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    Hello, When working with GNS, we found that some "rubber" material used for seals are not alcohol-proof even though the manufacturer say they are "fit" for alcohol use. There is chemically-speaking a huge difference between a 10% abv mash and 95% GNS. Based on our experience, material like nitrile, viton and teflon tape are not suitable when used with 95% alcohol for a prolonged period of time. We did a simple test by putting a small seal in a jar with a 50 ml of 95% alcohol for a week, then rectified the alcohol to 40% by using RO water. Attached is the result for nitrile, viton and teflon tape. Nitrile creates the most opaque solution. What rubber material should we go for to prevent this? We are about to do the same test with a silicon seal. Chris
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    So what happened to the pieces of "rubber" you put in the alcohol? Were they dissolved, fell to pieces, or as I suspect, still look the same. If they still look the same then the high proof alcohol has probably dissolved some oily substance off the surface. That "oil" or whatever causes the louching = cloudiness. To progress this experiment further I suggest you put the same pieces of rubber in another test tube of clean alcohol and see if the same cloudiness forms. If there is no cloudiness and if the rubber is still structurally sound then your experiment demonstrates that it would be a good idea to thoroughly wash gaskets in high proof alcohol before they are installed.
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    The 250 gallon pot still has been sold. We have started manufacturing additional 500 gallon and 250 gallon pot stills. They will be available for delivery in the USA or Canada in September. If you would like to reserve one, please email me. (james@tetondistillery.com) Also, all motors are now also certified for use in Canada. The Canadian requirements are a bit more strict than the USA so we have switched motors to comply.