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    They also have this unit, which is worth considering, although not NTEP: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-700lb-x-0-1lb-44-x22-Animal-Scale-Vet-Scale-Pet-Scale-w-Hold-Button-/181674820811 Ignore its description as a pet scale. It can be used for anything. 700lbs should be adequate, since CFR limits you to scale weighing 55 gallon containers, and they seldom weigh more than 500 lbs (460 lbs of water plus container tare). It is twice as accurate at 0.1 lb instead of 0.2 lb. It is larger area (which could be a plus or minus), but it is a stainless platen, which you want in case you spill high proof alcohol. It is still not washdown, but neither is the cheaper version of the NTEP.