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    There's an IWSR / Park Street 2017 report I've read and that I can't republish but I think it's online somewhere that has great figures. One that I recall is out of the 1800+ DSP's close to 1600 +/- sell less than 550 cases per year. That blew me away. And that represented 20% of all sales, and this from the 85% of DSP's. The other 15% sell 80% and of that 80% remainder less than around 5% sold most of it. It's been awhile since I read the report and may be off a smig, but I'm sure you get the idea. There's a whole bunch of DSP's not making a whole lotta juice and a very few making most. Another stand out is they discovered that a DSP's removing less than 10,000 PG annually was most likely still cash flow negative. I know this isn't a ray of sunshine, but one needs to know the road their on to get to where they set off to go. Mash on, Dave
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    That is an odd reply from them. Usually, if they have a question along those lines, they will simply require a lab sample. PPM of licorice root doesn't matter per se, it is the PPM of the limited chemical Glycyrrhizin. As Glycyrrhizin, it is limited to 0.1%, or 1000 PPM. Usually, if you indicate a limited amount of licorice added to the spirit in the process, it guarantees that you can not reach that limit. Likely your formula is in the gray area where the upper bound of your formula would not keep you below 0.1%? Because 1 gallon of spirit is 2987 grams, and if all 24 grams licorice was introduced into the spirit as Glycyrrhizin, then you would be 0.8%, which is well above the 0.1% limit. So, they need some way for you to demonstrate how you will ensure less than 0.1% using the quantities and method you describe. One way is if you knew the weight of the licorice before and after distillation, worse case assume all that is Glycyrrhizin, and calculate result of upper bound. It should be below 0.1%, IMO. Or offer to have them test it, they don't charge you.
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