, flushometer tank, public or private 4 Water closet, private (1.6 gpf) 3 Water closet, private (flushing greater than 1.6 gpf) 4 Water closet, public (1.6 gpf) 4 Water closet, public (flushing greater than 1.6 gpf) 6 Fixture drain or trap size: 1¼" 1 1½" 2 2" 3 2½" 4 3" 5 4" 6
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