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  2. Southernhighlander

    Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    NYCVilla, Since you are producing rum we can give you a full set of equipment for between $60,000 and $100,000 Email me if you would like a quote: paul@distillery-equipment.com
  3. Blue Sky Distillery

    Looking for Used Bottle Filler

    Looking for a gravity bottle filler, 2 or 4 spout in good condition.
  4. Blue Sky Distillery

    Distillery for sale

    I am interested in the bottle filler. Willing to part out?
  5. jeffw

    Bourbon and Rye Whiskey in barrels

    Would love to get a sample of your bourbon for sale. jjwalsh01@gmail.com
  6. dhdunbar

    Hopped whiskey??

    Those who state it is not whiskey, but a specialty item, are correct. Speciality items are items for which no standard of identity exists. No standard of identity (27 CFR 5.22) exists for a product distilled from a grain mash to which hops have been added. Specialty items must be labeled with a fanciful name, which you invent, say Hoppy-wisk, and yes I know that is bad, "followed by" a truthful and adequate statement of composition (5.35). And what might a truthful and adequate statement of composition be for our mythical "Hoppy-wisk?" It can't be whiskey flavored with hops, but it gain be; Joe's Distillery (Brand Name) Hoppy-Wisk (Fanciful Name) Spirits Distilled from Malt Mash and Hops Finished in Oak Barrels (Statement of Composition) It must be finished, not aged, because you cannot make age statements on specialty items (5.40(d)) Peruse category 649 on the TTB's public COLA database for examples. Use %hops% in the brand/fanciful name field.
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  8. indyspirits

    oil in steam boiler

    Yup, regular ole Dawn dishwashing detergent. Obviously not full strength. Basically you're cleaning out any oils resulting from the piping work. Dawn is fantastic for that and lots of other things. I'm most interested in the grease/oil cutting attributes.
  9. PeteB

    Hopped whiskey??

    Thanks for the the information. In Australia our regulations are not very specific and I was hoping that your regulations allowed for a product "Hopped Whisky" then I could use that as an argument to use that name for my product. I think if I clearly note on the front label I should still be able to use the name.
  10. whiskeytango

    oil in steam boiler

    Just regular old liquid dish soap? I have also heard borax works well.
  11. waterpocket

    Louisiana molasses and sugar suppliers

    http://www.luwest.com/default.php Lula-Westfield has been a good partner for us.
  12. bluestar

    New DSP :) Software Recommendations?

    Of the ones we looked at, Hoochware looked the most promising and economical. But when we went to do a trial, we realized it did not track everything we were already tracking in our own house-developed Filemaker Database with Quickbooks used for accounting and inventory costing. But we did note that the developer seemed very open to adding features, and it might always be that it can do now some of things it was missing when we looked at it. Meanwhile, we keep building up our own.
  13. bluestar

    Hopped whiskey??

    @MikeR is correct, it will not be whiskey. It is a distilled spirits specialty, UNLESS you add enough of other ingredients to put it into another category. It is not hop flavored whiskey: you have to start with something that meets the whiskey category requirements then add flavor to be classified as a flavored whiskey.
  14. bluestar

    watering down low wines

    We usually dilute to between 70 and 80 proof for the same reason. Also, you should get better separation in the run for the cuts that way.
  15. Josh_KnoxTN

    Hello from Knoxville, TN

    Crickets~ Nice!
  16. starcat

    oil in steam boiler

    Boiler " Boil Out " is done with 2-1/2 lbs. each TSP and Caustic Soda for every 120 gal of water. This is added to cold boiler, its closed up and then fired OFF the steam main for 5-6 hrs. Then cool and rinse well. Then refill with your chemical feed set to run somewhere around the half full point. Its a mistake in steam fitting practice to put any black pipe together that has not been solvent cleaned, or otherwise properly degreased. Letting that oil get loose in the system will make it harder to fully get out, than if it was stopped beforehand.
  17. indyspirits

    oil in steam boiler

    Dawn detergent is what our boiler guy initially used. Some use TSP but it's verboten in some jurisdictions.
  18. whiskeytango

    oil in steam boiler

    Anyone have any advice on how to clean out oil form a steam boiler?
  19. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-texas-whiskey/fields-of-dreams-texas-researchers-seek-to-redefine-u-s-whiskey-idUSKBN1JD09C
  20. Last week
  21. MikeR

    watering down low wines

    Depending on the desired product and the low wines proof, we will add water to them to be able to run the spirit and stay below 160p for whiskey. I find that low wines about 60p require me to adjust the run speed and dephlemator/condenser water flow rates to keep below 160p at the start of the run. It is just easier and faster for me to dilute the low wines to 50p and run as expected.
  22. MikeR

    Hopped whiskey??

    If you are distilling a true finished beer that has been brewed and/or fermented with hops you will not be allowed to call it whiskey in the USA. It will have to be approved as a Distilled Spirits Specialty and you will be required to put a statement on the bottle that says something along the lines of "spirits Distilled from Barley and Hops". Of course there are examples of products made this way that call themselves whiskey, but they were either approved by the TTB in error or the producer is just not being truthful in their formula and COLA. For it to be called Malt Whiskey Flavored with Hops or Hop Flavored Malt Whiskey it would have to meet the TTB definition for Whiskey first (mashed from grain only, distilled under 160p, aged in new charred oak at under 125p) before the hops are added. Adding hops into the mash, ferment, still, or barrel (unless after it has already been aged for the desired period) will push it into DSS and require the appropriate class and type statement. I know this because I have been through this multiple times. It is frustrating but at least the TTB has started consistently applying the rules.
  23. HedgeBird

    New DSP :) Software Recommendations?

    Using Hoochware and QuickBooks online. I dont have them integrated, but just use Hoochware for production and TTB reporting and QuickBooks for accounting. Works okay for us. Getting a distillery specific product with enough accounting functionality to replace QuickBooks seems optimistic.
  24. Savage Spirits

    26-Gallon Turn Key Hillbilly Still Setup

    Quick bump because I'm dropping the package price down to $3600 from $3800
  25. bluestar

    Aging Rum

    True, except you would have to cut it down to smaller pieces maybe, and you might lose the original look after water exposure. We sawed the most amazing 10" x 12' long floor boards out of those old oak barn beams... 😉
  26. indyspirits

    Forum malware?

    If(android){ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.adblockplus.browser&hl=en_US };
  27. Odin

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Much of my team is already on its way to Jersey City, where we'll give an advanced gin class. From Monday to Thursday. I'll take the plane tomorrow morning myself. Maybe see one or two of you there? Regards, Odin.
  28. richard1

    Dephleg, column temp probe

    I would not consider use of a thermowell. The PT100 which can fit into the thermowell is initself sealed ... well generally it is and so this is sufficient for your use. The thermowell is basically a protection pocket for the PT100. The comment as to why I would not use the thermowell is because you will have temperature inacuracies due to delayed heat transfer through the pocket.
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