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    I macerate all spices individually in 140 proof or higher. Then blend to achieve my flavor profile.
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    Just to let you know we have recently changed our terms of service for the forum which states that truthful reviews of vendors will be allowed on the forum going forward. However, posts that are vulgar, threatening harm, libel, etc. will be removed.
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    We are interested in the alcohol tester, can you email pictures? Chris.parise@charlestondistilling.com
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    Hi CaptnKB, I'm a bit embarrassed about how long it is taking me to get this done. The bits that have been completed can be seen at http://www.katmarsoftware.com/alcodenslq.htm but since then I have been working on what Todd (Palmetto Coast) origninally asked above, i.e. how to do the actual blending calculations. I found it very hard to put together a mechanistic formula that I could use in the computer to tackle the wide range of blending options that are possible. With whiskey or vodka you have only alcohol and water to contend with, but although liqueurs only have two more ingredients (flavoring and sugar) the complexity grows by much more than just the doubling in components. But this week brought me my Eureka moment and I believe I have solved all the math and logic problems and now it is simply a case of putting it all together. One aspect that I have not resolved yet is the range of proofs I need to deal with. Although it seems rare for a liqueur to contain more than 90 proof, some of the ingredients may contain higher proofs than that. I have posted a question regarding the proof of spirits used in making fruit infusions and if you can help with that please see my post at http://adiforums.com/index.php?/topic/7617-spirit-strength-for-fruit-infusion/
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