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    We are at about .34 but your in the ball park. A lot depends on who your supplier is.
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    we buy honey from a local colony ,huterite colony not bee colony lol its 2 bucks a pound filtered twice after extraction if u add one tbl spoon of water to every gallon of warmed honey and then whip it it will filter much easier but will not keep like raw honey .
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    The other day I spent the afternoon with Eddie Russell. I took this picture of the menu and the food pairings from the restaurant The Summit in honor of Eddie's visit. The pairings were actually done quite well. I think I liked the Old '87 the most, but if it were me I think I would omit the Diseranno. Perhaps these cocktails and food pairings can serve as inspiration in some of your tasting rooms where you are showcasing bourbon and rye. Enjoy! Eddie Russell Menu
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    The pic below is of one of our stills and mash tuns just after installation