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    @Southernhighlander Your explanation of the vent cleared up my confusion. I thought that it was part of the piping between the condenser and the parrot, but now I understand that it is a safety vent in case of condenser malfunction. I have seen vapors and liquid spewing out of condensers and I agree that safety is the first priority. @Allan No more info needed.
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    First off Paul is correct. he did not make the condenser, and that was where the problem was. That and operator error. The pot is fine. As far as the modifications I made, I put some copper scrubbers in the reducer cone above the condenser to work as a pre-condenser of sorts. violentblue also recommended I make a copper coil or spring and insert it into the tubes of the condenser to elongate the vapor path, and I suppose create some turbulence. I would guess You are not having the same problem if removing the vent solved it though.
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    For our whiskey feints, it is about half a dozen times.
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    Going to submit a recipe for bourbon using high fructose corn syrup. Same thing as sorghum syrup whiskey.
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