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    Finally executed a lease and I could use some help finalizing my still designs and power generation choice. I have attached our processing unit schematics. My cousin, a former Seneca master fabricator is completing the work. We are going to purchase a NG boiler and I would like to design a system that utilizes both DSI for the corn mashing and a closed loop for the for the stripping and spirits stills. My questions are related to size of boiler to purchase and how to best do both the DSI and loop, as well as... Will my system work? What advice have you got on the designs? What size boiler should I buy to operate this equipment? How do I best size the internal steam coils for optimal results? Any additional comments are welcome. The system is laid out as such: 1. 300 gallons of mash is made in a 400 gallon (DSI) mash tun. Raw materials for mashes include corn, oats, rye, winter/ spring wheat, malt, and potatoes for vodka. 2. Ferments are completed in 300 gallon air-locked vats. 3. 150 gallons goes into the stripper ( internal closed loop steam coil)and 150 gallons goes into the preheater/ product condenser. 4. 2 runs completed to make 102 gallons of low wines. 5. 102 gallons of low wines are pumped to the Spirit Still. 28 gallons of water are added to a total volume of 130 gallons (internal closed loop steam coil). 6. The 130 gallons of low wines are distilled resulting in 60 gallons at 70% abv.
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    This is the type of heater I was referring to earlier-both are Mcmaster.com 4877K479 (Same as 3618K322) Cartridge Heater with SS Lead Covering High Temp, 120 Volts, 3/4" Dia, 10" L, 2000 Watts In stock at $74.34 Each This heater would take about two hours to heat 20 gallons of wort up to temperature. it is best used with a controller and stirrer, the laboratory type with teflon magnet. the tape is 1440watts as mentioned below and can heat to 450F 3631K85 (Same as 3631K14) Easy-to-Wrap Heat Tape 3" Width, 10' Length, 120 Volt In stock at $260.30 Each The cartridge heater is a tube OD size and can be adapted from NPT threads. I said I'd post these for any who are interested..
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