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    @Julius, Exactly! Reactive and knee-jerk based off of one possible bad apple. This is right on the money with what I am saying. Many, if not most of the standardized carriers are becoming more and more reactionary to distilleries and are now wanting to see them as a "high-risk" classification of business. I do not see this changing any time soon, so it is time to buckle up and hang on. Again, I am working on educating them more, and looking at several other carriers/programs at this point in time. Currently there are still options, but they are becoming tighter and imposing many more requirements that they had not required in the past. Stay Vigilant!!!!!!
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    That's definitely protein. I've distilled many beers, but never used anti-foam and never had significant precipitate. The system "pukes" at first- foam fills everything and you get beer in the foreshots but never had any problems with clogging. We would just save all early distillate/puke and redistill it.
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    Howdy folks, Balcones Distilling is a whisky distillery in Waco, TX. We make whisky from "grain to glass" as people say these days. (How else would one make whisky? Anyway...) We're looking to hire a production assistant that will work the evening shift which generally runs from about noon to 8pm. This position would ideally be someone with production experience and will split time between the brewhouse and stillhouse with more of the emphasis being on stillhouse. Essential Duties and Responsibilities to include (but are not limited to): • Distillation on both our 125 hL wash stills and 85 hL spirits stills. • Daily quality assurance/quality control responsibilities • Inventory management and record keeping • Receipt of raw materials and operation of fork lift • Helping other teams with proofing, blending, barreling and bottling of spirits • Cleaning of mashing, distilling, and bottling equipment Applicant Qualifications • 1-2 years of previous distilling or brewing experience preferred • Strong mechanical/light industrial background preferred • Experience in the beverage industry, with a passion for craft beverages in particular • Proven ability to work with little to no supervision • Be precise and detail oriented If interested, send your resume and a quick note as to why you think you'd be a good fit to jobs@balconesdistilling.com
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