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    Yessir, the still is pulling more "heads" than required and we are actually recycling that product back to the beer well at the moment. At the end of the run, the user can concentrate those heads if desired and remove or simply continue recycling. Honestly, we've found that we like the distillate better when we recycle that stream for extended periods of time. Ya...don't get me started on Corson unless we can sit down in front of a bottle of bourbon and trade war stories over drinks! StillDragon is the POLAR OPPOSITE of Corson. Quality equipment and amazing service.
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    I will be in touch with you around early Summer, our program is new and i think it will take some schmoozin' to go after new equipment just yet. If only someone with knowledge of distilling was consulted before the initial purchase of "something shiny" we would be in a better place, but you know what they say, Do what you can with what you've got where you're at.
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    DistillaMI ,,,,,,,,,greetings from TASMANIA , AUSTRALIA,,,BLUESTAR and INDYSPIRITS have made brilliant suggestions , but try this simple action first , no "skin off your nose" if it doesn't work ,,,,I noticed you are loading with an ABV of between approx. 63% - 67% , try cutting this to circa 45% - 50% , you should get a "cleaner" binary break plus a greater scrubbing effect during reflux ,,,,,,,,,,many regards , brian , retired distiller OLD but not necessary WISE ,,,LOL !!!
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    Censoring content by deleting only negative reviews seems to imply that a supplier's reputation is of greater importance than our access to reliable information. And as it now stands, if I were a questionable supplier I'd be pleased to know that in the ADI forums I'm protected from accountability, as there are no repercussions for bad business practices since I'll be shielded by your vague nonexistent forum policy that prohibits any negative review of my business. Duly noted.
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