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    Hi Rob. We visited you over a year ago and you sold me on Paul's equipment... however, I am going with the vertical system ?. Glad to hear you are expanding and going to steam. Think you should be able to move this easily.
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    Sorghumrunner, this is in line with what we do. We have a written tank entry procedure and signage modeled off of examples we found on the internet. For our cooker we have additional lock-out instructions and signage because of the agitator and steam nozzle. We have documented staff training of our procedures and have a buddy system for the entrant and the attendant. We log the date, time, oxygen level (from a sensor worn by the entrant), time in the tank, reason to enter, and who entered and who attended. Our attendees are required to stay near the tank during the entry.
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    I am with Wright Labels in Thomasville, NC. We have been in the printing industry for over 50 years and printing wine and spirit labels for over 15 years. We have digital and flexo presses. No minimums. We are happy to help anyone in the industry with branding, design, labels, point of purchase materials, rack cards, posters and banners. I would be happy to give references for the distillers we work with. The ADI Conference was fantastic for us and we appreciate those of you who have come to us! Cheers! Carol Phillips 336-906-9097 cell 800-678-9019 ext. 3214 www.wrightlabels.com
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