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    I'm not sure what anyone would have patented other than a unique process in using UV. Using UV and US on spirits have been around prior to 1962. I would think you are able to try anything with either except the unique process that has been patented if you could find it out. http://hilgardia.ucanr.edu/fileaccess.cfm?article=152560&p=AXWYZG
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    The flavor profile of sour mash corn whiskey is much more suited for the barrel than sweet mash. Traditionally, good white moonshine was made from sweet mash and charter shine was made from sour mash and aged in an oak barrel. Charter refers to the char in the barrel. We will be producing both a white sweet mash corn whiskey moonshine made from 100% malted white Hickory King Corn and a charter shine (barrel aged) made from a 100% White Hickory King Malted, Corn Sour Mashed. For several generations Hickory King and Hickory Cane corn were the only varieties that the mountain people of the Appalachians would use to make white moonshine and charter shine. They believed that yellow corn made inferior whiskey and bourbon so they did not use it to make their good likker. Also many of them used malted corn and Hickory Cane and Hickory King malt well, while Yellow Dent does not. I'm surprised that the malt houses don't seem to know that. Jack Daniels only used Hickory King Corn or Hickory Cane Corn until Lem Motlow came along. Lem switched to yellow dent because of the price and availability.
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    Sour mash corn whiskey that was stripped at 50 to 60 proof and then ran a 2nd time at around 125 proof and put into the barrel at around 117 proof. Best done in a pot still using no plates, in my opinion.
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    Florida Cracker, using back set works well for so many different things especially if those things are going into a barrel. When I see people putting sweet mash corn whiskey into a charred barrel thinking that they are going to get a good Bourbon out, I know for certain that they don't have a clue about what they are doing. I see you have a picture of my cousin Jim Tom for your member picture. Old Jim Tom is a Case (character). I'm from the TN side of the The Great Smoky Mountains but I have a lot of kin on the NC side. We have some new rum still designs with and without thumpers. The price for a 200 gallon with the heating system is less than $10,000.00 if anyone is interested email me paul@distillery-equipment.com http://distillery-equipment.com http://moonshine-still.co http://triclamp.co
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    Totally agree. I wonder why nobody has mentioned muck pit in this discussion so far? I use an "aged dunder" in my wash and it adds immense flavor. There is plenty of info on this subject as well. I strip my washes and then use a 4 plate StillDragon column still and get all of the rum flavor that I want. The benefit is that I have greater control over what goes into the barrel and it doesn't take 3 generations before it is very drinkable.
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    The crew at the homedistiller site have been working on that for last year or so. The idea is similar to kombucha. The chemistry involved is complicated to say the least. They have also been taking specific acids and doping washes, low wines and finished spirits to develop esters and big flavors. I'm not sure of the legality of doing this for a commercial product unless you go for a DSS COLA. Once you start going down the ester rabbit hole you'll find yourself in a different world.
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