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    This is an important point, to use NEMA 4 or 4x enclosures anywhere near distillation or storage of spirit. And since you are likely going to be using SSRs, not just mechanical relays, for power control, you also have to make sure you have adequately sized heat sinks for the SSRs, not only to cool them, but to avoid getting so hot themselves that the heat sinks or box itself gets to too high a temperature for potential exposure to ethanol vapor. Our box was so good, that when we did have a catastrophic failure (burn up) of an SSR, we only knew because those elements went out. The vaporized remains of the SSR (including odor) was completely contained in the sealed box, as it should be.
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    You could consider buying a canary, and if he starts whistling off key, you would know it's time to open the window