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    So I’m not sure anyone is following this or cares. But if you are and you do I fixed the problem. I was reading a home distillers forum and saw someone talking about boiling chips. So I threw in some ceramic rings and problem solved. So I guess the gas had no nucleation point and the liquid was super heating and then flash boiling. So this worked but I never in a million years would have thought that a still with an agitator would have needed boiling chips. Anyone else need them in a commercial still?
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    We run single pass on a 4 plate and can easily vary final product proof anywhere from about 135 to 160 by adjusting the reflux ratio and/or output speed. We can can also exceed 160 pretty easily. It’s not really possible for us to do a whiskey spirit run from low wines with 4 plates. We do it for rum and it’s difficult for us to get the final proof under 170-180. There is enough passive reflux to keep the plates loaded and active, so even with the dephleg off, it’s still running high.
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    Well folks, it finally happened…we finally closed on our property for the new Bartletts Distillery. The location is at 1303 Beach Airport Road, deep in the heart of Montgomery County in Conroe, Texas. Today, we took posession of the property once the loan funded and I'll pick up the keys from the title company in the morning. It's been an extremely long road to get to this point. We looked at MANY properties and actually pursued several. They all fell through for one reason or another. I finally found this property up in Conroe. While I had originally planned on leasing, this was a purchase too good to pass up. It has two buildings, allowing me to store enough in barrels without having to have sprinklers. It's got access to city utilities, and it's not next to a church, school, or hospital. Hey, if you're in Montgomery County, Texas, that can really limit your options sometimes. We first viewed the property on April 28, 2017, and it took FIVE MONTHS to close on the property. At first it was issues with the seller needing to clean the property before we could have it inspected. Then it was getting a loan on my part. In the end, after beating down all the walls, dodging all the bullets, and leaping over all the pits, we finally got it closed on Friday, September 29, 2017 and it funded today. We have a lot of work to do before we can start cooking booze. Order still, paperwork, spend money, paperwork, tear out, paperwork, clean up, spend money, paperwork, file for federal DSP, file for state, spend money, more paperwork, more cleaning & remodeling and spend more money. I’m ordering a 100 gallon 4-plated still from Paul Hall at Affordable Distillery Equipment. It’s not a huge still, but it’s big enough to get us going without the huge expense of a boiler room. That’ll come later. Once I get the serial numbers, then I can apply for the Federal DSP permit. I'm also ordering some goodies for the online store. My accountant says I need SOME income this year for tax purposes. Selling tee shirts does qualify as income. Woohoo! Here we go! bartlettsdistillery.com Cheers! Van

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