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    Talk to Paul Hall at Affordable Distilling Equipment. I am doing this...
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    We've tested our product from 25 to 35% ABV and anywhere from 190 to 350g/L and never experience crystallization. As for figuring this all out, I would strongly advise using AlcoDens LQ -- it's greatly streamlined our process.
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    Cut Cane - Juice - Syrup processing within ~24 hrs - commercial Sugarcane Mills target 16 hrs. Cut Cane & use a Heavy Duty Garden Shredder/ Mulcher & then a 3-Roller Mill (or hydaulic wine press) to extract juice. Unless you scrub cane clean - juice will be very dark & dirty. Next step is Fine Screening Filter prior to Mix Juicer - Holding tank at 78c for 1 hr with Lime added to pH of 7.8-8.0 to break down natural cane fibre starches with cane amylase. Clarify your juice with a food grade flocculant to settle out the Mill Mud. You then need to evaporate the water off the juice (SugarCane is ~70% water/ 15% Fibre 15% Sugar). Vacuum Evaporator is the best way to go here to increase Brix from ~15-16 of Juice to ~60 of Cane Syrup. If you want an Agricole style product - just filter the juice & let wild ferment or add in your yeast. If you want Cane Syrup for a Rum Fermentation than the above process is just a 'snapshot' of the reality of Commercial Sugarcane processing & Cane Syrup Production. Panela/ Muscovado/ Pilloncillo/ Rapadura are all essentially dry Massecuite - boiled, unrefined raw sugar syrup. SugarDaddy on here is your man for Panela. How do I know this - I do all of the above every day including the Farm to Barrel process of Rum & Agricole production in Australia - including Crushing/ Juicing/ Syrup/ Fermentation/ Distillation/ Barrel Management. Happy to assist.
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    i know nothing about your question im jus bored so let me tell you a story i heard the other day . a fella i ran into the other day spent 20 years in a coca cola bottling plant . while discussing bottling at 45 % vs chill filtering he told me about cream soda . cream soda used to be clear but they were having problems with clarity post bottling . there solution was to add pink colouring , now cream soda is pink . so im thinking if that may work for your product . just a thought lol tim