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    I use mostly 15-gallon barrels but have filled as little as 5-gallons in a barrel. The head space has proven not to be any problem at all.....
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    I wouldn't sweat it. 4.5 gallons isn't all that much head space, we see that liquid level in the barrel about a year after filling. We also have some half-filled barrels, in my experience the extra head space helps move the spirit along but also increases the angel share a bit. All the half-full ones are where I can see them in case they develop leaks as I've heard that can happen but haven't seen much evidence of it.
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    Dumped, as in dumped the barrel and packaged...sorry. haha.
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    The other factor to consider - what proof are you planning to bottle at? If you are planning to bottle at 90, for example, you might lose enough alcohol going in at 92 to put you under your bottling target.
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    I have a Primera 550. It works great.
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