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    Make sure you file your monthly reports now. Also your quarterly excise tax even if it's 0. And yes, all I got was an email saying approved. For formula approval all you get is an email saying the status changed.
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    Yes, at least in my case there is minimum communication at this point. They leave it up to you to make sure you pay your taxes on time and everything else. They will post your permit info into your Permits Online account for you to download if you want. You have to register for a Pay.gov account and they'll send you information for that.
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    I appreciate the direction. I will look into Dehner Distillery.
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    NBM, Dave Dunbar is your guy. We used him, and will continue to use him, and have only positive things to say. From initial filing, which he had us through in record time to ongoing consulting, opinion, and Q&A. Dave's a regular contributor here, and as far as I'm concerned, is the go-to-guy for all TTB related matters. I wouldn't use anyone else. His time has been one of our best investments, by far.
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    There is some clarifications and additional changes needed. The CADG is working with California ABC and the legislature to fix issues that have come out since 1/1/16 introduction of the type 74 license. We are confident that all the issues will be resolved, and California Distillers will be happy where we end up. I will make an additional plea... if you have not joined CADG... please do. If you are a member, please consider donating to our legislative budget so we can get this work done. California is a big state, with a lot of potential... it's also a state that needs unity within the industry and $$$ to keep our presence in the political process. Feel free to get in touch with any questions. cris
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